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Jason Hope On The Quest For Immortality

Jason Hope is an avid futurist, entrepreneur, mentor, and a genuine altruist. Jason is one of the largest donors of the rejuvenation medicine institute, SENS. SANS or Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence has conducted extensive anti-aging related research over the decades. The institute researcher’s study’s organisms and species that exhibit the longevity trait, for instance, hydra and tortoises. The answers to the age-old issue of immortality lie hidden in the cells and DNAs of these creatures.

Aging Issues

The problem with aging is that it usually compromises our immune system responses. The older one gets, the more vulnerable to a myriad of adverse medical conditions that will most probably end up taking their lives. SENs prefers to develop drugs that will deter the onset and eventual progression of all aging-related diseases as opposed to finding cures once the conditions become manifest.

Advanced Glycation Products (AGEs)

Thanks to the benevolent contributions by Jason Hope and others, the scientists at SENs laboratories has developed the AGE-breakers treatments. AGE-breakers treatments are designed to target and kill all traces of the harmful advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Studies show that if the AGEs are left to accumulate as the cell ages, they eventually cause the skin and the blood vessels to lose their elasticity and strength.

Breakthrough Found!

After spending countless research hours and several millions of dollars, scientists at the SENS Foundation have finally found a possible clue to figuring out the immortality quagmire. Researchers believe that by eliminating the chemical substance, glucosepane, aging will be solved, once and for all.

Google Brothers

Jason Hope isn’t the only famous contributor at SENS Foundation. Jason’s joined by the Peter Thiel who’s the co-founder of the online merchant behemoth company, PayPal. Thiel’s 2006 donations of $3.5 million got the rejuvenation medicine research institute off to an excellent start. The rejuvenation biotechnology industry has also attracted the Google brothers. Larry Page and Sergey Brin ventured into the anti-aging treatments realm in 2013. The innovative duo doled out a $100M to start a biotech firm called Calico.

Jason Hope’s Bio

These entrepreneurs have many things in common asides being filthy rich. Philanthropy and an almost instinctual drive to better the condition of humanity are some of the aspects that unite these philanthropists. Be sure to check out Jason Hope’s official webpage and learn all about his charitable activities, career and his wisdom on how to invest like the big boys! For more info about us: click here.

Jason resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his family. Hope holds a finance degree attained at the prestigious Arizona State Uni. Later, Jason joined W.P Carey School of Business to pursue an Executive MBA.

Bob Reina Continues to Transform the Ordinary

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina recently sat down with CEOCFO Magazine in order to discuss his company, and the unique process he uses to help his employees reach their full potential. When Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion, he had a vision that remains the same until this day: to take the average person and help them to become extraordinary. This vision, which remains at the center of the entire Talk Fusion movement, occurred when Mr. Reina first realized how video email would eventually become one of the dominant forms of media, revolutionizing the way that people and companies communicate with each other. In Mr. Reina’s initial vision, he immediately realized that video, when combined with email, would create a new way for business owners and entrepreneurs to get noticed by their target audiences, thus going from average to extraordinary. The idea for Talk Fusion came to Mr. Reina in 2004, many years after he’s retired as a police officer and decided to pursue a career in direct selling as a full-time occupation. At the time, using a venue such as America Online, wouldn’t provide the ability to bring his vision to fruition, so he decided to pursue a route in which video email could become seamless, thus creating Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, launched his groundbreaking company in 2007 and has since been dedicated to changing the lives of people around the world. Today Talk Fusion and its associates operate in 140 countries around the world, and in order to continue his vision of making the world a better place for people all over, he has since been involved in a myriad of philanthropic endeavors, including donating $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, as well as providing significant donations to an orphanage in Indonesia. As Mr. Reina remains dedicated in his charitable contributions, he recently created a program that will allow his each Talk Fusion associate to donate a free account to their chosen charity, which utilizes the Custom Monthly Plan, allowing access to all of their video marketing products. Learn more:


Tampa Rays Planning Rotation for Next Season

For the past decade, one of the most interesting teams in Major League Baseball has continued to be the Tampa Bay Rays. While the Tampa Bay Rays do not always have the payroll budget and other resources to compete with the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and other major-market teams, they still manage to do their best to always put a very competitive team on the field. In that time, the team has made several playoff appearances and has looked like a World Series favorite several seasons.

