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A Boy Diagnosed With Cancer Gets To Announce First-Round Pick For Ravens

NFL, the National Football League, is always using its draft phase of the games to raise awareness of issues and favor individuals with health problems. This event happened in April 2017, in a draft announcement of football that got its draft phase shared with a 14-years old boy named T.J. Owuanibe, who was diagnosed with brain cancer.



He always dreamed of sharing the stage with his favorite NFL team, the Ravens. It all began when the young boy told the Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic that he always wanted to meet the team and participate in the announcement of their draft picks.



And so his wish came true.



The boy is in the eighth grade of the McDonogh School in, Baltimore, the same school he was in when he got diagnosed with the disease two years ago.



The kid happily steps in the stage as the announcer of the Baltimore Ravens’ selection for this year of football.



Standing next to no one else than Commissioner Roger Goodell, the boy, dressed up in a gray suit, was smiling. He knew that his dream came true because of his dedication in perceiving his long-lasting dream.



When it came to Baltimore to announce its next picks, on a Thursday night it was published that they would take Alabama cornerback Marlon Humphrey with the 16th pick. T.J. would not miss his opportunity to contact the team and try to fulfill his dream.



And it happened.



“For him, football is the one thing that makes him excited,” said T.J.’s mother, Chioma, who gave an interview about the kid’s reaction when Coach John Harbaugh informed T.J. that the team would allow him to announce the team’s first round of selection. His mom concluded that the Ravens were part of his life already, and finally meeting his wish, in the hardest period of his life, was a miracle.



For more information about the first-round pick and the announcement, please read, a website that specifically covers news from Florida and Tampa.



The biggest sports league in North America accounted for a significant audience when T.J. had the honor to get up on the stage and announce the first-round pick.



Nothing would’ve been possible though, without the help of a non-profitable organization named the Casey Cares Foundation.



  1. had the honor of meeting the coaching staff, a few of the players, and see the training camp with his own eyes.



Four Tampa Bay Buccaneer Players Receive Injuries After Last Week’s Game Against the Cardinals

Last Sunday’s NFL football game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ad Arizona Cardinals left Buccaneer players Doug Martin, Robert Ayers, Cecil Shorts III and Donovan Smith with injuries. During the first half of last week’s game, Martin injured his right hamstring which will leave him sidelined over a three-week period. Other players received bodily injuries, including Ayers and Stocker ankle injuries and Smith injury to his hip. The players maybe injured but the Buccaneers Coach Dirk Koetter is confident in the team and believes they have what it takes to win this Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams. Yahoo Sports reported Charles Sims and Jacquizz Rodgers are expected to replace Martin for the next three weeks or until he fully recovers.



Rodgers showcased his skills during the game against the Cardinals by breaking a 24-yard run and finishing with 29 yards on two efforts, the best for the Buccaneers. Sims also proved his abilities by rushing 529 yards and gaining another 561 yards on 51 receptions that gave the team a huge push. The Buccaneers worked hard the whole week to face the Rams on Sunday. Coach Koetter admitted he has some concerns involving offense now that Martin is sidelined for a few weeks.



Doug Martin received recognition as the NFL’s second leading rusher when he ran for 1,402 yards and scored six touchdowns. He recently signed a five-year contract in the amount of $35 million during off-season. While Martin heals from his hamstring injuries, it is obvious the Buccaneers may encounter some challenges during this Sunday’s game against the Rams.



Rodgers and Sims had to prove themselves during practice, but who will officially replace Martin is unknown. Coach Koetter is careful about disclosing information about the upcoming game against the Rams. The Buccaneers and Rams share the same record with one win and one lost each.



The Buccaneers and Coach Dirk Koetter are self-assured the team players are prepared to overcome challenges when playing against the Rams. The injuries of the leading rusher, defensive end, receiver and left tackle players will not leave the Bucs helpless. Other team players have their backs and plan to defeat the Rams this Sunday’s game.



The Field Goal Kick That Landed a Win for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Monday’s night NFL game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers started with both teams holding one and three records. By fourth quarter Business Insider reported the teams were tied 14 and 14 until Buccaneers’ rookie kicker, Roberto Aquayo kicked the football straight down the middle of the field landing a win for the team. It was the best play performance for the rookie who had missed two previous kicks in the second quarter and fourth quarter.



