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Jason Hope Journey to a Successful Founder of Multiple Technology Related Companies

When it comes to matters technology, some people are updated to the last invention. Jason Hope is an example of those people who believe that a world without technology is doomed not to succeed. However, he has been on the frontline working day and night for those advancements and has spent most of his time fighting for what is right. He is a renowned technologist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and a great investor who has spent a lot of time researching on the best mobile advancements. Jason has struggled so much to be where he is today and being the person he is today has not been a joke. He has been very persistent with his dreams and has ensured that he is always on top of things.

Jason was born in Arizona state and was raised in Tempe. He is currently a resident of Scottsdale where he has so many investments. He was a very hard working and focused student while in high school. In fact, his desire for technology did not just appear when he graduated. He started while he was still young. He also believed that the best course to make him succeed in these businesses was a bachelors degree in Finance which he pursued at the University of Arizona. He performed exemplary well and later joined the ASU Cary School of Business for an MBA. He was equipped with relevant business knowledge and skills that are enough to make him the best in the industry, and resume him.

Jason Hope has since then become a great tech giant and has been able to establish several companies. He happens to be the founder of Jawa which was his first premium services company. The company has since then paved the way for many others, and he has not been left behind investing in the technology business. He is also an honored philanthropist who have dedicated his time and resources towards ensuring that the aids in the improvement and advancement of anti-aging medicine, and more information click here.

Jason donated $500,000 to the mission which has been doing successfully well. These great experts apply technology to advance in their research. He happens to have played very major roles towards ensuring that the future is catered for. Subsequently, he has been writing blogs that have been campaigning for a healthy aging process. It is with the help of technology that SENS have been able to come up with such life-saving structures, and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

Lime Crime’s Team Unicorn

Have you ever heard of cosmetic giant Lime Crime? Do you know what team unicorn is? Lime Crime is one of the industry’s leading cosmetic brands and team unicorn represents a progressive and eclectic movement within the industry itself. Lime Crime introduced its new hair dye products in the month of October. With plenty of anticipation thanks to its social media accounts, Lime Crime boastfully flaunted its deep pigmented hair dyes. These aren’t your average hair dye products because they can be used by people who naturally have dark colored hair.

The dyes fully cover your hair from split end to root. There is no middle ground here as these products are semi-permanent. The colors are exceptional, especially when being compared to all competitors of the field. Team unicorn comes in the brightly lit colors of neon bright peach, tweet bright yellow, valentine bright red and many more. The newer additions are the actual game changers as they come in the four deep pigments of Squid (spooky purple), Chestnut (deep maroon), Sea Witch (mermaid’s tail green) and Charcoal ( dusty gray). Each rich shade has a personality of its own in a sense. Do you want to be apologetic? Are you seeking an exterior change? If you answered yes to either question then you should absolutely join team unicorn.

This new goth style from Lime Crime comes right in time for the fall season. Its entire collection fits in brilliantly with the Halloween holiday season. Dare to be different if you have the guts. These innovative hair dyes are making it possible for brunettes to rock a brilliant purple hair style and more. Company founder Doe Deere has another hit on her hands, but who knows what the future will hold for this expansive and expressive brand.

Ricardo Tosto, Attorney at Law

Ricardo Tosto

In order to get the best legal service that you need, it is important to reach out to legal professionals that can guide you. Ricardo Tosto of Oliveira Carvalho is a great lawyer who handles commercial litigation of all types. He is a 54-year-old legal professional that has practiced law in Brazil for years. If you want to get service from his law firm, you’ll need to contact him at or by visiting his law firm in person. By understanding the tips presented, you’ll have all that you need to get help in some of the following ways.

The Types of Legal Expertise That Ricardo Tosto Specializes In

He is a commercial lawyer who handles a good deal of cases of all types. For example, some areas of law that he provides service for includes acquisition review, credit recovery and bankruptcy. These are areas of practice that can be useful to you anytime that you require this level of experience. These are the specialties that you will be able to receive anytime that you need help with your business.

The Background of Ricardo Tosto

By touching base with Ricardo Tosto for any sort of issues, you will have access to credible legal help. In terms of education, his law degree comes from the University of Mackenzie. He has participated and extension courses related to business administration. In terms of Brazilian lawyers, Ricardo Tosto has been ranked as part of the Legal 500.

