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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Feeling Better

During the past two weeks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston went two weeks without throwing a ball until Friday according to Due to a shoulder injury, Winston was unable to participate in a number of team activities. However, with his injury subsiding, he will now be in position to practice and begin throwing again. While he is still sore, he is feeling much better and may be in position to start the team’s next game. He is scheduled to return to practice on Wednesday and begin getting involved in a number of passing drills as well as speak to the media about his progress.

Prior to injuring his shoulder, Winston played well in his last game against the Buffalo Bills. He passed for 384 yards and three touchdown passes with only one interception. This game would prove to be one of the best performances of his career. One of the things that made this quite an accomplishment is that he did not throw a ball until the Friday leading up to the game. Despite not having much time to practice and prepare, he was able to perform at a high level on gameday. By recovering from this injury, Winston should be in position to help his team win its next game and get back in the win column soon.

Last week, Winston kept his same routine but was unable to perform at a high level against the Carolina Panthers. His performance was quite shaky as he completed 21-38 passes for 210 but threw two interceptions with no touchdown passes. Winston also lost a fumble which proved to be a costly turnover. Despite the drop off in performance, Winston looks to bounce back and help his team win its next game. Winston and the coaching staff believe that the timing of his recovery has led to his drop off in performance last week. With more practice reps, Winston should be in better position to play at his best in the coming weeks. The team will play the Saints in New Orleans and face a team that has one of the best offenses in the league. As a result, Jameis will need to play well in order to help his team defeat the Saints and get back into the NFC South division race.

Tampa’s Lance McCullers Pitches in Game 7 of the World Series

According to a recent source, a local Tampa pitcher named Lance McCullers will be pitching in Game 7 of the World Series on Wednesday night. Lance McCullers has been one of the top pitchers for the Houston Astros this season and will be looked upon to help the team win its first ever World Series championship. McCullers will be in the spotlight as he will look to keep the Astros in the game and allow them to prevail in this decisive Game 7. Lance is used to the spotlight as he was a highly renowned pitcher in the Tampa area during his high school years. He pitched for a local Jesuit school in Tampa and was a standout star. McCullers is now looking to add to his legacy by pitching in the World Series.

By taking the big stage in baseball’s championship round, McCullers will be in position to prove to the nation that he is one of the elite pitchers in the sport. What has made him one of the top pitchers for the Astros this season is his curveball that regularly strikes out batters. He developed this pitch from his father Lance Sr. who pitched in the majors as a reliever for a number of years. However, Lance Sr. was unable to have a long career due to chronic shoulder problems. Lance Jr. will be looking to make his father proud by pitching well in tonight’s Game 7 of the World Series.

Pitching in tonight’s game will mark a first ever scenario for Tampa locals. Nobody from Tampa has ever pitched in Game 7 of a World Series. However this will change tonight as Lance McCullers will represent his city as well as the Houston Astros. During the postseason, Lance has performed very well. He has pitched six innings against the Yankees where he allowed only two hits in six innings. McCullers also closed out the ALCS in Game 7 by pitching four scoreless innings. During the postseason, McCullers has established a good ERA of 2.95. His quality play has given the Astros hope of winning tonight’s do or die game in Los Angeles. By taking the mound in Game 7, Lance McCullers will look to further establish himself as a local Tampa sports hero.

Tampa Ranks High as Vegan City

One of the most important parts of overall personal health is to follow a healthy diet. Today, one of the most common diet recommendations is to eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible, while limiting the amount of fatty meats in your diet. For those that would like to eat a diet that has higher amount of vegetables, one great city to live in would be Tampa, FL.

On November 1, the day after much of the world spent the night consuming a lot of candy, those that would like to follow a plant-based diet would enjoy celebrating World Vegan Day. This day celebrates and educates all of the benefits that come with following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Along with this day of celebration, some have even gone as far as to rank the top 100 cities in the country to determine which city was the most vegan-friendly.