Aquayo never missed a kick while playing for Florida State University inside 40 yards, but is struggling on the Bucs team. His struggles turned into victory after his team players provided him support on the sidelines right before the winning kick of the day. Thus far Aquayo has a field goal kicking record of four of eight for the season.



Preseason was difficult for the rookie kicker in the beginning after missing two field goals and an effort to kick the extra point field goal in the first and second week. By the end of the final two weeks of preseason, Aquayo was five for five. He finished the preseason with eight of 10 field goals.



Buccaneers coach, Dirk Koetter spoke to ESPN and said that he has concerns about the rookie kicker when most kickers are able to make goals inside of 50 yards when the weather permits. The first missing kick Aquayo made was during the second quarter which was 33 yards out. This happened at Carolina 30-yard line after Russell Shepard recovered Ted Ginn Jr.’s punt. The second missed field goal happened in the fourth quarter after Brent Grimes made a touchdown interception in the end-zone.



Coach Koetter applauded the Buccaneers team players who encouraged Roberto Aquayo on the sideline before the field goal kick. The team support and power actions of defense to get the ball back and Jameis Winston leading the offense gave him another opportunity to make a field goal. Koetter continues to have concerns about the rookie after a loss to Los Angeles Rams two weeks ago. He missed a 41-yard field goal which would have given the Buccaneers the lead. Koetter is pleased with the overall performance of the NFL team and the winning field goal.


Will Mike Glennon Back Up or Back Out?

Jameis Winston is the quarterback of the future for Tampa Bay. But the Bucs have offered backup qb Mike Glennon a truckload of money to stay on.


Glennon, who’ll be a free agent soon, could make about $8 million a year if he remains Winston’s backup. The deal the Bucs offered him is expected to exceed the contract Chase Daniels got from the Eagles, which was three years and $21 million to back up Carson Wentz.


But Glennon seems to be weighing all his options, and might want a chance to be a starter somewhere else. The Jets have shown some interest. In 2015, Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan wanted him before they acquired Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now ESPN reports that the team is once again considering Glennon, because he’s only 27, has shown potential, and besides, they’re “desperate for a quarterback”


It remains to be seen if Glennon really has the stuff to be a starter, though. He hasn’t started a game since 2014. He entered the NFL in 2013, and in his first two seasons he started 18 games and went 5-13. His qb rating for those years was 57.6, and he had trouble with accuracy and often caved in to pressure. And some observers think there’s no market for Glennon


On the other hand, Glennon was 10 for 11 and 75 yards resulting in a touchdown last season against Atlanta. His lack of experience is largely due to Winston’s good health. And it appears that he’s looking carefully at the starting opportunities available, with no intention of joining a team he can’t succeed on. An unstable coaching situation is out, as well as no protection from a poor O-line.


So will it be money and security with the Bucs, or high risk, high reward as a starter somewhere else? It will depend on a few things, but mainly, on what opportunities come up.


Bucs Not Yet Ready to Commit to Doug Martin

Bucs May Not Keep Around Doug Martin for Much Longer


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a lot to consider when it comes to their running back Doug Martin and his potential future.


There is a very strong feeling in the air that suggests that the Bucs are looking for someone else to become the starting running back for their team in the 2017 season, because they have readily admitted that they aren’t fully committed to him for this upcoming season.


Martin did not dress for the week 16 game at the New Orleans Saints and then found himself suspended for the next four games for violating an NFL policy. Because of this, the Bucs are no longer obligated to guarantee he plays for them next season when he is due for a $7 million salary. Head coach Dirk Koetter, who just finished his first season with the team, noted that Martin was in town the past week, stopped by the office and looked to be completely healthy. After that he is scheduled to go back to California to train until other players return in April.


What makes things easier for the Bucs in terms of what to do with Martin is the fact the NFL Draft this year is stocked with several impressive running backs, including Leonard Fournette out of LSU, Dalvin Cook from Florida State and Christian McCaffrey out of Stanford. The team will be looking at all possible options but it is very likely they’ll reach a final decision after the draft.


