Francisco Domenech’s Journey in Puerto Rico Government Affairs at Politank

Francisco Domenech, who has worked in quite a few important campaigns in recent years, now works as a Managing Partner at Politank. Politank is a law firm that works in the field of representing special, private interests before government officials and forums.

Before beginning at career with Politank, Domenech worked at the P.R. Legislative Assembly. One of the accomplishments of Domenech during his time here was expanding the resources at the Legislative Library, increasing the stockpile of services for blind people and people who suffer from other physical disabilities.

Francisco Domenech attended college at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, earning a bachelor’s degree and later receiving a Juris Doctor. He was involved in school politics during his educational period, even serving as the President of the General Student Body Council for one school-year.

Domenech worked with Democrats during multiple elections. He worked directly with the DNC for five years as a representative of the Young Democrats of America. Working out of Puerto Rico he served as Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Campaign Manager during her primary campaign against Barrack Obama. He also worked as a Campaign Manager for Jenniffer Gonzalez, who won the election.

For years, by himself and with the help of Politank, Domenech has provided help to a variety of altruistic groups. He has worked with The Clinton Foundation, The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the Museo de Arte de Ponce, and The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars.

Francisco Domenech is also licensed to practice law in several regions of the United States. He is authorized to practice in Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., and the Federal Circuit.

Domenech was honored, along with 58 other nominees, by the 40 Under 40 of Puerto Rico, a list that recognizes 40 young people who have elected to stay in Puerto Rico, instead of traveling overseas, helping to better their home community. People from nearly every industry that exists in Puerto Rico can be featured in the 40 Under 40. Individuals from the healthcare, advertising, farming, and law industries are all considered to be a part of the yearly 40 Under 40.

Ryan Callahan’s Resiliency Leads Tampa Bay Lightning on Impressive Playoff Run

The alternate captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Ryan Callahan, served as one of the team’s leaders in hits, but also found himself on the score sheet in the later rounds of the Tampa Bay Lightning’s playoff run. It now appears that he had been playing with a shoulder injury for a majority of the playoffs, after suffering an injury against the New Jersey Devils in round one of the playoffs.


Callahan was a present force in each and every playoff game, even though he gets less ice-time than a majority of his teammates. He plays on the roster’s fourth line, but still manages to be a leading presence on his team. The leadership that Callahan shows on the bench is part of the reason that the Lightning’s younger players fit into the system so seamlessly.


Callahan is considered a seasoned veteran, and his ability to physically frustrate the other team in important hockey games is extremely important to supporting the resilient and tenacious characteristics that are required to succeed in the National Hockey League. Callahan is a popular teammate in the Tampa Bay dressing room, and it’s expected that he will stick with the team into the future, although from a business perspective, the team may consider trading him or buying his contract out to open up some cap space for the roster. His contract is currently worth a little more than five million dollars, a large price to pay for a fourth liner, despite his leadership capabilities.


It is extremely possible that Callahan will remain with the Lightning for the remainder of his contract and then eventually retire uneventfully, but similar to previous experiences on the Lightning roster, former captains Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis were both dealt away from the team in the past. Only time will tell whether Callahan ultimately finishes his career in Tampa, or whether he’ll be forced to travel to a new team in the near future.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Look To Take Advantage Of Rule Changes In Kicking Game

Due to several rule changes adopted by National Football League owners, kickoffs occurring in the game will look drastically different. The changes are intended to reduce the number of dangerous collisions that take place during kickoff returns and there is a list of them:



  • The kicking team must line up with five players on each side of the football


  • The ball must be kicked before players on the kicking team can run to cover the kick


  • The return team must line eight players in a set-up zone prior to the kick


  • Return team players cannot block opponents while in the 15-yard setup zone. On most kicks, this zone will be located from the kicking team’s 35-yard line to midfield


  • Wedges are no longer allowed to be formed by members of the return team




Tampa Bay Buccaneers special team’s coach Nate Kaczor is giving careful scrutiny to the rule changes in hopes of determining how they will affect his unit. Many in the league, including the man many consider to be the top coach, Bill Belichick believes the special teams game to be an integral ingredient in deciding the outcome of an NFL football game.