The recent survey found that the city of Tampa, FL ( is the 15th most vegan friendly city in the United States. Tampa’s nearby neighbor, St Petersburg, was ranked 71st. There were a number of different factors that go into the rankings, which include the overall affordability of vegan products, the accessibility to vegan and organic plant life, and the overall community spirit.

Tampa likely received additional points due to the fact that they host the Tampa Bay Veg Fest every year, which brings together thousands of people that like to eat a clean diet and are looking to learn more about following a vegan diet. The Tampa Bay Veg Fest will also have a number of other activities including yoga, speakers, live music, and even animal rights groups that will be meeting with a lot of different people.

While Tampa did finish 15th on the list of the top, there are a number of other cities that are continuing to show that they have some of the top vegan-options in the country. Some of the top finishers on the overall list included New York City (number 1), Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and Washington DC, all of which finished in the top 10. Some of the markets that finished last on the list included Toledo, OH, Greensboro, NC, and Henderson, NV.

Tampa Bay Struggles Continue

The NFL is one of the most competitive and popular professional sports leagues in the world. Each year, fans and experts from around the world try to predict who will be in contention for playoff spots and a trip to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for many, predicting the NFL can be very challenging as teams seem to rise and fall in the overall rankings very quickly. One team that has continued to be evidence of this so far this year have been the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Heading into the 2017 NFL season, many people expected that the Buccaneers would be one of the top teams in the NFC. This came after a very good 2016 season that saw the team finally reach the .500 level and play some of the best competition in the league. Along with that, the Buccaneers continued to see positive growth from young stars on the team, including quarterback Jameis Winston and wide receiver Mike Evans.

Due to the continued growth and success of the team in 2016, many predicted that Tampa Bay would end up winning the very challenging NFC South division. This was despite the fact that the division is also the home to the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers, which are the past two NFC Champions, and the New Orleans Saints, which is always a good team. While there were a lot of positive predictions for the team, it does not appear that this will be the year for the Buccaneers (

As the league continues to approach the midway point of the season, the playoff picture is beginning to take form and the Buccaneers appear to be well out of it. Through their first seven games, the Bucs have a record of 2 wins and 5 losses. Furthermore, they seem to be heading in the wrong direction by losing their last four games. At this point, they are several games behind the first place Saints and are losing ground behind the other divisional teams as well. Also, if they are going to compete later on this year, it could be without Winston. Winston reportedly is suffering from a sprain in his shoulder and the team is considering putting him on the sideline for the next few games to allow it to recover.

Tampa’s Teams Joining Hands To Fight For A Noble Cause

At the front side of the Hillsborough County Courthouse there sits a monument that constantly reminded people of the Charlottesville tragedy. Recently in Tampa, Florida, three teams came together and decided to join efforts in assisting to get rid of the monument that they all did not think agreed with their culture. The three teams that were involved were MLB’s Rays, NFL’s Buccaneers and NHL’s Lightning. These teams came to together as they made their statement of joining hands in walking together past the tragedy that occurred in Charlottesville. They so a need to be united in the midst of diversities so that they could heal. They volunteered to contribute their own money as they raised funds towards moving the monument.

None of the teams revealed how much they had contributed towards this cause. The Hillsborough County Commissioners Board had suggested that the monument could be moved to a different city and stored on private property. There was, however, need to raise 150 thousand dollars from private sources or individuals so that they could cover the costs that were to be incurred in moving the monument. A sort of campaign began to raise these funds. Tony Dungy, the former Buccaneers coach, together with his wife contributed five thousand dollars and went public with it on Twitter. His contribution triggered a further contribution from other local teams and individuals. Bob Buckhorn, Tampa’s Mayor, donated a thousand dollars towards this cause because he believed it was morally right to move the monument.

As much as some people in the region are against this monument’s move, it has gained enormous support from the politicians and business leaders locally. Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s President gave a donation of 70 thousand dollars towards the campaign. The joint effort from individuals, teams and the Chamber of Commerce, it is almost correct to affirm that the move was going to happen. The amount of money raised in the campaign would go a long way. Tampa is one of the cities that managed to get rid of the Confederate monument. The constant reminder of the Charlottesville tragedy will no longer be there. It was a great win for the teams and Florida as a whole.

