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Securus Is Bringing Families Together At Christmas

Securus is a great company for helping people come together at Christmas when they have family members in jail. The jail is not a place for someone with a family, but they have to have a way to reach out during this holiday season. Securus has been doing this for our family when we gather around the campfire every year. I had no idea that I could just conference in my father for these events, and we have done it the last couple years.

We all get around the tree, and we make sure that he is on video when we get started. We can spend a few minutes with him where he can see everything, and he gets to see the whole family in the same shot. That is a good thing for him because the holidays are hard in jail, and we have made plans to come together every year for the next several years until he gets out.

I had no idea that you could do this until my cousin came to me and asked me if we could do this. I was happy to pay for the Securus account, and now we are talking to my father all the time. Sure, we use this for the holidays, but doing video all the time helps keep him part of the family.

I wanted to make sure that I could include all the members of our family even if it was not traditional, and my father gets to see what we are doing during Christmas with the visitation videos that we do at Securus. I have been relaly happy with the way they set up these videos, and I just turn my tablet towards the family. He can see us and we can see him over the holidays.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.