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Entrepreneur William H. Saito

William Saito has been a member of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cybersecurity (GCSCS) before deciding to quit after serving for one year siting personal reasons for his decision. The Commission through its chairman thanks Saito for the time he served with them and wished him well.

William H. Saito is a highly experienced software and cybersecurity expert. He started his career way back in elementary school where he began software programming before forming his own company. He is a world-renowned expert in encryption, cybersecurity, and biometric authentication. He was also named by NASQAD, USA Today and Ernst & Young as the entrepreneur of the year in 1998. He sold his business to Microsoft in 2005 and moved to Tokyo where he founded his tech company, Incur. Besides that, William Saito has held various high profile positions in the Japanese government including serving as the Chief Technology Officer of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission.

William Saito’s expertise and experience have made him be sought after by organizations and governments around the world for tech advice and guidance. He is also a great entrepreneur and his investment strategy is largely influenced by technological advancements. Saito believes that failure is not a negative thing. For him, failure should be viewed as a stepping stone for success rather than a hindrance.

How does your day look like typically?

My day usually involves working with people and trying to find the real causes of their problems. After that, I work out a perfect solution to those problems.

How or where do you get new ideas?

I use a method known as “design thinking” which involves learning from my failures every time.