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The Reason For Neurocore.

One of the main purposes of Neurocore is to make sure the brain is working at it’s full potential. Although Neurocore can be used to treat normal everyday people. Neurocore main focus is to treat athletes. Washington Red Skin’s quarterback Kirk Cousins is of the many athletes that uses Neurocore. The reason Kirk Cousins uses Neurocore is to make sure he can maintain his focus. He feels that being able to focus better than his opponents will help him execute his job on the field better.

The founder of Neurocore is Tim Royer. The company has been active for ten years. The purpose of the company is to optimize brain function. The company has accomplished this by using the latest updates in computer technology. The company helps people with ADHD. Neurocore also provide services for people with anxiety, and those who have trouble sleeping. The company has a contract with the Orlando Magic basketball team, and helps their players by doing a lot of draft testing to analyze the brain.

The company wants to make sure the brain is working perfectly, and at it’s full capacity. The brain is one of the most important commodities an individual can have for everyday function. Sometimes we need to react to high pressured situations, and if the brain is not functioning correctly. Then we might make mistakes. This is mostly true for athletes, law enforcement, firemen, doctors, and military. Brain training program is to operate in stressful situations that will help everyone be at their best to achieve their goals in life.

Mark Mofid – Caring Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeon, Mark Mofid, was recently featured in Patch Magazine. He discusses gluteal augmentation and the advancements in the discipline within cosmetic medical surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid was trained at both Johns Hopkins and Harvard Universities and is acknowledged as one who has the knowledge and experience to be believed when he speaks. Not only does Mark Mofid have formal training, but he is also an innovator in the field.


Dr. Mofid’s reputation of adhering to safety practices is above reproach. His concentration on patient wellbeing is well known. For example in gluteal augmentation it is not unusual for a patient to request enlargement. Dr. Mofid could take advantage of additional payment for such a procedure, but he will not jeopardize the health of the patient by complying with their requests. He will explain the dangers behind their request and only provide what is needed.

Always Learning

Dr. Mark Mofid is always looking for innovative and safer procedures and equipment to use in his practice. He ensures that he is doing his best for patients. He chooses innovation based on solid research instead of trends.

He has learned a great deal about the human body, it’s contours, musculature, and skin. He understands how fat is developed and where it should remain as well as where it should be extracted. His in depth knowledge of the human body puts him in an uncommon position in cosmetic surgery.


Dr. Mark Mofid, unsatisfied with previous gluteal implants, designed implants which would not be rejected by skin and muscles. This reduced the need for future surgeries. His new gluteal implants are an improvement over their predecessors in many important ways including having a low-profile, excellent intramuscular positioning, and improved, more natural appearance.

Dr. Moffid chose to develop the safer and more realistic looking implants for the benefit of the patient. Though he could have used his talents to capitalize, he did not consider economic benefits of creating a human-compatible gluteal implant. His primary consideration was for patient safety.

Moving Forward

Dr. Mofid has been continuing to learn about gluteal implantation. He has worked with Dr. Raul Gonzalez of Brazil. Brazil is known as an international leader of gluteal augmentation. Many of Dr. Gonzales’ procedures have found their way into operating rooms in America.

With Dr. Mark Mofid’s dedication to both safety and improved processes, the future of cosmetic surgery, specifically gluteal augmentation, is in capable and caring hands.