Martin has not been the same player over the course of his five year career. He was drafted out of Boise State in 2012 and ran for over 1,400 yards that year and scored eleven rushing touchdowns, earning a Pro Bowl nod at the end of the season. Since that time, he has struggled to stay healthy and at the end of the 2016 season he only played in eight games and had a career low of 2.9 yards per carry.


Tampa Bay Continues Team Development with Win

In the 2015 NFL season one of the more surprising teams in the NFL were the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. While the team finished with a record of just 6 wins and 10 losses, it was a big improvement over the 2014 season when they won just four games. Much of the improvement was due to the success of rookie quarterback Jameis Winston, who was the former number one pick in the NFL draft and quickly showed that he belongs in the NFL.


After a good year in 2015, many people expected that the Buccaneers would take another step forward and potentially compete for a spot in the NFL Playoffs. However, the team did not get off to a great start through the first quarter of the season, which saw them start with a record of 1 win and 3 losses. The early season losses included a few blowout losses including those to the Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos.



While the Buccaneers looked like they were heading towards another losing season, a recent news article ( pointed out that they did a good job redeeming themselves earlier this week on Monday Night Football.



In front of a national audience, the young Buccaneers team took on the Carolina Panthers, which went to the Super Bowl last year. The Panthers were also off to a poor start this year and were missing their star quarterback, Cam Newton, and starting running back, Jonathan Stewart. Despite the losses of key players, many expected the Panthers to win the game.



The Buccaneers quickly showed during the game that they were not a team to be overlooked. Their defense was very strong and continued to hold the Panthers who had a tough time moving the ball down the field. Winston looked strong and efficient throughout the game as he finished with 219 yards passing and one touchdown without throwing an interception.



In the end, the game came down to special teams play. With the score tied up with no time left on the close, the Buccaneers kicker made a 38-yard field goal to win the game by a score of 17-14. The victory helped Tampa Bay to stay in competition for the NFC South Division, which is currently led by Atlanta.


Buccaneers Reveal New Team Helmet

The Buccaneers are back for another action-packed season in the NFL, but when they hit the field this year, they’ll do so sporting new and improved helmet and logo designs. Revealed on the NFL Network by Warren Sapp and Gerald McCoy, the new helmet and logo haven’t changed considerably from the old design. Instead, that design was enhanced, bringing forth the highlights of the high-flying Tampa Bay Buccaneers flag and enhancing them to appeal to the eye of the audience. What is new is the chrome facemask, something only this NFL team has.



Some of the re-design highlights include:



– More vivid flag



– Distinctive pewter on the helmet



– Intimidating-looking skull, cross and sword



– Larger logos



Thanks to the use of a hand-painted shading technique, the helmet provides immaculate attention to detail, providing an overall pleasing appearance that catches the eye even when unintended. No other NFL team has a helmet with such eye-popping, dramatic features. The revamped helmet is a part of a grander scheme, as the Buccaneers want to give themselves a new image and start off the season winning games and attracting more fans to the Tampa Bay side!



The Last Uniform Update



It’s been 17 years’ since the team has updated their uniform. The Buccaneers traded their orange and white uniform for the current pewter and red color at this time. Fans were excited to boast their teams’ new colors and have already expressed their delight in these great helmets. Undoubtedly it feels good to support a team with the creame le croup of uniforms!



More Changes in the Future



More uniform changes are still in store for this season. In less than two weeks, the entire Buccaneers uniform ensemble will be revealed. Watch out for the Buccaneers this season, though you’ll likely be unable to miss them in these eye-catching new helmets!


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 Season Recap

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2016 season can only be seen as a bit of a letdown. Expectations were definitely high following the team’s 2015 campaign. On the surface, 2016 does not seem that bad. The team finished with a 9-7 record. That record may not seem very impressive. However, it is important to note that the Bucs have been around for 41 years and have only been able to compile 12 seasons with a winning record.


Jameis Winston played his second season in the NFL after being the number one selection in the 2015 NFL Draft. He still has a ways to go. Like most young quarterbacks, he is still prone to making critical mistakes in key spots. Fumbles and interceptions by Winston cost the Buccaneers dearly in a number of games in 2016. However, there is no question that he is a rising star in the league. Another season or two of experience and Winston could very easily be one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.


