Agora Financial Brings Faster, More Accurate Financial News to Investors

When it comes to financial investing, it can be overwhelming. You may have some savings, but if you want to retire well you have to manage your money correctly. Following up with the constant changes in the market is too tiring. You might now know what to do with the information. But also, paying a broker is asking for them to rake your profits with commissions and what Agora Financial knows.

Therefore, it’s common to feel a little confused. After all, you are a professional in your own field, and you might just want to send your son to school, or make sure your daughter has a beautiful wedding. Luckily, there is a way to do that: Agora Financial.

Agora Financial has helped 1 million readers for over a decade navigate the murky waters of finance and investing. The publishing powerhouse has online newsletters, publications, and live seminars that help you manage your money the smart way. That way you can avoid pitfalls and invest when the time is right to maximize your upsides and their Facebook.

Since Agora never accepts money in exchange for coverage of companies or individuals, you can be assured that the coverage is 100% fair and unbiased. In fact, it is so accurate that Agora predicted the crisis in 2008 a full four years before it ever happened. This let their readers save themselves from financial ruin and more information click here.

Of course, investing isn’t just about limiting the downside, it’s also about all the upside. That’s why Agora spends $1 million on its analysts to travel and uncover opportunities early. They accurately saw the oil spike, the gold spike, and even the rise in biotechnology before the mainstream. After all, as you may have experienced, the real investments are made before the mainstream media catches on. Larger stocks are often not the best investments and Agora Financial’s lacrosse camp.

Agora ensures their staff is qualified. They boast members from Harvard trained geological scientists, ex hedge fund leaders, presidential bankers, experts on bonds, and prize nominated best selling authors. Agora is recognized as one of the leaders in the industry from major publications like The Wall Street Journal, Time, CNBC, and other outlets.

The Success of Market America Convention 2017

The Market America Convention 2017 event was composed of many prominent individuals including remarkable entrepreneurs. Other personalities included famous actors and artists like Jamie Foxx, Swizz Beats, and Fat Joe among others. The event that took place in Greensboro Coliseum showcased a variety of unique business elements. The most exciting updates of Market America ranged from initiatives for new strategies, technologies to the launching of new products. Additionally, the ceremony illustrated the relevance of the company in the conversion of spending into possible earning. According to JR Ridinger, Market America unfranchise operations are beneficial to many people to the understanding of the processes of the company. Also, Mr. Ridinger postulated that Market America is essential for the growth and expansion of the economy.

The ceremony featured other executive leaders of the organization along with personalities associated with the group like Alicia Keys. These individuals laid focus on the event’s highlights which consisted of mainly motivational aspects and strategies to the attendees. The company’s president, Marc Ashley, announced the latest features developed by the organization to demonstrate their focus on further development. Marc displayed the newest version of SHOP Buddy and other advanced programs. Besides business ideas, the event incorporated musical elements performed by Jamie Foxx.

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Chief Executive Officer of OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor. He studied and graduated from The University of Tulane Medical School. He now holds a license on both medicine and surgery. His father, being a medical practitioner, by both profession and passion, the two worked together for a period. Dr. McKenna not only enjoys, but has also dedicated the larger part of his life to helping patients out, and working to uplift the community.

From New Orleans, Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta in 2007. While there, he started a practice that he entirely dedicated to the purposes of aesthetic and wellness; ShapeMed. Working on and with ShapeMed got Mark through a lot of experience, and seven years later, he resolved to sell it to Life Time Fitness. He then held the position of Director of Life Time Fitness; a role he executed for two years.

Having acquired a long-term experience in the aesthetics industry, Mark felt that he was ready to start a company of his own, with focus on his field of specialty. He established a medical firm, OVME, in 2017. He became its Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. McKenna was born in New Orleans. It is where he grew up, and acquired his education. He went to the University of Tulane Medical School, where he studied medicine. His father became his partnering practitioner in the field. They worked together for some time before Mark started the McKenna Venture Investments.

He is married and has two children. His wife, Gianine McKenna supports him, and the family life is what gives him drive and keeps him going. Their children are Milana Elle and the young Pomeranian Ryder. Dr. McKenna has joined several groups in both New Orleans and Arizona. He is with the Entrepreneurs Organization. Mark was once on the board of New Orleans Jazz Festival. Also, he once held a position in the commission of New Orleans Industrial Development. Having quite a schedule, he balances between work, family and also keeping fit. When he is not occupied, he works because that is what has become part of his life; since helping people out is what makes him who he is.