The Credentials and Experience of Ricardo Tosto

His credentials include the fact that he is part of the Board of Directors of the Study Center for Attorney Partnerships and is Brazilian bar associated. He has practiced law for public companies and politicians alike, spanning a wide series of interests and needs. He also speaks both English and Portuguese, which is useful for clients of different backgrounds.

Now that you see a bit about the legal work that Ricardo Tosto provides, you will see that he is qualified to handle any of your commercial legal needs. Touch base with this firm anytime you need help with any sort of civil litigation matters.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Prepare for Week 3

Prior to the 2016 NFL Season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were widely considered one of the teams in the NFL with the most amount of potential. The team showed a significant amount of development in 2015, behind young players such as Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, and Doug Martin. With all three returning, it appeared that they would be heading towards a significant amount of success in 2016. While the team looked stable and ready for growth, they surprised many when they laid off coach Lovie Smith.


The Buccaneers have had a rocky start to the 2016 season. After winning their first game of the year against rival Atlanta, they ended up getting embarrassed by a score of 40-7 against the Arizona Cardinals. The worst part about the loss was that their featured running back, Doug Martin, ended up getting injured early in the game and is now expected to miss three weeks.


Despite a recent set of setbacks, a recent news article (, seems to believe that they can rebound and win their third game of the year. During week 3 of the season, the Buccaneers will host the LA Rams. The Rams are playing just their third game after transferring to Los Angeles from St Louis. The team, which played a very terrible first game of the year against the San Francisco 49ers, seemed to rebound when they beat the Seattle Seahawks.


According to football experts, the success of the Buccaneers this game, and the rest of the season will rely heavily on the success of Jameis Winston. Winston was clearly one of the best young quarterbacks in the league last year and in the first week of the season. However, he has shown that he can be inconsistent when things are not going his way. This week the team will likely rely on him even more due to the fact that Martin will not be playing. The top running back spot this week will likely go to Charles Sims, a player that has showed some potential in limited action early in the season.



The Successful Career Of Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel coaches and recruits for college basketball. He works for the Nevada Wolf Pack team as an assistant coach. He has the reputation of a top recruiter. Yanni grew up in New York and received his bachelors degree from Cornell University. He was an intern for the New Jersey Nets until he went to the University of Oklahoma. He was an assistant coach and was partially responsible for the development of Blake Griffin.


In many ways Yanni Hufnagel is a good Jewish boy. He coaches basketball at Harvard. The team has been incredibly successful during the four years he has held the position. He is a hard worker and a genuine person. The assistant coaching job pays well although he admits to being quite nervous during his interview. He is a difficult man not to become fond of.


Yanni does not offer scholarships to Harvard. The requirements for admission are difficult. He stays focused on his goal of finding the high-schoolers whose dream is to be a first round choice for the NBA. He found Zena Edosomwan. This recruit stands six feet and nine inches and his ranking places him in the top 100 players.


It will not be long before Yanni can choose whatever job he wants. He has both the credentials and experience to be exactly where he chooses. He will be coaching in Israel during the summer for the Maccabiah Games. He believe these kids are amazing basketball players. This will also be his first experience in the position of head coach. Yanni knew he had achieved success when Lin who is the guard for the Houston Rockets sent him a text. Lin had watched the practice at Harvard and wanted to ask if Yanni would be interested in tickets for his game. His response was absolutely.

Learn more about Yanni Hufnagel:


Tampa Bay Lighting get much needed win against Chicago Blackhawks

The Tampa Bay Lightning ended their three-game skid against the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday night with a 5-2 win. The Lightning are hoping to bounce back from this slump and start playing like the 2015 Stanley Cup final team they once were. The number of injuries the Lighting have received this year has been critical to their success. Especially with sharp shooter Steven Stamkos being out of play since November 15th with a meniscal tear in his right knee. However things are looking up with the play from goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy who had 34 saves in relief for Ben Bishop. Tyler Johnson contributed 2 goals in the third period that were 30 seconds apart. “It’s nice being back here and realizing we were two wins away from a Stanley Cup, pretty much the exact same team. We know what we can do. It’s a matter of doing it.”


