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Michel Terpins Pars the Sertoes Rally Team Standards

I have always thought driving is a fun activity until it occurred to me that it’s not so for the professional rally drivers. In car racing, drivers are expected to be highly skillful with technical and mechanical knowledge of the vehicles and exercise caution while driving. Michel Terpin is one such rally driver of Brazilian origin who is in incognito for his excellence and scooping top awards.

Michel Terpins is the pilot and works in close collaboration with Maykel Justo who is his navigator and a very resourceful person. Together, they have been able to overcome mechanical and terrain obstacle in the numerous of competitions they have had to participate in. During the Bull Sertoes Rally 24th Edition, the duo led the T1 prototypes category and overall stood at 5th position. In the 25th Edition, Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo set aboard the T-Rex by the MEM team and earned 18 points. This preceded the Prototype T1 championship, and it was just 15 days after another success with the Sertoes rally in Bonito.

Rally driving for Michel Terpins has not been without hiccups. At times even after much preparation and collaborative effort, there are disappointments. For instance, the car could get punctured, and have a foggy weather or even bad terrain. During the 22nd Edition, Michel Terpins and his navigator did not participate in the contest successfully because of some justifiable reasons; a demanding terrain and the car broke down. However, for the 62km far stretch, they had gone they were on the led.

About Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a registered rally driver for the Bull Sertoes Rally team with over ten participations since 2002. He also participates on the Brazilian Cross Country championship, a sport that has attracted a lot of competitors. He is known for tactfully riding amidst winding roads, erosion, gulfs, mountainous terrain and great depressions alongside his navigator and confidant, Maykel Justo.

His area of specialty in the rally competition is under the T1 prototype car category. To his name is a list of the super challenging platforms that boast of a lot of adrenaline and fun moments. His car no. 322 has a Carbon-free seal which is a Green Initiative call and plants trees in the forest of Atlantic.