The main issue for Buccaneers players, as well as players of all the league’s teams, is to be afforded more safety in kickoff plays while not sacrificing any of the game’s excitement. Smart coaches like Kaczor also recognize that the rule changes in the kicking game can be used to improve his team’s chances of scoring more points.


The fact that players covering kicks of the kicking team will no longer be afforded a running start is huge. A fast running NFL player can cover approximately ten yards in a single second and by having them remain stationary until the ball is kicked will give kick-returners more room to operate.


Running lanes are also likely to be a little broader because by requiring that five coverage personnel line up on each side of the football teams can no longer overload the side of the field where the ball will be kicked.


Kaczor and other special teams coordinators will no doubt look to load up on speedy return men to take advantage of these rule changes as a team that has returned a kickoff for a touchdown in an NFL game have been victorious 62% of the time over the last ten years.

The Building of the Golden Knights

In an NBC article dated May 26, 2018, James O’Brien looks at the journey of the Vegas Golden Knights. They had an element of exploiting the mistakes the team made in the past. Vegas absorbed other GM’s mistakes e.g. the contract awarded to David Clarkson.


The team wasn’t built with the thought of 2017 and 2018 in mind. Instead, it stock-piled a slew of picks. They agreed not to select unprotected players. They also agreed to trade some of their picks to other teams after the draft. They received a pick in the Panthers situation. Stockpiling defenseman was a big part of the plan. At first, there were low chances of first-season success. But afterward, it picked up.


Back in 2017, the player that carried its future was Marc-Andre Fleury. He gave his best in the playoffs and during the regular season. Sometimes he has looked superhuman. His team expectations were on him. He was fantastic yet injuries were a limiting factor. He was only able to play 46 regular season games. Other goalies got hurt also but they were still winners of the Pacific Division.


Other key players included James Neal and David Perron. Those who expected Neal to go down in history as Vegas’ best scorer were wrong. Neal was good, only that a few factors caused an unlikely first line to emerge.


At one time, George McPhee flipped Forsberg for Martin Erat. His capitals hoped to get over the hump for a playoff run. The management misdiagnosed Forsberg’s potential. During, before and after the expansion draft, similar situations happened.


When Forsberg was yet to get to the level of NHL, William Karlsson showed more potential. Blue Jackets instead bribed McPhee into not taking players like Jonas Korpisalo. They didn’t realize Karlsson would soon be Vegas’ Forsberg.

So that they could select Erik Haula, The Wild gave Vegas Tuch.



Sometimes, there were ulterior motives behind decisions. Sometimes, the gains overwhelmed the losses. McPhee’s supplementing of expansion draft selections with shrewd side deals helped. Without him, Golden Knight’s dynamic state would be non-existent.

Tampa Bay Lightning Fires Assistant Coaching Staff after Elimination

The Tampa Bay Lighning have parted ways with their assistant coaching staff, including defensive assistant Rick Bowness, who has been with the team for the last several seasons. This comes just days after the team faced elimination in game seven against the Washington Capitals in the Eastern Conference NHL Playoffs. The general manger of the Lightning, Steve Yzerman, suggested that the firing was not due to the coaches efforts in assisting the team, but rather to the fact that they have pressed deep into the playoffs only to lose right at or before the Stanley Cup finals.


The shakeup to the coaching staff will likely not be felt until training camp in September, however with the bigger picture in mind, the Lightning will have to hope that a new team of assistant coaches could potentially change the way the Lightning perform in deep playoff battles. The Lightning wants to specifically focus on defensive tactics that were apparently missing during the later games of this previous seasons playoffs. Tampa seems to have faded from this defensive mindset that it overwhelmingly had in its 2015 playoff run to the finals, only to eventually lose in six games to Chicago.