Know More about Rodrigo Terpins’ Colorful Racing Career

Rodrigo Terpins is a rider and a team member of Bull Sertões Rally Team. Just like his brother Michel Terpins, he has taken part in some competitions gaining a lot of victories in Brazil’s main rally championships. Rodrigo Terpins represents the T1 prototype category. In the Sertões Rally’s 22nd edition he emerged 7th. The only issue here is that the rally was relatively shorter compared the other years. In essence, it only traversed two states which were Minas Gerais and Goiás.

His father Jack Terpins, and commonly known as Jackão, is a very prominent figure in Brazil and an iconic name in Hebrew. As a youth, Jackão played basketball for Hebraica in the 60s and 70s. In 1991, he became the president of Sports. He has also served as the president of other institutions including the Maccabi Latin American Confederation and Latin American Jewish Council. Recently, he held the position of vice president of the Maccabi World Union. Jackão, just like his son Rodrigo, showed lots of commitment in his roles.

Together with Michel Terpins, they formed a formidable team. The pair is preparing to take part in the biggest rally of their career so far on Thursday, August 31, 2017. This rally is scheduled to cover a distance of 438.86 km, with the 5th stage having 666km between Barra do Garças (MT) and Coxim (MS). Along the way, they will run over stones, piçarra, trial and many other impediments. This race will occur in Midwest traversing various states from Goiás, to Mato Grosso and ending in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Just a few years back, the love for off-road and speed influenced the two São Paulo-based brothers to come up with the Bull Sertões Rally Team. Rodrigo Terpins (44 years old) and Michel Terpins (40 years) have raced together for four seasons. They use T-Rex, which is a product of MEM Motorsport. They take part in various rallies including Sertões Rally and Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. These brothers are some of the most feared participants in these rallies and always have very high stakes of winning. Follow him on Facebook to know more

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Evaluating Betsy DeVoses Prominent Role as a Philanthropist

Secretary Of education Betsy DeVos is arguably one of the most prominent women in America today. She has earned an incredible reputation for her tireless involvement in humanitarian activities. For decades, Betsy has strived to help different American communities. She does this through the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation, which is a family charity that she cofounded with her husband Dick in 1989.


The foundation focuses on issues related to education, art, leadership, and Christian missions. To say that the foundation is prominent within the philanthropic circles is an understatement. This is attested to by the fact that in 2015 alone, the foundation gave out more than 135 million dollars to different charities. For this reason, Betsy and her family have continuously been recognized among the top thirty most generous American families.


The Spirit of Positivity


Betty asserts that she is involved in charity with the aim of impacting positively on local communities. Her family foundation has particularly been vocal in its efforts to promote equality in education access. This has seen it support institutions such as the Success Academy Charter Schools, Potter House Schools, Great Lakes Education Project, All Children Matter, and American Federation for Children. The latter three are actually off-shots of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


Other institutions that have benefitted from Betsy’s generosity include Compass College if Cinematic Growth, Northwood University, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Xprize Foundation, ArtPrize Grand Rapids, the Boy Scouts of America, Christian Schools International, Rehoboth Christian School, Ferris State University, and Detroit Charter School. The foundation works with these organizations to ensure that the funds are properly utilized.


Betsy DeVos in Brief


Betsy was born in a prominent philanthropic family. She is an alumnus of Calvin College where she earned a BA in political science and a business degree. During her collegiate years, Mrs. DeVos was an active participant in student politics. She also had her first test of national politics after getting involved in the 1976 US Presidential Elections as part of Gerald Ford’s team.

Marrying into the DeVos family in 1980 catapulted Betty into national prominence. Since then, she has used her influence to fundraise for numerous noble initiatives such as pro-education legislation amendments. Together with her husband, Betsy has dedicated more than $200 million to right wing causes. She is credited for being the finance chair of the successful American Dream PAC that campaigned for George Bush.


Betsy DeVos has also gained prominence for being a successful corporate executive. Prior to her appointment into the Trump Administration, she was the chairman of Windquest Group, a privately-owned conglomerate that she established with Dick. She similarly sits on the boards of several political, nonprofit, and business organizations. Her appointment to her cabinet is expected to spur far-reaching changes in the education sector.


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Livio Bisterzo’s PeasAndLove Rakes In Leonardo DiCaprio’s Investment

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur, who has earned himself quite a name in America for manufacturing a healthy, organic snack called HIPPEAS. He is the founder of the Green Park Holdings, a company that manufactures and distributes the snack that has been taking America by storm. In addition to the snacks growing popularity, the famous Lad Leonardo Dicaprio’s endorsement of the brand by providing funds to it has garnered Livio’s product even a more credible reputation.

