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Local Athlete Trayvon Bromell Wins Coveted Spot on U.S. Olympic Team

A graduate of Gibbs High in St. Petersburg recently won a coveted spot on this year’s Olympic sprinting team. On July 3, 2016 during a competition in Eugene, Oregon, 20-year old Trayvon Bromell qualified to join the U.S. team when he came in second during a 100-meter sprint at the U. S. Olympic Track and Field Trials. He completed the course in just 9.84 seconds.

The 5’9″ runner weighs 156 pounds. He overcame a series of sports injuries to win the prestigious honor. During junior high and high school in Florida, he seriously injured both knees in separate accidents. He also in the past sustained a cracked him during a 100-meter sprint. Most recently, he suffered an injured his Achilles Tendon. Despite these injuries, he has emerged as one of the leading sprinters in the nation today.

Trayvon Bromell described the goal of participating in the Olympics as his “biggest dream”. He earned the chance to compete in Rio next month, where he will join former Gold Medal winner Justin Gatlin in representing the United States.

At an international sprinting competition in Beijing recently, Trayvon Bromell tied for a Bronze Medal in the 100-meter race. His score of 9.84 seconds in Oregon occurred while he still suffered from a sore Achilles Tendon. He has ranked on lists of new U.S. Olympic athletes considered to have the best chance to win medals in Rio.

Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps Cruises to the Final of their Olympic Trials

The all-time world record winners, Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte have advanced to the finals of the 200 meter individual medley at another swimming showdown trials at United States. Ryan Lochte, the 11-time gold medalist recorded the top qualifying time while his counterpart, Michael Phelps took the second position.

Tampa Bay Sports reports that Ryan Lochte was especially excited about the qualification explaining how long he has waited to race one on one against a long-term rival. According to him, the race was especially significant as he was yet to qualify for the individual event in Rio de Janeiro, August this year. Hit by a groin injury a couple of years ago, he missed out in the 400 meter individual medalist, a race he previously won at the Olympics three years ago. The injury saw him dropped in the 200 meters backstroke though he got a spot on the 800 meters relay after finishing in third position. Lochte noted that he’s currently far much better mentally though he continue to struggle physically.

Phelps on the other hand has already qualified for the Rio Olympics in 200m fly, and have a chance of adding to his tally of 18 gold medals and 22 medals overall. Phelps joked upon qualifying for the 200 IM final saying that he and Lochte would have to step on the glass a bit more than they have done in the past and everyone will have an exciting race to watch.