Buccaneers Could Shelve Winston

Heading into the 2017 NFL season, there were many professional teams that appear to be full of Hope and promise. Of all these teams, it appeared that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have the most promise of all. During the 2016 NFL season, the Buccaneers took a big step forward and looked poised to be one of the top teams in the league during 2017. Much of this was due to the continued success and development of young players Jameis Winston and Mike Evans.

Wild Evans and Winston have continued to look like very talented players with a lot of potential for the future, it has not quite good enough to get the Buccaneers over the hump. While the Buccaneers won eight games in 2016, it looks like they will have a hard time exceeding or even meeting that level this year. Through their first seven games, the Buccaneers have two wins and five losses, which is good enough for last place in the very difficult NFC South Division. While the Buccaneers have had a hard start to the 2017 season, it now appears that there may be even more reasons to be concerned about the dimming playoff hopes of the team (

During a very hard game last week against the Carolina Panthers, Jameis Winston took a number of difficult shots to his upper and lower body. These hits and a range of other factors made it very difficult for the Buccaneers to move the ball and a team ended up losing by a score of 17 to 3. Now that the game is over, it appears that the injuries sustained by Winston could be more problematic than initially thought. According to a recent medical report, Winston suffered a sprained of his AC joint in his throwing shoulder that will make it difficult for him to throw the ball as hard as before.

While it is believed that Winston would normally play through this type of injury, the fact that the team is falling behind in the standings already and that he is still so young could lead the Buccaneers to decide to have him rest for a few games and potentially even miss the rest of the season. This would all but eliminate any hopes that the team had for a playoff run this year.

Local Baseball Player Pitches in Game 7 of World Series

Tonight, a local Tampa baseball player will play a significant role in tonight’s game 7 of the World Series according to Local baseball player, Lance McCullers will start for the Houston Astros as they face the Los Angeles Dodgers. McCullers will take center stage as he will attempt to help the Astros win their first ever World Series by defeating the Dodgers. Over the course of the postseason, Lance has performed quite well and will be counted on to help the Astros compete and hopefully win tonights’ game. Not only will he be helping the Astros, but also representing Tampa and the surrounding area. He was a top high school pitcher in the area when he was growing up. As a result, he will look to provide the local community with pride as he performs in the biggest game of the Major League Baseball season.

Lance will clearly be in the spotlight tonight as he will look to showcase his talents on baseball’s biggest stage. By pitching well in the game, he will be in position to prove to the nation that he is among the top pitchers in all of baseball. When pitching in games, he uses a curveball that has proven to be unhittable on many occasions. This has helped him shut down opposing lineups during the postseason. Tonight, he will need to use this curveball in order to slow down the formidable Los Angeles Dodgers lineup. When he was growing up, Lance developed this pitch from his father who also played in Major League Baseball as a pitcher. However, Lance Sr.’s career was ended prematurely due to problems with his shoulder. However, Lance Jr. will look to make his father proud by performing well in Game 7 of the World Series tonight.

During the postseason, Lance has performed at a high level. In the ALCS, he pitched six innings of two hit ball during Game 4. He shut down a top Yankees lineup in the process. In the decisive Game 7, he would pitch four scoreless innings in relief. His ERA for this postseason is only 2.95 which is among the best in baseball. Starting McCullers looks to be a good choice for the Astros as they will count on him to slow down the Dodgers and give his team a legitimate chance to win.

The future of Tampa sports

Its been a long time since the good days of Tampa Sports. Maybe the days would’ve shined brighter if the Buccaneers didn’t aggravate Bo Jackson. There are questions that the sports fans ask such as, “Why don’t we have a basketball team?” or “How did Miami get a Hockey team but we don’t have one?”. And those questions will likely remain unanswered. Even though the Buccaneers and the Bay Rays aren’t doing so well, some thing that can’t be done is erase the history of Superbowl 37. Perhaps you dub it the way Buccs fans say it, the “Jon Gruden bowl”. It always makes you reminisce when you hear his on Monday Night football.