Leonardo’s foundation is no secret tucked away from the masses, but in fact his dedication to preserving wildlife and biodiversity has earned him the title of environmentalist. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation serves to fund projects that seek to protect endangered species, restore climate resilience and optimum environmental factors, revive the naturally existing function of nature and conserve natural habitats and resources.

Likewise, Livio’s plant based products attracted Leonardo’s attention, which resulted in Leonardo’s foundation investing in Green Park Holdings. This isn’t the first time Leonardo has invested in a food industry. He has remained persistent in his concerns regarding environment friendly food and method of manufacturing. Livio’s company has also received investments from other renowned companies such as Strand Equity Partners.

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The HIPPEAS brand is consist of 6 variations of organic chickpea puffs, namely: Sriracha Sunrise, Vegan White Cheddar, Far Out Fajita, Maple Haze, Bohemian Barbecue, Pepper Power, In Herbs We Trust and Happenin’ Hickory.

These snacks are packed with inordinate amount of fiber and proteins and yet have a low caloric content. The snacks do not include any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and are gluten free. They are certified vegan, kosher and organic. Livio’s dedication to produce snacks that not only ‘taste good’ but also do ‘do good’ to the body is easily reflected in the ingredients used to make these snacks.

Not long after the Green Park Holding’s venture into the market in 2015, Livio’s products gained popularity across the US. He saw $2.5 million in revenue the same year the products were introduced. Realistically, Bisterzo has high hopes from his product revenue in the future earning him up to an estimated amount of $11 million. The products are available on Amazon and in 20,000 stores across the US and the UK. Apparently, the demand for HIPPEAS continues to rise.

Livio Bisterzo was born in Italy. He moved to England and attended London’s University of Arts. In 2003, Livio founded his own business, which hosted several entrepreneurial events. Upon discovering marketing gimmicks in him, he expanded his work into other consumer brands, including hospitality and lifestyle businesses. He stepped into the nutritious health industry in 2015 with his Green Park Holdings entrepreneurship.

Livio’s goal has been to continue to contribute to producing healthy foods that have a positive impact on the society and the environment. His purpose is to encourage people to make healthier choices and adopt better lifestyles. His company Green Park Holdings is headquartered in Santa Monica. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three kids.

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Dick DeVos gives millions to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Dick DeVos is creating a better world by donating his millions to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. If that name sounds familiar to you, this is the same man who helped millions to succeed in Amway. This same Dick DeVos is one of the front-runners helping the Kennedy Center to begin an expansion center. Mister DeVos shows his deep passion for the arts with a donation of one million dollars. Hailing from Michigan, Mister DeVos learned about business at a very early age in his family’s Amway business. Now he is spreading the wealth to the Kennedy Center in a race to have it finished by 2018. Mister DeVos is helping to create a new expansion and riverwalk that will be the new “front door” of the center. This new entrance will help to further establish the Kennedy Center as a popular arts establishment. The center already receives three million visitors every year. That number will multiply with this generous donation of money from Dick DeVos. This expansion began back in 2013 and recently fulfilled its original fundraising goal. The goal was therefore expanded after it was quickly surpassed. Now, the Kennedy Center will have a riverfront pavilion, a pedestrian bridge and three new pavilions. Offices, dining areas, rehearsal spaces and offices are also included in the upgrade. For over 45 years the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts has stood as a living memorial to President John F. Kennedy. The popular architect Steven Holl has already created the unique design for this center that will influence American arts for the next century. This will solidify this center as the most prestigious performing arts center in the United States, thanks to the continuing efforts and generous donation of Dick DeVos.


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Logan Stout

Logan Stout is a well known Businessman as well as author and Public Speaker. In addition, Logan Stout is an accomplished and well known Leadership Trainer. Logan Stout is fortunate that while still quite young achieved Billionaire status within the business world.

Mr. Stout learned early on in his career that two things are critical for survival in the business world. Therefore, strong leadership skill as well as building a strong team of professionals are two things very necessary that may lead to phenomenal success. No one could ever doubt that Logan Stout is an true success in every sense of the word. Stout is currently in high demand as an Speaker and Leadership Trainer.

Since its creation in 2014, ID Life has experienced exceptional growth and stability. Actually, two very famous people have become a part of ID Life and everything it has to offer. Troy Aikman and Darwin Deason are two well known figures that are an integral part of ID Life.