The Lightning are expected to keep the core roster together for the next season, however some things could unravel during the off-season and free agency, and it is not impossible for things to change unexpectedly. It is becoming apparent that the hockey club in Tampa is getting sick of getting so far into the playoffs only to be eliminated in the final games before the Stanley Cup finals. A significant change in mindset will likely have to take place for this to change, and with every passing season, the average age of this hockey team ticks higher, sparking fears that superstars like Victor Hedman and Steven Stamkos could eventually retire without a Stanley Cup.


Morgan Freeman’s Attorney Wants His Client’s Harassment Story Retracted

Morgan Freeman’s attorney, Robert Schwartz, has written to CNN President, Jeff Zucker, demanding CNN to apologize to his client and retract the story that reported Freeman to have sexually harassed eight women.


The surprising story written by Chloe Melas and An Phung accused the Hollywood bigwig of a series of sexual harassment cases while on set and inside his film production label, Revelations Entertainment. In a press junket for the film “Going in Style”, Freeman is alleged to have said to a pregnant Melas that “You’re ripe”. These reports came from 16 sources. Half of them claim to be victims of Freeman’s sexual misconducts and eight who supported their accounts.


As reported by Variety, Schwartz’s letter questions Melas’ claims and argues that CNN had jeopardized his client’s career. At the least, CNN should issue an apology through the same avenues it used to despicably tarnish his name and bring it to the public domain on May 24.


Furthermore, Schwartz demands a retraction of excerpts of the story that featured Morgan Freeman’s business partner at Revelations, alleging him of nurturing a “toxic work environment” that demeaned ladies and encouraged Freeman to continue his wayward ways untouched. In another instance, Freeman was reported to have inappropriately commented on McCreary’s attire saying, “She intends to be thought of as serious… But you cannot get away from short dresses.”


After CNN published the news article, Morgan Freeman wrote a statement on 24 May saying that anyone who knows him or has interacted with him understand that he was not the sort of person to deliberately offend or disrespect another person and that that wasn’t his intentions. “I apologize to anyone who felt insulted or uncomfortable,” said Freeman.


Freeman followed up this initial statement with a somewhat lengthier one during the weekend. It begins, “I am utterly shocked that the effort I have put in my 80 years is being undermined in a jiffy.” It continues, “However, I also want to offer a clarification. I never created unsafe working circumstances, and I didn’t assault any woman.”


On the wake of these claims, the renowned actor and producer has been followed by a myriad of adverse outcomes. That includes his suspension as a marketing ambassador for Visa. The city of Vancouver deleted his voice from the public transit systems and his lifetime achievement award stands a revoke under SAG-AFTRA’s discretion on the case.

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks and what They Can Do for you

Matt Badiali is an investor in Master Limited Partnerships that offer freedom checks to investors. He is the founder of Real Wealth Strategists newsletter published by Banyan Hill publishers. He writes about natural resources, investing, understanding finance, markets, and companies that you can invest your money. He is also an editor of South America Report that focuses on oil, energy and mining investment.

Educational Background and Work History

Matt Badiali holds a bachelor’s degree in sciences from Penn State University and a master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He enrolled for a Ph.D. At the University of Carolina.

Matt Badialiwas introduced to his geology career by a friend to research natural resources and investment. Bandiali started visiting corporate offices and abandoned mines all over the world. In 2017, he authored ”Real Wealth Strategist Newsletter with Banyan Hill to advise investing in oil, metals, agricultural commodities, and construction materials.Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

What Freedom Checks can do for you?

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Investing in Master limited partnerships is not a scam or a get rich quick scheme, you have to invest and be patient. The profits will be according to the shares you have. The more the shares, the more the returns. Read more:



Tampa Bay Lightning – NHL Off-Season Business Plans and Roster Moves

The NHL off-season is usually filled with various business decisions that each organization’s general manager must navigate through. Some of the simple things get caught up in some of the off-season drama, as the NHL Draft approaches and contract renewals become a major focus.