Along with Johnson’s 2 goals, Brian Boyle, Nikita Nesterov, and Nikita Kucherov all chipped in with a goal a piece. Alex Killorn and Valtteri Flippula set up those points with 2 assists each. Killorn stated that the Lightning “had a chat” about their play in the 2015 finals and it seems like it spark-plugged the team to skate back to their former Stanley Cup selves. Tampa was far more aggressive on Tuesday, sticking Chicago with 29 hits and attempting 36 shots on goal. With numbers like that, Tampa will be a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference.


The game was tied up with 2 a piece at 2:47 into the third. Johnson then scored his first goal of the night at 6:14 and his second goal at 6:44 into the third period. Tampa played fast and with a sense of urgency in the third period, something the Tampa Bay fans have been anticipating for several games. Tampa will head to Florida on Thursday night to conclude their six-game road trip. The Lightning will be back on their home ice next Tuesday the 31st against the Bruins.

Seattle Genetics: A Successful Clay Siegall Company

Seattle Genetics has been around for many years. In that time, they have worked hard to be one of the best genetic cancer drug providers and they have been able to help hundreds of patients during that time. They have been successful and they continue to be great at what they do.

With the research that they have done, they are now able to offer 12 different drugs to people who have cancer. They offer these drugs to people who have different types of cancer and to people who may not have any other treatment options available for them. This is something that has changed the way that cancer works. They have been able to provide their patients with drugs that are both life changing and life saving because of the way that they work. Patients are able to take a different route in the way of cancer treatment with Seattle Genetics.

Even though Seattle Genetics has been so successful, they do not plan on stopping anytime soon. The company knows that the solution for cancer lies in genetics and they will continue to work hard to provide this to their clients. This is something that gives their clients satisfaction and they are able to give them the cancer treatment that they need. Seattle Genetics knows that they will be able to help even more people if they continue to work hard and find research options to make cancer better for people who are undergoing different types of treatment.

Clay Siegall knew that he wanted to change the world and he knew that the cancer industry was the way to do it. He wanted to make sure that his patients were able to be helped. For that reason, Siegall started Seattle Genetics. The company studies different options for people who have different things. He started Seattle Genetics and still works there. Through his efforts and the efforts of many other people, he has been able to help people who have different problems and who have different types of cancer. Clay Siegall enjoys helping all of the people that his company helps.

Vintners dominating the UK Wine Market

UK wine brands are majorly categorized as either English wine or Welsh wine, with reference to England or Wales as their particular birthplace. Generally observed as battling with an unhelpfully chilly atmosphere, the English and Welsh wine industries have been aided by the hotter British summers in recent times and it is predicted that the abnormal weather change may energize significant development in the future.

English wine has grown drastically in the recent past. According to the 2013 harvest statistics, UK has recorded the highest output so far – a sum of 33,384 hectolitres or about 4.5 million wine bottles.

The figures mirror a sound development in the UK wine industry, with the area under wine production multiplying in the previous seven years. Sparkling wine now represents around 66% of England’s aggregate production, with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier combining to form almost half of late plantings.
It is worthy to note that wine from UK vintners is also enjoyed alongside other meals. The shining whites make an extraordinary accompaniment to canapés, cheddar, flame broiled fish, shellfish, and smoked salmon. The roses, both still and shimmering, run well with fruits of summer including strawberries. What’s more, the reds make fine associates for light meats.

Some top UK vintner companies include:
Camel Valley: This Cornish vineyard was started in 1989 by an ex-RAF pilot Bob Lindo and his spouse Annie. The company’s sparkling wines have reliably won honours – its Cornwall Brut 2010 got a gold gong at the International Wine Challenge. Additionally, its Pinor Nor Brut 2010 won gold at the 2012 Decanter World Wine Awards. This UK vintner produces red, white, and rose types of wine.

Bolney Estate: The estate has an elaborate history with vines being cultivated on West Sussex bequest until the season of the Domesday Book. It was not until the mid-1970s that Juliet Linter purchased the estate and renovated it back to normal activities. Its Blanc de Blancs 2007 was awarded the Gold Outstanding decoration in the International Wine and Spirit Competition. The judges described it as an “unadulterated white mousse”. The UK-based wine company makes red, white, and rose wines, both sparkling and still.