During the 2017 Major League Baseball season, the Tampa Bay Rays ended up finishing third in the American League East Division with a record of 80 wins and 82 losses. While this was not good enough for the team to make the playoffs, the team had plenty of talent on their roster and has many reasons to look forward to the coming year. Some of the leaders on their offense included Logan Morrison, Evan Longoria, and Corey Dickerson. These three players should continue to be a cornerstone of the offense and starting lineup for years to come.

While the starting lineup appears to be in pretty good shape for the coming season, the starting pitching rotation is still up for grabs ( As the 2017 world series comes to a close, the Tampa Bay Rays are already starting to think about their starting rotation for the following year and have already started to identify who could and may not be among the five starters in the pitching rotation.

During the 2017 season, the Tampa Bay Rays starting pitching rotation was led by starting pitcher Alex Cobb. Alex Cobb ended up winning 12 games and led the team in ERA. While he was a star for the team, it is very unlikely that he will be back next year. Cobb is a free agent and will likely win a big deal from a team in one of the major markets. While he will be missed, there are other pictures on the team that will have the opportunity to take a step forward. One of the most exciting players on the team is starting pitcher Chris Archer. Last year he had nearly 250 strikeouts and will once again be a leading pitcher in the rotation.

Bob Reina: Help Is On The Way

Bob Reina is here and that is great news for anyone out there in the world that is looking to take their life in a new direction, a better direction. It is the type of person that Bob Reina is, and it is a big reason why he has endeared himself to so many people out there as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, the amazing and award-winning company. This is a company that won two awards in 2016 such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Bob Reina is a firm believer in the power of communication and the power of listening.


When he started Talk Fusion, one of the main things he did was listen to the people around him. He knew they had great ideas and he knew they had a lot to offer in terms of this video communications company. After all, he hired them for a reason. Bob Reina likes to get input from as many sources as possible. The more information that is out there, the better leader Bob Reina can be in the long run. Make no mistake about it, he is already a great leader and he is a leader that people can count on to get the job done flawlessly.


Talk Fusion has video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. All of these are used to get people in touch with other people out there and get them to connect and spread their wings. When that happens, they can really count on their business growing and being the type of business that makes money and makes them happy as well. It is a wonderful feeling to be happy and it is something that Bob Reina wants for each and every single person that uses Talk Fusion. It shows the measure of the man that he is and why people love him so dearly.


It is rare to make that kind of impact on someone’s life, but Bob Reina has done it on many people’s lives. He will keep on doing it and has no plans to stop. Learn more:


Profile of Gregory James Aziz: The CEO of National Steel Car

Gregory J Aziz is the CEO and president of National Steel car. National steel car is a world leading manufacturing company; located in Hamilton, Ontario; that deals with railroad freight car engineering. He was born on April 30, 1949 in London, Ontario. He studied at Ridley College before proceeding to join the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics.


James Aziz joined affiliated foods, a wholesale food business owned by his family, in 1971. Affiliated foods experienced immense growth over 16 years and became a global importer of fresh foods and a major distributer of fresh food wholesale markets in America and Eastern Canada.


From the experiences he gained working on numerous investment-banking opportunities in New York between late 1980s and early 1990s, Greg Aziz was able make financial arrangements to purchase National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. Aziz’s primary objective was to transform the company into a top railroad freight car manufacturer in America.


Through team-building, extensive human and capital investments, and highlighting on the company’s strong engineering capabilities, National Steel Car’s manufacturing capacity grew from 3,500 cars annually in 1994 to 12,000 in 1999. This period also saw the increase in the number of employees in the company from 600 to about 3,000. Visit This Page for additional information.

Currently the company is a top manufacturing company that continues to develop new car innovations while building thousands of new railroad freight cars annually. Greg’s company’s pursuit of excellent manufacturing and engineering excellence has brought the company great success with the company holding the record for TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996. The company is also the sole ISO 9001:2008 certified railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing company with an unbroken 18-year record.


Apart from being a successful, principled, and prominent businessperson, Aziz is also charitable. His company, National Steel Car, dedicatedly sponsors the Hamilton Community Foundation that was established to cater for the civic, educational, cultural, health, charitable, recreational, and humanitarian needs of the Hamilton community members. National Steel Car has financed several local charities in Hamilton including; the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way, and Theatre Aquarius. A huge number of Gregory’s current and former employees participate in the company’s annually held Christmas part and in its major food drive, which contributes to the stacking of local food banks. James Aziz together with his wife Irene, also sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is the famous agricultural fair in Canada.



The President and CEO of National Steel Car Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is a well-known manufacturing and freight car engineering company located in Hamilton, Ontario. Its President & CEO is Greg James Aziz. Mr. Aziz was born on 30th 1949 in Ontario, London. He went to Ridley College and later joined the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics.