The Tampa Bay Lightning managed to earn their way to the Eastern Conference finals, and even more impressive, they competed for an entire seven game series, only to find themselves down four goals late in the third period. Even though their entire season was impressive on an overall scale and perspective, it doesn’t change the fact that very important business decisions lie ahead for the organization’s general manager, Steve Yzerman, who is currently among candidates in being rewarded the best general manager of the year.


Some of the things that Yzerman will have to look at includes the renewal of various contracts, the draft of new players coming in from lower leagues and levels, as well as the management of the current team. There are some long-term plans that need to be arranged so that the organization can continue to compete at its current level and make significant playoff runs like this last season. The cap space has seemingly been an issue for the Tampa Bay Lightning as they struggle to keep their star players on their rosters with very expensive contracts.


Yzerman has managed to balance his costly star players with up-and-comers who have seemingly found themselves molded on the team roster. This balance has allowed the team to stay below the cap-requirement and still stay at a competitive level. The upcoming seasons should keep most of the current players on the Lightning roster, but some minor tweaks may be necessary to give an additional boost to the Lightning to try and force them into the final round so that they can compete for a stanley cup like they did in the 2015 season.

Bucs Are Thrilled to Have Rookie Ronald Jones II

Bucs Are Excited for Rookie Running Back Jones Start


In the NFL, drafting new rookies for the team is always exciting to see because of the potential for greatness, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are no exception to this.


For the Bucs, running back Ronald Jones II is one of their new players that they couldn’t be more excited about right now. Drafted out of USC in the second round this year, the Bucs picked up Jones as a way to address their problems with their running game, especially concerning the drama of current running back Doug Martin.


Bucs director of college scouting Mike Biehl spoke to the press on why Jones is a perfect fit for the Bucs offense. He stated that Jones was one of his favorite running backs during the draft and also one of the top ones available behind first round pick Saquon Barkley. He also stated that Jones II could provide the team with the long term successes that they needed, such as speed and being physically tough.


Biehl specifically emphasized Jones’ speed, stating that it would add a dimension to their team and give them a quality that they hadn’t seen in some time. He also mentioned that he may not have been given a ton of opportunities to catch passes in college but he believes that Jones could be a pure three-down running back. Diehl went on to note that Jones II is only 20 years old and still has a lot to learn from being in the NFL but does have the right attitude, something he thought many of the guys drafted this year also had.


As far as rookies go, Jones II was ranked as one of the top three running backs in the draft and is very likely to start alongside Peyton Barber this upcoming season. With all of this in mind, plus the lack of a strong running game over the last few years, it’s no wonder that the Bucs are very excited to see Jones II take the field.

Why USF Florida Gators Have to Happen

When you talk about football in Florida, the conversation can turn as serious as talking about it in Texas. It is for this reason that the head coach of the Florida Gators really has been pushing for a series with the University of Southern Florida. There are a number of reasons why this is a good move for the Bulls of USF. The biggest of these is the recognition that they will be playing a team in-state that is ranked in the top 25 on a regular basis. This is one of those boosts that you get on your resumé that can really get the attention of the media.. this also would have a monetary advantage that many people are not looking at having that kind of exposure especially if they win will put the school in the national spotlight and really give them something to brag about.


There is the benefit that comes for Raymond James Stadium and the surrounding area in 2023. With all of the fans, media and other people in town for the game, local businesses will greatly benefit from the increased business. While local businesses do well enough during football season, having the Florida Gators in town will just be an added bonus for the USF Bulls. This could be a massive shot to both schools Gainsville will see a huge increase in the number of fans that flock to their city in the years following the first meeting between these two teams.


The fans will be the last group that will benefit from these two teams meeting. It will be a battle for both teams and the fans of these respective teams will be in town to support their team. this helps to encourage a sense of team pride and will hopefully lead to a little fun Intra-state rivalry that many of the other teams in Florida enjoy such as Florida and Florida State or Florida State and Miami. This will add another chapter to this storied state and their rivalry in football.


All of these reasons are excellent reasons why the fans of both schools should be excited about these two teams going at it. This could lead to more schools in more states taking on the same concept in the upcoming years