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Using Technology to Develop Scientifically Modified Products

Merging technology and science facilitates development in the society. This is because technology develops science and uses it to create viable solutions in the community. The medical world has been impacted positively by technology. This is because science and technology directly influence medicine. The medical world has developed because technological advancement has increased the solutions in medicines. Technology has enabled the discovery of different solutions for cancer. Cancer is a challenge in the society. Increasing solutions towards cancer will develop the society in the long-run.

Seattle Genetics has embraced technology. This has enabled the company to develop different medical solutions towards securing people against cancer. The company has discovered affordable and effective solutions towards cancer. It has collaborated with various organizations to finance the development of affordable products. This has enabled the medical world to develop because the people are able to access affordable medicines. Dr. Clay Siegall is the founder of Seattle Genetics. He is a qualified doctor who has skills and expertise. He has a Doctorate in Genetics. This enables the organization to create credible solutions in the industry. The organization has liaised with different stakeholders to develop the medicines. This facilitates more people to access the medicines.

Dr. Clay uses his skills to develop better solutions to improve people’s lives. Dr. Clay is using the knowledge of science and technology to develop affordable medicines in the society. Embracing technological advancement in the different field will facilitate development in the field. It will enhance the discoveries in the field and increase solutions in the society. He has used his expertise to develop solutions for the society. This shows the impact of technology in the society. Dr. Clay has managed to secure a partnership with stakeholders. This has enabled him to develop various solutions. Some of the medicines that he has developed are used in the society. The different medical authorities have permitted the use of the medicines in the different hospital. Some of the hospitals in various nations use solutions from Seattle Genetics. This proves the credibility of its medicines.

Clay Siegall Leading Seattle Genetics and the Fight vs. Cancer

Seattle Genetics has made headlines as of late as a hot stock to buy, but the company itself is emerging in its own right in the biotech industry. Seattle Genetics develops and then commercializes cancer treatment utilizing their antibody-based therapeutic drugs.

Though not in Seattle itself, the company is located in the city’s suburbs in Bothell, Wash. It has become a leader in anti-cancer drugs as their design help monoclonal antibodies kill off cancer cells within a host. Its top product is Adcetris is used to help treat Hodgkin lymphoma.

Seattle Genetics also has gained approval of Brentuximab vedotin and is working another conjugate, SGN-CD19A.

Initially formed in 1997, the company went public in 2001. Since then, it has become a biotech leader with its drugs against cancer. In utilizing antibody drug conjugates (ADC) as its chief weapon against cancer, the company sought to find a way to protect non-cancerous cells and prevent side effects of its treatments that are commonly found in chemotherapy.

Adcetris has been used to help over 15,000 patients suffering some form of lymphoma. Seattle Genetics has as many as seven different programs in its clinical stage in hopes of finding a breakthrough that can help lead to a cure for cancer.

Leading to charge of Seattle Genetics, which now employees over 650 and has plans to add to its workforce, is its CEO and president Clay Siegall. He founded Seattle Genetics since its inception and has served as its chief since then, overseeing its rise toward the top of its industry.

Siegall earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland in the field of zoology and also a Ph.D in genetics from George Washington University, creating the basis of his knowledge and know-how in the field of biotech.

Siegall is also a member of a number of company boards such as Mirna Therapeutics and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical as well as Seattle Genetics.