The Start of Gregory James Aziz’s Career


In 1971, Greg Aziz joined Affiliated Foods, his family wholesale food business. Over 16 years, the company grew to become a global importer of fresh foods from South America, Central America, and Europe with distribution to major fresh food wholesale markets including Eastern Canada and the United States.


In the early 1990s, Gregory J Aziz worked in New York on several investment banking opportunities. Later in 1994, he purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco with the aim of making it the leading railroad freight car manufacturing company in North America. James Aziz emphasized on regaining the strong engineering capabilities of National Steel Car and team building. By 1999, through significant capital and human investment, National Steel Car successfully expanded its manufacturing ability from three thousand five hundred cars per annum at the time of purchase to twelve thousand cars. Over the same period, employment grew from around six hundred to approximately three thousand.



Presently, thanks to National Steel Car’s relentless pursuit of manufacturing and engineering excellence, it leads in new car innovation in the industry. Moreover, it builds thousands of new railroad freight cars every year. National Steel Car is the only railroad freight car, manufacturing, and engineering company certified ISO 900I:2008 in North America. It has held this honor for about eighteen years through tonnes of recertification. Since 1996, National Steel Car has been honored time and again with the highest quality award TTX SECO. The company does not rest on past achievements. It’s continued hard-work, relentless pursuit of excellence will ensure it remains the leader in railcar manufacturing in North America.


The company is dedicated to the Hamilton community. It has sponsored the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way, Theater Aquarius and many other local charities. A large number of employees, both present, and the past attend the company’s Christmas Party each year together with their children. Moreover, they participate in National Steel Car’s major food drives for local food banks. Gregory James Aziz and his wife Irene sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, the most prominent agricultural fair in Canada. More on This Page

Bob Reina’s Track Record of Success with Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that was created by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007. The goal of Talk Fusion was always to create a platform by which companies could embrace video marketing trends in order to connect with their clients in a more efficient manner. These companies are a dime a dozen nowadays but Talk Fusion was the first one through the door and Bob Reina has led them to the success that they are seeing today. As an entrepreneur and a CEO Bob Reina has become one of the most influential voices in the video marketing industry. Let’s take a moment to learn a little bit about what makes Reina tick.


Bob Reina was working as a police officer when he came into contact with a network marketing industry executive. Reina’s conversation with this professional helped him to start dwelling on a potential job where he took control of his future. While he didn’t quit his work in the force that day and turn straight to his work as an entrepreneur, it did help him to start dwelling on the concept that Talk Fusion would eventually become.


The key to Talk Fusion’s success has always been in Reina’s ability to look ahead of the curve and get there before his opposition. That was the key that made Reina’s first program ignite: Video Email. Reina had wanted to send a video to his friends and family while looking at a house. However no client at the time offered him the ability to embed a video directly into his email. The clock started ticking and Reina immediately reached out to an IT professional in order to start developing the application that would launch his company. Learn more:


For Talk Fusion success came almost instantly but it wasn’t something that Reina was prepared for or expected. Reina’s key was always to work on projects that he felt strongly about and that was what gave him the ambition to bring Talk Fusion to the market. His charisma behind the project eventually leaked to potential customers and the rest, as you can see, was history.

Successes of Mr. Gregory Aziz in the National Steel Car Company

If you want to be successful in life, the roadmap is to be focused and determined. Mr. Gregory J Aziz and other people who have made it in life have done that exactly. Gregory James Aziz, also known as Greg James Aziz, James Aziz or Greg Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario. He went to Ridley College then to the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics.


As many would do after completing their studies, (Securing a job for themselves) Mr. James Aziz though otherwise, going back to their family business in 1971, where at that time was a family wholesale food business, named Affiliate Foods. The company over the years grew to be a worldwide importer of fresh foods throughout Europe, Central, and South America. Also, it distributed its products to the renowned fresh food wholesale markets across the US, not forgetting Eastern Canada. Gregory J Aziz worked here.


Mr. Gregory James Aziz enthusiasm did not stop at their family business as he went on to work in the investment banking sector. Gregory J Aziz worked in several institutions in New York during the late 80s and early 90. At this time Gregory J Aziz was still strategizing on venturing into yet another ground-breaking endeavor, purchasing of the National Steel Car, a large rolling stock manufacturing company founded in 1912, and at the time being owned by Dofasco.