Though in the 70s and 80s the buccs had an attractive logo and some nice jerseys, that couldn’t make up for their incompetent decision making when it came to drafting. Years and years later they would hire one of the greatest miked up coaches of all time, Jon Gruden. His miced up segments where so popular that it got him his own show on ESPN. But that Superbowl in the 2002 season made a lot people buccs fans. From going 12-4 in the regular season, shutting down the eagles in NFC finals, and beating one of the most hyped up quarter backs in NFL history. The only hope now is that Jameis Winston can become a new hope for the buccs franchise but that 2-5 record isn’t looking too good . . .

Now for some, the Bay Rays have been a laughing stock for awhile. Their biggest rivalry in baseball is empty seats. It feels like the only meaningful thing to happen on the Tropicana field is that Bryce Harper set records before he was even drafted. But there was that time when the Rays made the world series in 2007 and had briefly redeemed themselves. There was the time they crushed the Red Sox to win the Division victory in 2008. The time Evan Longoria hit a walk off home run to put the Rays into playoffs. The list could go on off moments that may not be special to anyone else, but hold a place in the heart of Tampa fans. Don’t lose hope yet, we know you haven’t lost it.

Tampa Bay Ray’s Fastballs

Over the last decade, Tampa Bay Rays have recorded more strikeouts than any other pitching staff participating in the American League. Jim Hickey has been their pitching coach for all that time. The coach has an experience of two decades as a coach and pitcher in the minors.

Hickey got to experience how the hitter’s view of a rising fastball in 2004 after joining Houston Astros. He stood against Roger Clemens in the batter’s box, at Clemens’ request. From his position, Hickey could see his challenger zoom through the finish line. According to him, Clemens would turn burn and boom! It was his first time, and he thought that the trajectory would be a ball low.

Fastballs do not rise. However, some of them defy gravity for a longer time than others, making them look like they are rising. Such fastballs usually are not the ones thrown with maximum effort, but the ones that spin the most. According to Jake Odorizzi, Rays’ right-hander, this kind of fastball is usually referred to as the ‘invisiball’. Even though you might be seeing it, it is often challenging to hit it.

Odorizzi and most of his teammates can perform the move. Last season, none of the hardest throwers pitched for Tampa Bay, yet a study by Fangraphs in March indicated that the Rays threw over 60 percent of their fastballs (four-seam) up in the zone. According to Rays’ starter Chris Archer, the players will have to pitch to their level best as it continues to be the team’s edge. Watching the Rays pull the ‘invisiball’ move remains to be the most enjoyable part of the game.

Tampa Bay Rays acquire reliever for the stretch run

The Tampa Bay Rays find themselves in the somewhat unfamiliar position of being buyers at the trade deadline. The franchise, which was moribund when it first came into the league, then a contender under Joe Maddon had been going back to being mostly an also ran until this season. The Rays are currently second in the AL East and just two games out of first place. The team sits at 50-44 entering Tuesday’s play. The Rays are also in first place when it comes to the AL Wildcard race.

Because they are indeed poised for the post season, the team has made a trade for a reliever in order to help them with the stretch run. Tampa acquired Char Roe from the Atlanta Braves and the Rays didn’t even have to give up much of anything to get him. In exchange for Roe, the team sent back cash considerations.

Before he does help the team in the stretch run, he’ll have to believe he belongs in the major leagues. Roe was not on the Braves major league roster before the trade and Tampa has said he will be added to their AAA Durham Bulls roster. While he might be having to fight his way back to the major league roster this year, when he’s been able to get people out, he’s really been able to get people out.

In 2016, over a very small sample size of just 60 right handed batters, he mowed through them as though he were a hot knife through butter. The Rays have said this isn’t likely the kind of move that is going to put them over the top, but it might be one that adds some depth. If Roe could find the thing that made him so successful in 2016, he could be a sleeper.