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Seattle Genetics Demonstrates its Ambition as a Pharmaceutical Developer

If it is about cures and treatment of Cancer, it is a certainty that Seattle Genetics “has truly stepped up to the plate.” Seattle, as a city, recently, welcomed a visit from Vice-President Joe Biden. Mr. Biden visited the city’s Cancer Research Community. The preceding action, on the part of Mr. Biden, is indicative of Seattle being a true Centralized location as it pertains to Research of Cancer. Playing a hand, in Seattle’s efforts, in finding cures for Cancer is Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics, demonstrates its integrity, by way of developing pharmaceuticals, specific to various lymphomas. The fact it has pharmaceuticals, in process; and that the company is experiencing an impressive spurt of growth, certainly sets the region apart from that of other Cancer Research regions.

Seattle Genetics is attempting to broaden usage of its 1st pharmaceutical and to widen its drug line with that of new, safe, effective products. Further, it is hiring more people.

Once again: The preceding facts, demonstrate, the ambition tied to the company. The ambitious nature of the company comes by way of its pharmaceutical development within the Seattle area. The metropolitan area of Seattle, as stated, is well known for its efforts with regard to Cancer research; and pharmaceutical development.

The preceding said, the company, now, has underway, the Phase 3 trial, of its drug Adecetris. The pharmaceutical, as to its development, is made specifically for the treatment of Hodgkins lymphoma. The company, is trying out its only commercialized pharmaceutical, within the scope of various cancer-related circumstances. It has, summarily, been tested in more than 70 trials; against various lymphomas. The information was shared, with the public, by the company’s CEO Clay Siegell.

As indicated above, the pharmaceutical’s use is relative to fighting lymphomas. The drug sales were significant in 2015, resulting in an amount of $226 million in the United States and Canada. Sales, projected for 2016, will run in the ballpark range of $255 million to $275 million.

The company is, additionally, partnered with Takeda Pharmaceutical. The partner company sells the drug, outside of the United States.

The company has twelve pharmaceuticals under development. The company is wishing to place another drug into Phase 3 clinical trails called 33A. That particular pharmaceutical is used to treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Additionally, the company has a drug for Breast Cancer; and two drugs for Bladder Cancer.

The preceding said, the company, due to its explosive growth, is currently hiring, too. Seattle Genetics plans on hiring one-hundred employees, mainly within the operation’s area of its organization, as opposed to research. It is adding twenty new employees to its office in Switzerland. The company, too, has room for 350 more people. Historically, the company has added 100 people, annually, for the preceding five-years, according to the company’s CEO: Siegell.

Notes regarding Clay Siegell–CEO of Seattle Genetics:

The co-founder of Seattle Genetics is Clay B Siegall. Dr. Siegall co-established the company in 1998. He is President of the Company, and its CEO as well as its Chairman of the Board. Dr. Siegell, received training as a scientist, with the emphasis placed on certain Cancers and the treatments associated with those Cancers. Dr. Siegell believes in innovation—and as such, he has established the “root” of Seattle Genetics, as that of innovation, or a creative and scientific approach with regard to the treatment of Cancer. The company is rigorous, as to its research and its development of pharmaceuticals. The underlying reason, for the preceding passions of Dr. Siegell, is a commitment to those individuals, requiring a cure for Cancer. Dr. Siegell , has, successfully, led the company to its current impressive lead position, within the community, by means of development of antibody drug conjugates, referred to by the acronym of ADCs. He also secured FDA approval, in 2011, of the company’s first ADC product, known as ADCETRIS®. By partnering with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, the drug, ADCETRIS®, is now known far and wide. It is currently an international brand that has been approved in over sixty nations.

Seattle Genetics, has entered into various strategic licenses for its ADC highly refined technology, with companies such as Genentech (Roche), among others. The result is: $325 million has been generated, up to the current time. The preceding approach and income generation has occurred under the leadership of Dr. Siegall. Additionally, more than twenty clinical developments, in way of internalized and collaborative programs, are making use of the company’s technology. Dr. Siegall is also a leader, pertinent to raising Capital. Doctor Siegell has successfully secured well over $1.2 billion by means of public financing and private financing—inclusive of the company’s public offering, in 2001. On the road to co-founding his own company, Dr. Siegell was with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Dr. Siegell’s tenure, there, lasted from 1991 to 1997. He was with the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health from 1988 to 1991. Dr. Siegall received his Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University and a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland. Dr. Siegell is on the Board of Directors of many well-known companies and has received many outstanding achievement awards. His dedication to that of Cancer Research and finding cures, for the many types of Cancers, is well-appreciated within the Cancer Research Community.