The purpose of ID Life is to fully educate the public on both Health and Wellness. Part of educating the public on health and wellness is to provide quality nutritional products. Three years ago ID Life was named a top MLM company.

In late 2013, Logan Stout published his first book which was a big success. Stout named his book simply “Stout Advice”. The title of the book is very general and quite easy to remember. The Book emphasizes the importance of building yourself, other people as well as teams. In addition, the book is supposed to be an inspiration for anyone seeking to reach their full potential within the difficult business world.

Logan Stout’s book was so successful that it was featured as well as discussed on the popular Television program “Shark Tank”. In addition, Stout has recently begun working with Leadership Expert John Maxwell. John Maxwell is a seasoned Personal Development Trainer.

Logan Stout is currently the CEO of the Dallas Patriots Baseball Organization. Stout feels it is important to provide a positive role model to the young. Having an positive and effective role model at a young age can provide the discipline needed to succeed in future career ambitions.

Philadelphia Magazine has published several promotional articles concerning Logan Stout. CBS radio and Dallas Morning news have ran several feature stories about Logan Stout. In addition, it appears that Stout is well respected and admired throughout the country.

At present, Logan Stout is offering “Free Personal Development Training”. Additional information may be obtained through the web site. Please see

Aloha Construction Donates Toys to Low-Income Families in Illinois

Aloha Construction is a development company that provides construction services to the residents of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. This company works in collaboration with numerous officers such as inspectors, supervisors, claim specialties, and the office team. Together, they have been able to finalize over 7,000 ventures.

About Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a private company owned by one of the prominent families in Illinois. This company has gone through some changes in the recent years, which have enabled it to accomplish a lot. Currently, Aloha Construction is the top developer of safety solutions and the provider of construction solutions. This company is committed to integrity, honesty, fairness, and professionalism when it comes to dealing with subcontractors, suppliers, and insurance adjusters.

Aloha Construction’s role in philanthropy

Aloha Construction recently launched a shopping spree event to help the local children. This philanthropic endeavor was aimed at helping low-income families purchase toys and dollies for their children. Through this initiative, Aloha Construction was able to give back to the communities in Illinois. This company donates under its non-profit organization, the Dave Farbaky Foundation. The president of this organization is Dave who also serves as the foundation’s chief executive officer.

According to Dave, the Dave Farbaky Foundation provides children with an opportunity to feel loved. The shopping spree took place in August, and the children were given about sixty seconds to run around the store and pick whatever they wanted. Other stakeholders who came through to facilitate this event was Learning Express Toys, which gave the Dave Farbaky Foundation a 40 percent shopping discount. Based on the chief executive officer of Aloha Construction, acts of charity are what brings the community together. Additionally, it gives people a chance to feel connected to the organization that seeks to help them out. Aloha Construction has proven to be not only a thriving business but a generous one.

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Imran Hague Details Lasers and Fillers as Leading Anti-Aging Treatments

Heidi Harris recently wrote an article for the Tech News Spy, a website that delivers the latest news on technology, called “Imran Haque on Why Lasers and Fillers are Effective Anti-Aging Solutions”. The article highlights Imran Haque’s experience providing anti-aging solutions to women. It also details why certain clinical procedures that are non-invasive may be more cost effective than serums and moisturizers for long term use and more information click here.

Lasers and fillers are often perceived as a more invasive treatment for anti-aging than moisturizers. They are also perceived to be more expensive. However, they can also be incredibly effective at preventing the signs of aging. The article details seven non-invasive treatments that go beyond the serums and moisturizers and learn more about Imran Haque.

Botox is one of the most well known treatments used to reduce fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles. This slows the aging process by injecting Botox into the forehead and around the eyes. The results are immediate. Imran Haque reveals the cost can rise to $600, but it is one of the most effective treatments to look younger.

Imran Haque also provides fillers that help women look younger. They are used to prevent sagging skin and improve lines around the mouth and lips. There are also fillers that can improve the look of the neck and chin. All of the fillers are more effective than creams.

The Venus Legacy is one of the more expensive treatments provided, ringing up a total of nearly $3,000. However, it is an incredible treatment to prevent sagging skin. It’s also used to reduce cellulite by providing heat deep into the skin with magnetic pulses. The energy encourages the skin to produce more collagen and elastin.

Dr. Imran Haque has been practicing medicine for the past two decades after graduating from the Universidad Iberoamericano. Imran Haque currently works as the practicing medical internist at Horizon Internal Medicine where he provides a variety of medical services to the people of North Carolina and his Twitter.