The purpose of James Aziz of buying this company was to transform the business to make it a North America’s leader in railroad freight car manufacturer. This dream was to be achieved through improvement, investment and growing on this company. Greg Aziz had leadership talent and skills which he had acquired while working in his previous fields. Greg Aziz dream turned out to be a success. Visit This Page.


Gregory James Aziz purchased the National Steel Car in 1994, and at the time the company had only around 600 workers, but with the Greg Aziz at the helm of its leadership, the company has since realized a significant increase in its workforce to more than 3000 employees. As the employee’s number goes up so is the company’s output, as initially only 3500 cars would be produced yearly. This figure in National Steel Car Company has since shot up to about 12,000 cars every year.


Since then the National Steel Car Company has shown no signs of retrogressing anytime soon. In fact, thanks to Mr. Gregory James Aziz and team’s efforts, now the company features in the top 3 manufacturing companies in Canada.


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Gregory Aziz Spearheads the National Steel Car into the Foremost Railroad Freight Car Manufacturer in North America

The Hamilton, Ontario-based National Steel Car prides itself on being one of the dominant railroad freight vehicle manufacturing and engineering companies across the global divide. In fact, the company has a reputation that spans more than 100 years as the top railroad tank and freight car manufacturer all over North America. Gregory James Aziz is the man behind steering the National Steel Car into its current success record. He holds the role of CEO, president, and chairperson of the company.


Greg James Aziz acquired his higher education from Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario where he specialized in economics. Later in 1971, he joined Affiliated Foods, his family’s wholesale food venture. For more than 16 years, the company expanded into an international importer of fresh foods from numerous parts of the world including Europe, South, and Central America. Moreover, Affiliated Foods gained distribution to the main fresh food markets in Eastern Canada and the United States.


Career Experience/Background


In the early 1980s and 90s, James Aziz was part of some investment banking ventures in New York. In fact, in 1994, he played an instrumental role in the buying of National Steel Car from Dofasco. His acquisition was led by the objective of changing the company into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America. By 1999, the National Steel Car grew its manufacturing capacity from 3500 to 12000 cars yearly during purchase. Furthermore, the company’s employment rate during the same duration experienced growth from 600 to nearly 3000 people. Visit This Page.


Away from the National Steel Car, Gregory J Aziz and his wife, Irene, share a reputation for being sponsors of Canada’s most popular agricultural fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


National Steel Car


Thanks to the effort and commitment of James Aziz and his team, the National Steel Car is a leader in the manufacturing of railroad freight cars. As such, it manufactures thousands of cars every year. As the only ISO 9001:2008 railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company, the National Steel Car has undergone many rounds of recertification for the past 18 years.

Since 1996, the National Steel Car has been a receipt of the TTX SECO utmost quality award. Aside from its operations, the company has displayed its concern for the community by supporting several charities including the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera and Theatre Aquarius among many others. Thousands of the company’s employees participate in its leading food drive as well as attending the National Steel Car Christmas Party every year.



Talk Fusion University Creates Online Training for Network Marketers

The PR Newswire article “Talk Fusion Releases Exclusive Training Program, ‘Talk Fusion University’”, discusses the company’s CEO and his experience with network marketing.


On June 23, 2017, Talk Fusion released its new course called “Talk Fusion University” which provides marketing training from the founder and CEO, Bob Reina. Reina began his career as a police officer in Florida but quickly shifted gears when he discovered network marketing. Despite having no sales experience, he developed a four-step multi-level marketing system that allowed him to become a top earner.


Throughout his career, he developed a system that demonstrates a team focus. He claims that to earn a real income, one needs to work well with people from a variety of backgrounds. Talk Fusion University provides video training to teach people who are interested in network marketing the system which has worked so well for Mr. Reina. He claims the videos are clear and concise while also taking the student’s marketing knowledge to a different level. The training currently has 30 videos as well as a vast amount of written resources.


The training is different from other network experts because of the proven techniques and the price point. Talk Fusion University is available for free for Talk Fusion Associates. Mr. Reina feels that his core desire is to help people from around the world to live extraordinary lives. While success isn’t guaranteed since it is dependent on the ability to follow and teach according to the guidelines as well as the commitment level of those involved. However, Mr. Reina does believe that each person is capable of earning extra income, allowing them to build a better life.


Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, who also functions as the CEO. The company provides innovative products that the Independent Associates sell in over 140 countries. The company seeks to encourage businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition, which will allow them to increase their profits and sales. The dynamic marketing keeps customers returning for more business. Talk Fusion University provides marketing videos that teach the associates how to become more persuasive, more engaging, and more memorable. Learn more: