USF Women’s Softball – Ready for 2017 with 4 Recruits that Shine a Sunnyside for the Bull’s Future

At the University of South Florida in Tampa, the Lady Bulls softball squad is consistently a hot topic of sports conversation. As the Lady Brahmas prepare to swing into the 2017 season, the saying, “we don’t rebuild, we just retool” is fitting.



USF will start the season ranked as one of the top 25 best softball teams in the nation. An even brighter future lies ahead for Coach Ken Eriksen’s Bulls, as four highly rated student athletes will join the fold next fall. The world-renowned coach, who occupies the third base coach’s box for the Bulls, is also the leader of the United States Women’s National team.



The Lady Bull softball team has received letters of intent from a pair of powerful hurlers, adding depth to the pitching staff, plus a hard-hitting outfielder and a versatile utility player who has experience at eight different defensive positions.



Two More Aces in the Herd


Miriam (Mim) Schmoll and Georgina (George) Corrick will be eligible to toe the rubber for USF beginning in 2017. Eriksen justifiably conveys an enthusiastic level of optimism since signing these two power arms.



Both Mim and George have posted an earned run average, (ERA) below one run a game during their prep careers. Schmoll has led the Bayshore, Florida Lady Bruins since her freshman season, while Corrick is the ace of the Seminole High School staff. Each pitcher throws year-round on the travel ball circuit, with Corrick the lead pitcher for the European Champion Great Britain 19 & under squad.



Bulls Add Big Bats


Kyndall Williams and Jasmine Haynes are a pair of excellent fielders who also possess superb bat control. With a pitching staff that is going to be hard to score upon, team defense, getting runners on pace and scoring runs, are the next needs Eriksen hopes to fill.



Haynes and Williams will bring excellent fielding skills to Tampa next season, plus a pair of high batting averages. Kyndall also has a home run power, including a near perfect base stealing percentage.


Since pitching wins games in women’s fast pitch softball, but batters plate the necessary runs, the future looks bright for the USF Lady Bull softball squad. With one of the brightest and most creative minds in the world of fast pitch softball leading the herd, the future looks bright for the Lady Bulls.


Dr Scott Rocklage’s Role in the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Scott Rocklage achieved a B.S in Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley as well as a Ph.D in Chemistry from MIT. At MIT he was in charge of research in the workroom of Richard R. Schrock. He has an experience of more than 30 years in healthcare management. Through this he had tactical administration tasks that enabled the endorsement of FDA of three U.S. Fresh Drug Applications namely; Cubicin, Teslascan and Omniscan. He became part of 5AM Ventures in the year 2003 as an initiative partner and later on was managing partner in the year 2004. He has a continuous good career I the healthcare industry. He was the chairman and also CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Rocklage was part of R and D responsibilities at Catalytica and Salutar. At Nycomed he served as the CEO and also President. He previously was a chairman of the board of Relypsa as well as Novira. Furthermore he has board chairman of several firms, they include; Cidara, Rennovia, Cidara, Pulmatrix and Epirus. At Ilypsa that was received by Amgen he served as the executive chairman as well as Semprus and Miikana. Apart from being part of the world of healthcare, Scott Rocklage is a starter and co-starter of more than 30 U.S copyrights and moreover has over than 100 seen publications. He is from Boston at the MA office.

5AM Ventures is one of the top companies that deal with venture capital. It is dedicated to developing future science organizations that have the ability to supply unique revenues to their investors. They work together with firms as well as supporting them in finding solutions to essential healthcare requirements through pioneering innovations in science and medicine. The organization has a collection of companies that head original methods to identify, stop and treat a large occurrence of medical conditions.

The experts OF investment at 5AM have specific qualities that guide them in development, they are; medical, scientific, financial professionalism and operational. Their balanced backgrounds give them an extraordinary advantage in getting and forming life science selection of firms. The staff members are devoted to delivering their best in organization building and especially on initial investors. The organization has responsibilities of implementing firm strategies, business growth, fundraising and organization employment. They are also in charge of temporary tasks and they often participate as board members.

The investment tactics of 5AM are categorized into three sectors namely; medical technology, biopharmaceutical and research tools. These are for the purpose of the enhanced life science skills of health care at the company. Furthermore they add up creative podium technologies, products and business byproducts with growth series and thus investing in large therapeutic regions.

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Rutgers Cancer Institute Establishes Omar Boraie Chair

As a pledge to it’s support and dedication to further research in the field of precision medicine, the Rutgers Cancer Institute ( has established the Omar Boraie Chair in the field of Genomic Science, as reported in NewsWise on 10 October 2015 ( Such prestigious endowments represent a university’s commitment to and recognition of superlative levels of academic discipline, as well as confirming it’s full support of continued progression in the field. This Chair is named in honor of Omar Boraie, a New Brunswick developer who pledged $1.5 million toward it’s support. Rutgers University has launched a campaign known as the “18 Chair Challenge”, in which each $1.5 million donation made to each of the 18 chairs is being matched by an anonymous donor, allowing the campaign to raise $3 million per chair.

Genomic Science is itself a new and rapidly developing one which is challenging the way the medical profession applies the practices of cancer diagnosis and treatment. It applies genetic principles to the study and treatment of tumors, giving oncologists more options to customize therapies for more successful results.

Recently, President Barack Obama announced during a televised speech the formation of a Precision Medicine Plan designed to focus on the discovery of cures for a number of life-threatening diseases, such as cancer.

Rutgers Cancer Institute is at the forefront of cutting-edge, next-generation gene sequencing as a type of tumor research, with the application of gene sequencing as a means of patient care. Rutgers was one of the first medical facilities in the United States to use this precision medicine approach. As a result, genomic sequencing has been successful in the discovery of new methods of therapy for people suffering from lesser-known forms of cancer and extremely limited or altogether ineffective forms of treatment. These discoveries at the forefront of precision medicine have provided a greater ability to identify and classify various cancers into sub-populations by similar characteristics but differing genetic identifiers, making it possible to foresee positive patient outcomes and to create customized cancer therapies for individual patients.

Omar Boraie has an extensive background in Chemistry born of a nearly lifelong interest in cancer research. Borie stated,”Physician-scientists at Rutgers University are making great advances in precision medicine with regard to patients who are no longer actively responding. Imagine using said science to benefit all cancer patients? I have hopes that this pledge will garner the support of others so this work can meet and exceed the goal.”

Named to the Omar Boraie Chair is Associate Director for Translational Science and principal investigator of the precision medicine clinical trial at Rutgers Cancer Institute / Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Shridar Ganesan, MD, PhD. Dr Ganesan came to Rutgers Cancer Institute in 2005 from Harvard Medical School’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He is an internationally renown oncologist who had the following to say regarding cancer: “What has been learned through the years is that cancer is comprised of a collection of diseases, each one having distinct features. Rather than classifying cancer type by the organ where it originates, more rapid genomic analysis allows for further classification by the types of changes in each cancer, leading to more precise, personalized therapy. It is an honor to be named the Omar Boraie Chair in the field of Genomic Science. This pledge will be instrumental in benefiting clinical research in allowing better understanding of cancer biology, which will help patients who suffer from the most rare and challenging forms of the disease, providing renewed hope to cancer patients and their loved ones.”

Buccaneers Reveal New Team Helmet

The Buccaneers are back for another action-packed season in the NFL, but when they hit the field this year, they’ll do so sporting new and improved helmet and logo designs. Revealed on the NFL Network by Warren Sapp and Gerald McCoy, the new helmet and logo haven’t changed considerably from the old design. Instead, that design was enhanced, bringing forth the highlights of the high-flying Tampa Bay Buccaneers flag and enhancing them to appeal to the eye of the audience. What is new is the chrome facemask, something only this NFL team has.



Some of the re-design highlights include:



– More vivid flag



– Distinctive pewter on the helmet



– Intimidating-looking skull, cross and sword



– Larger logos



Thanks to the use of a hand-painted shading technique, the helmet provides immaculate attention to detail, providing an overall pleasing appearance that catches the eye even when unintended. No other NFL team has a helmet with such eye-popping, dramatic features. The revamped helmet is a part of a grander scheme, as the Buccaneers want to give themselves a new image and start off the season winning games and attracting more fans to the Tampa Bay side!



The Last Uniform Update



It’s been 17 years’ since the team has updated their uniform. The Buccaneers traded their orange and white uniform for the current pewter and red color at this time. Fans were excited to boast their teams’ new colors and have already expressed their delight in these great helmets. Undoubtedly it feels good to support a team with the creame le croup of uniforms!



More Changes in the Future



More uniform changes are still in store for this season. In less than two weeks, the entire Buccaneers uniform ensemble will be revealed. Watch out for the Buccaneers this season, though you’ll likely be unable to miss them in these eye-catching new helmets!


Bumble Sees Massive Growth In 2 Years

In her 26 years of living Whitney Wolfe has done an amazing job of succeeding in life. She has worked for Hatch Labs, the creators of Tinder, and she has also made her own online dating app. Wolfe has created an entirely new idea of what business is. Millennials were supposed to change the world, and thanks to people like her it seems as if this goal of theirs is on track.

Bumbling Around The World

After college Whitney Wolfe decided to try her hands with Hatch Labs. As you are probably aware their mobile app Tinder is a smashing success and has changed the way young people look at dating. With a simple swipe to the right you can find the perfect match for you on Tinder. However, there are problems with the Tinder model. Sexual harassment complains and other issues have discouraged some from using the app. This is where Wolfe came up with the idea of Bumble. It offers a new and more comfortable way for people to try online dating for themselves.

Bumble Takes Off

So far Bumble is a smashing success. The app has resulted in more than 150 million matches so far with few complains about harassment. Only 650 cases were reported in 2015 and these cases comprised only a fraction of a percentage of all Bumble users. That high rate of success has made this app an alternative to Tinder. Another important feature of Bumble is that women always make the first move. This feature has made the app more comfortable for women who don’t want to deal with the harassment they find on other apps.

Where She Goes From Here

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur with a vision for the future. She has seen incredible growth over the course of 5 years from her work at Hatch Labs to starting her own company. If things continue the way they are headed she might find herself in the same leagues as greats like Mark Zuckerberg in the future.

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UK-based Wine Investment Company UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a wine company based in the United Kingdom. It has a group of fine wine consultants who use their vast knowledge of fine wines to help clients choose the best wines and champagnes for any occasion.

If customers want to acquire the services of UKV PLC, consultants can contact them personally. If clients want a face-to-face meeting, the company can make arrangements for meetings at the place the client prefers. UKV is an independent company, so it has contacts with many merchants, traders and brokers in the wine sector to make it easy for them to find rare wines and champagnes.

The company focuses on supply, sale, and acquisition of bonded champagne and fine wine for both trade customers and individuals. UKV PLC sales wine in four categories: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Spanish and Italian. UKV has active social media pages whose sole purpose is promoting their services. Most of their social media posts are about wine. The best wines for different occasions, how to pair wine with different meals, links to websites where clients can get information on wine business: the list is endless. In general, their presence on social media is aimed at engaging their customers and attracting new ones.

UKV PLC is involved in the collection of wines. People who want to add to their collections or start collecting can get some of the best labels from leading vineyards in Europe at UKV. Wine collection something that’s been happening over the years. Traditionally, people would collect wine hoping to use them to fund other better brands. For centuries wine was used as a form of currency, so it’s no surprise that many people see it as a valuable asset. The market continues to grow as more demand for fine wine continues to rise. It is advisable that people invest in wine as emerging markets such as Brazil, India, China and Russia get increasingly involved in investment and drinking of wine. With a wide range of champagnes, fine wine, and experienced consultants, UKV PLC is one of the leading companies in the wine industry. Their headquarters are at AMP House, Dingwall Road, Croydon, Surrey.

USF Lady Bulls Aim to Slay the Giant of Women’s College Basketball

The USF Lady Bulls are fresh off their 5th conference victory, besting the SMU Lady Mustangs, Wednesday in Dallas, Texas. Sunday Coach Jose Fernandez’s squad will play a nationally televised contest against the Temple Lady Owls, tip-off at high noon in Philadelphia. On the line is second place in the conference standings and potential #2 to tournament seed.



Avoid the Lady Huskies


The #1 seed come conference tournament time is pretty much a foregone conclusion. The University of Connecticut Lady Husky squad has set the benchmark for excellence across all college sports.



Geno Auriemma’s UConn team has won the NCAA title eleven times, a feat matched by no other school in collegiate basketball history. While UConn appears the overwhelming favorite in their quest for a twelfth crown, the USF Bulls have also established themselves as a perennial power.



Perennial National Prominence


Catching the class of women’s college basketball may not be realistic for the Lady Bulls. Finishing the season strong enough to earn another berth in the women’s national championship tournament is realistic. Last week the Sun Dome Arena was treated to Fernandez’s 300th career victory, spanning a stellar 17-years as the Bull’s boss.



During his tenure, Fernandez has led South Florida to a dozen post-season appearances, including seven with more than twenty wins. This year the Lady Bulls have responded with maybe their best year yet. USF already has 15 victories against two solitary losses, one of those to Connecticut at the XL Center in Hartford.



The Giant Comes to the Sun Dome Arena


USF splits the last 10 conference games, half on the road and the other half at the Sun Dome in Tampa. South Florida will sandwich 3 straight Sun Dome games in the middle of a pair of back to road tilts as they head down the final 10 game stretch.



A victory over the University of Cincinnati on February 1st, plus a split in the two games against Temple, and USF could clinch the #2 tournament seed. Earning the second seed means they would be in the opposite bracket from the UConn powerhouse.


Before the tournament time, USF will have one more chance to slay the giant. On Monday, February 27th, South Florida will welcome the all-time winningest team in college basketball to the Sunshine State. If the Lady Bulls continue to play well, USF will have a shot at snapping the longest undefeated streak in basketball history.