One of the biggest reasons the Bucs missed the playoffs was the injury to the ACL of receiver Vincent Jackson. The team needed him to be healthy because top receiver Mike Evans was being forced to take too much of the load himself. Many people are expecting the Bucs to go after a receiver in the draft to give Winston another weapon. However, it is unclear who the Bucs will be able to draft at the position they will have in the first round. It is always possible they could decide to trade up.


The future looks bright for this young team that came only one win away from making the playoffs. A playoff birth in 2017 is definitely a reachable goal for the Buccaneers. Obviously, they will need to avoid any key injuries.

Buccaneers in the National Spotlight

Having once set a National Football League record for playing 12 straight seasons with 10 or more losses, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now drawing national interest. Their Sunday night game against the Dallas Cowboys scored high in the ratings. NBC reported a 15.3 overnight rating and a 25 share. This is nearly a 47% increase in ratings over last year’s week 15 game. Though the Buccaneers ultimately lost to Dallas 26-20, they are by no means out of the running for post season play.


In combination with the Atlanta Falcons not very shocking defeat of the San Francisco 49ers, the loss pushed the Buccaneers just out of the top six teams in the NFC. The Buccaneers, however, still have several avenues to the play offs. This possibility creates a tension and excitement that resonates with the national fan base.


Preseason analysis did not give the Bucs much of a chance of making the post season. The firing of three key offensive coaching staff members, the offensive coordinator, quarterback coach and head coach, left analysts wary of rookie quarterback Jameis Winston’s chances. The defensive coaching staff was almost completely replaced. The Bucs also haven’t been in the playoffs since their 2007 wildcard loss to the New York Giants. With 8 losses and 6 wins this season, they are not shoe-ins for a playoff spot.


It is precisely this uncertainty that makes following the team’s last few games of the season so appealing. Sports fans love the underdog. The discussions at the end of any season focus on the myriad possibilities of the last teams standing, with special attention devoted to the least likely teams. The sports discourse becomes intricate if this team beats that team scenarios. Fans get to flaunt their knowledge of NFL standings as the results of almost every game restructures the puzzle.


The Buccaneers face the Saints and the Panthers for their last two games. They have won both of their previous match ups with these teams this season, but not by large margins. Winning against their division opponents would go a long way toward clinching a place in the playoffs. With luck, the Bucs will make it and the nation will be watching.


Tampa Bay Defense Is On the Tear

Gerald McCoy and Tampa Bay Defense are on a Real Run


It’s wise to never underestimate the usefulness of a good defensive tackle in any level of football. Just ask the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Gerald McCoy.


Before becoming an NFL star, Gerald McCoy was voted as an All-Big 12 defensive tackle in 2009, as was another tackle, Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska. With both of them being well acclaimed defensive players primed for the 2010 NFL Draft, Suh was selected by Detroit as a second overall pick and McCoy ended up going to the Bucs in the very next selection. Suh notched ten quarterback sacks in his first season and ended up with the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award, while collecting another twelve in his next couple of seasons and even going to the Pro Bowl twice.


McCoy, on the other hand, was a bit of a slow starter in his first few years, notching only nine sacks in his first three years. However, things have a way of changing because in the last four years, McCoy has done better than Suh, notching a total of thirty-three and a half sacks in that time span and making four Pro Bowls. McCoy also still remains with the Bucs while Suh left to Lions and was signed by Miami in 2015.


McCoy and the Tampa Bay defense as a whole have been an incredibly solid force as of late, by holding other opponents to just under thirteen points per game in the last five weeks. A very notable example includes the last game where they hosted the New Orleans Saints and prevented Drew Brees from throwing any touchdowns in the game, ending with a 16-11 win for Tampa.


Because of this defense, the Bucs have been able to consider themselves a legitimate playoff contender for this year for the first time since 2010. They were in the bottom of their division for the last several years and now are running a defense that ranks 12th in the NFL in run defense and also rank 12th in the NFL for sacks, having a total of 30 for the year. McCoy has been a major factor in all of this and defensive coordinator Mike Smith can be thanked.