Hush Heath: This UK vintner produces white and rose, both sparkling and still wines. The vineyard at this lodge in the Weald of Kent is devoted to the production of a rose wine known for its “world-beating quality”. Furthermore, its Balfour Brut Rose, which is produced using the great Champagne grape assortments of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, has deservedly won a number of honours.

Ridgeview Wine Estate: Established in East Sussex in 1994, Ridgeview is a family vineyard devoted to shimmering wines. Its Marksman 2009, a Chardonnay produced for M&S, won a gold award at the International Wine Challenge. It is best known for manufacturing shimmering wines for Waitrose and the UK Vintners Wine Society.

Nyetimber: Working from their homestead, Stuart and Sandy Moss started wine-production in 1988. The West Sussex home later became the first English vineyard to exclusively develop the grapes of the Champagne region – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. The brand Nyetimber’s Blanc de Blancs 2007 won a Gold decoration at the International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Tampa Bay Continues Team Development with Win

In the 2015 NFL season one of the more surprising teams in the NFL were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While the team finished with a record of just 6 wins and 10 losses, it was a big improvement over the 2014 season when they won just four games. Much of the improvement was due to the success of rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, who was the former number one pick in the NFL draft and quickly showed that he belongs in the NFL.


After a good year in 2015, many people expected that the Buccaneers would take another step forward and potentially compete for a spot in the NFL Playoffs. However, the team did not get off to a great start through the first quarter of the season, which saw them start with a record of 1 win and 3 losses. The early season losses included a few blowout losses including those to the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos.


While the Buccaneers looked like they were heading towards another losing season, a recent news article ( pointed out that they did a good job redeeming themselves earlier this week on Monday Night Football.


In front of a national audience, the young Buccaneers team took on the Carolina Panthers, which went to the Super Bowl last year. The Panthers were also off to a poor start this year and were missing their star quarterback, Cam Newton, and starting running back, Jonathan Stewart. Despite the losses of key players, many expected the Panthers to win the game.


The Buccaneers quickly showed during the game that they were not a team to be overlooked. Their defense was very strong and continued to hold the Panthers who had a tough time moving the ball down the field. Winston looked strong and efficient throughout the game as he finished with 219 yards passing and one touchdown without throwing an interception.


In the end, the game came down to special teams play. With the score tied up with no time left on the close, the Buccaneers kicker made a 38-yard field goal to win the game by a score of 17-14. The victory helped Tampa Bay to stay in competition for the NFC South Division, which is currently led by Atlanta.

Modeling in Austin with the Brown Agency

Starting a modeling career is not too hard to do. There are many things that a person can do to begin their modeling journey. One of the easiest things to do is to research and learn everything there is to know about the industry. Visiting fashion shows and watching them online is a great way to learn how models work the runway. Anyone wanting a shot at modeling should start putting together a professional portfolio. This portfolio doesn’t have to be large but the photos should represent quality and should be large enough to view very well. Finding a professional photographer will be helpful because first impressions mean everything. There are different types of models so determining which type of model best suits a persons style is a plus. Providing photos that showcase different styles will show a models versatility.

Finding an honest photographer that knows how to provide the right kind and size photos for a models portfolio is very important. Most modeling agencies will provide their own inside photographers that know what it takes to start a modeling career. The industry has come a long way in terms of how large, tall, or small models can be but each individual should work hard at maintaining good health and staying fit. A person interested in high fashion modeling should introduce and surround themselves with people that are already working in high fashion. This is a good way to learn about the business and to get a foot in the door. Models should be careful not to act on ads that promise to offer services that sound too good to be true, thankfully, Brown Modeling Agency isn’t like this. Finding a high fashion modeling and talent agency that offers the right training for models in lucrative.

Brown Agency is a full-service and talent agency formerly known as Wilhelmina Austin. One of the agencies main goals is to establish large standards that no one has seen in the Central Texas area. Brown Agencies models have been seen working on large runway platforms like L’oreal, Louis Vuitton, Dell, and Toyota. Brown Agencies models have even been seen on the runways of high fashion shows for Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week. There are thousands of other well known companies that they have had the privilege of providing talent for. The Agency prides themselves in being dependable and selecting the best talent providing professional services for anyone that would like a career in the talent and modeling industry.