Duda Melzer – Entrepreneur and Known Business Leader

From the long line of the Sirotsky family and grandson of RBS originator, Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has a MBA from Harvard and a degree in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). He is a chief of the Mercosul Biennial, the Iberê Camargo Foundation, e.Bricks Digital and

Eduardo Melzer, or Duda Melzer as he’s known, started his initial vocation in the United States before joining the privately-run company, and was senior budgetary expert at Delphi and overseeing chief of non-customary media organization BoxTop Media. In 2015, Duda Melzer was been on the rundown of pioneers of the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. The relationship unites, every year, 25 individuals from the new eras of business families from around the globe, who are driving the business and are considered cases for society.

A critical impact for Duda Melzer is the American John Davis. A Harvard teacher and privately-run company master, he is today one of the world’s most looked for after advisors in this field. The RBS Group was its first client in Brazil and the relationship has been reached out since 1999. RBS and the Sirotsky family put stock in the achievement of family-possessed organizations whose administration is proficient. For Eduardo, great administration is a component of separation of any fruitful organization, and in a family assemble, it turns out to be significantly more important. RBS’s standards of brilliance in administration, guided by Davis, were put into practice during the time spent progression that drove Eduardo to lead the gathering in 2012.

From that point forward, he has been taking after vital ideas from occasional consultancies with two of today’s most persuasive business scholars: Jim Collins and Ram Charan.

Restrained and concentrated on supportability and business development, and adding to the advancement of the nation, from an early age Duda Melzer rehearses a cross-board development, in view of his systems administration and customary excursions around the globe, in which Is devoted to the trading of learning. Take an interest in selective occasions, for example, Google’s Zeitgeist and Allen and Co’s Sun Valley.


Jack Sock Rises on the ATP Tour

Tampa Bay’s tennis star Jack Sock recently made it into the top twenty on the men’s professional tour, the ATP. He also advanced to the fourth round of the 2017 Australian Open only to lose to the French star Jo-Wilfred Tsonga.

Jack Sock played well and appeared resplendent in Melbourne with his trademark sock choice. On this occasion, he wore socks to match the season’s new color, fuschia. This hot color is found on Nike shoes and is being worn by a large number of male and female tennis players. This shoe color is also Sock’s choice to go along with his matching fuschia socks. But it was not just his shoes and socks that stood out, but his play as he had won three matches at this Grand Slam event and played a tight match against the higher ranked and highly regarded player Tsonga. For more about Jack Sock and his climb into the twentieth position on the ATP go to Your text to link…

Tampa has a long history as a sports town with baseball, football, and ice hockey to chose from. Tampa residents are blessed with multiple PGA level golf courses and countless tennis courts to hone their sports skills. The weather in the Tampa area is conducive to outdoor activities and the playing of sports year round. But the area pales in comparison to the other Florida Coast that boasts many more public facilities and training programs for tournament level Junior competition. Directly across the state from Tampa is the Space Coast and Florida District 15, an area that used to draw thousands of junior tennis players from the state to play in 6 or 7 sanctioned events taking place in a public tennis facility, Lawnwood, located in Ft. Pierce, Florida. This type of program specializing in promoting junior tennis works wonders for the sport of tennis itself.

All individual sports like tennis and golf rely on players who achieve star status like a Tiger Woods or a John McEnroe to induce others to play the sport. We can hope that Jack Sock will do his part in inspiring others to enjoy the sport of tennis. Visit the latest ATP standing on Reddit: Your text to link…


Who Would Benefit The Most Working With Equities First

Equities First Holdings has proved itself worth to become the world’s largest stock-based loan provider. Or over a decade, it has shown itself to offer a substantial amount of money to any loans presented to its capacity. For this reason, they have worked to determine high-end capabilities in a way that is unparalleled in this industry. Equities First Holdings has also worked to develop high-end solutions to those in need of fast working capital. During an economic crisis, the company has been there for those who need fast working capital. For this reason, they went on to found the biggest entity in this business to make life and business better in reality. As a matter of fact, you will always receive better results in anything if you are committed to working. For this reason, Equities First Holdings has struggled to reach all markets to sell their stock-based loans and gain popularity.

While you always have many options there during the harsh economic crisis, you will find it extremely hard for people to get better business if you are not in dire need. For this reason, you end up working for the least. According to Equities First Holdings, they always provide the stock-based loans to those who seek them to provide a hedge against their problems and solution through the loans. As a matter of fact, you can find their services welcoming during the harsh economic environment. During a tough economic time, there is always inevitable market fluctuation. However, the situation can be mitigated by the dire need associated with these capabilities. If you end up working for the company, you can associate yourself with other entities in this management.

According to Al Christy, he founded Equities First Holdings to make it become a world-class economy. They have started by issuing fast working capital using stocks as collateral. While they are excelling in this business, they have also been voted as one of the most trusted companies in this line of finance. Alternative sources of finance are what people seek during the harsh economic times. For this reason, Equities First Holdings has taken advantage of this capability.