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Panama is a treasure trove of things for tourists to do and it is generally open to welcoming the tourists to the destinations. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has compiled a list of the ten best places for tourists to visit in Panama.

1. The Panama Canal is something that you can’t get away from. You will likely see it when you are flying into the country and it provides you the chance to see one of the many wonders of the world.

2. If you’re staying in Panama City, plan one day of activity in this fun city. You will be able to see what it is like to live there.

3. Adventure awaits for you on the islands of Bocas del Toro on Youtube. You can get a taste for wild jungle life when you visit these islands. Make a day out of exploring the lush greens.

4. The San Blas islands are much different from the adventure-related islands because they are set up for tourists like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. You can find many fun attractions when you visit these islands.

5. The Santa Catalina experience is one that you would expect in a luxury-filled trip. Try it out without having to pay the outrageous prices of luxury.

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6. Boquete is a small town that is close to the coast and gives you a feel for authentic Panama on Make sure that you don’t appear too touristy in this location.

7. At the Gulf of Chiriqui, you can see what island life is like when it meets small town living. The gulf is cut out for tourists and has many things that you can do.

8. The Baru Volcano is a great sight to see. While the chance is always there, you probably won’t see it erupt while you are visiting so you are safe like Figueroa.

9. The Pearl Islands are just what their name implies: pearly. You can dig for shells, find some great beach finds and relax on the pearly sands while you are here.

10. Since the Valle de Anton is further inland, it is the perfect trip for a rainy day in Panama. Cross it off of your list of authentic things to do while you are visiting.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa knows that there is a lot that Panama has to offer. That is why he suggests doing all of these things so that you won’t miss out on the opportunities there.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa explain why Panama is a must visit

Panama prides itself to be the southernmost country in Central America. It offers a striking blend of cities, quiet villages, beaches, mountains, rain forests and coffee plantations. The cool topography and attractions of panama made Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa write about top places to visit in Panama. In his article, he explains the beauty of Panama including the Pacific Ocean that surrounds the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other side. Both views are connected by the Panama Canal. Adrián José states in the article on Crunchbase that it is one of the most importation navigations in the world.

Adrián José notes that one of the best places to visit in Panama is El Valle de Anton. It is a small village located at the crater of an extinct volcano. He notes that the area is clearly visible and is surrounded by forests, high peaks and lush tropical forests. The whole location has a cool climate, it’s surroundings are perfect for horseback riding and hiking. A nearby forest is just the best spot for bird watching, towns and homes here have an impressive set of waterfalls.

The next place to visit, as indicated by Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is Las Perlas Archipelago, the place is rich in history and offers a group of Islands at the Pacific Coast. The whole land area is filled with Pearl Islands which became famous in the reality show survivor. Adrián José notes that the Contadora Island is one of the most developed of all. It is a resort and an airstrip for visitors to explore islands.

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About Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa

Figueroa has been one of the success stories in the entire Panama business community. He moved to Panama and decided to make it his home in 2011. From then on, the state became the best choice for Adrian Jose. He has become an important part of the community at different levels. Apart from his work, he blends with the young community. The young people have not experienced a business leader who is as successful as him.

Adrian has engaged his past in giving his view about what Panama entails. He has noted that the location is a prime place for visitors of all ages. The country can be seen as a historic location. Figueroa points out that the capital recently underwent transformation that made the place exciting and attractive. There have skyscrapers that have shown Panama as a lifestyle destination in the region.

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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: What You Did Not Know About Panama

1. The Panama Canal is a great contributor to the country’s economy
The Panama Canal is approximately 80 kilometers in length. The construction of this canal took 17 years. The economic activities for Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa that have come up as a result of the canal contribute even more revenue than the tourism in the area. Every year, more than 14,000 ships use the channel. The alternative route from the Atlantic to the Pacific would involve going around South America.

2. It is home to many birds
Considering its biodiversity, Panama is among the top 25 countries with the most bird’s species on Twitter. The unique coastlines and landscapes provide a habitat for even the rarest birds.

3. The country uses the U.S dollar
Since early in the 20th Century, Panama’s official currency has been the U.S dollar. Since there is no U.S Treasury in Panama, the money is not minted there. This results in close economic relations between the two countries at

4. It has a town in a massive volcano’s crater
The volcano has been inactive for the last 300,000 years. El Valle is the town at the top of the volcano and is generally cooler than the rest of Panama.

5. It is the least populated in Central America.
Its population of around 3.6 million makes it the least populated. Panama birth rate remains one of the lowest in the world. The populace mostly consists of Native Americans and Europeans.

6. It was previously the Republic of Gran Colombia
This was after it broke away from the Spanish rule in 1821 and joined Venezuela, Equador, and Colombia.

7. It has a rainforest in its capital
The Parque Natural Metropolitan de Panama is in Panama City. It is a great tourist attraction.

8. It is home to the most expensive railroad
The Panama railroad cost over $8 million.

9. Its coastline is 2,490 kilometers long
The size of the country makes the coast look larger and better.

10. The Volcan Baru
It is the highest point in Panama. The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea can be seen from this vantage point.

Businessman Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan businessman who resides in Panama. He is among the major players in the business sector. He holds various positions in several companies in Panama. He got his first appointment in 2011. Figueroa is an entrepreneur who challenges the youth to do more and strives to improve the economy.

Panama City Has Many Beautiful Sceneries

Some Cities were meant to amaze their visitors and Panama City is one of them. The city has many wonders that are not available in any other city. For this reason, tourists continue to flock the city to see the beautiful sceneries.

Panama City is the largest city in the Republic of Panama on With over 460, 000 inhabitants, the city has continued to grow at an outstanding rate. One of the new sights in the city is glass skyscrapers. Unlike most cities, which have concrete towers, the city is following in the footsteps of Dubai. The construction of amazing structures has been made possible by the increased business activities in the once neglected state.

Like most cities along the equator, Panama City boasts of sunshine and warmth throughout the year according to Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa. The warm environment is ideal for relaxing as one indulges in the many fun activities. During the day, Panama has numerous outdoor activities that will keep both adults and children busy. Moreover, partying fans are also taken care of by the increased number of top clubs and bars around the city.

Flying into the city is easy. The Tocumen International Airport receives many visitors. From the airport, one can use taxis to go to any side of the city. Recently, Uber started operating in the city. The advantage of using Uber is that their services are affordable and they accept payments from credit cards.

For bird lovers, Camino de Cruces is a must visit. The 500 year-old-trail boasts of wide varieties of birds with charming melodies. Apart from birds, the trail has other wild animals. If one is lucky enough, he or she might also see a jaguar during a visit to Camino de Cruces.

A visit to the Panama City is not complete without visiting the infamous Panama Canal. The canal is only 20 minutes drive from the center of Panama City. Container ships from around the pass through the canal moving between Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. For those who love photography, the canal is the perfect spot.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan-born executive and entrepreneur. He lives in the Panama City. Adrián José velasquez Figueroa works for five companies. He holds the positions of treasurer, director, or president in each of these corporations. Moreover, he is a prominent member of the business community in Panama. He focuses on marketing the country to foreign investors. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa also mentors young entrepreneurs. 

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