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Stephen Murray Is Respected in the Private Equity Field

One of the most significant people in the private equity field is Stephen Murray. He has accomplished many things during his amazing career. One of the accomplishments he is most noted for is being a co-founder of the private equity firm known as CCMP Capital.

This is the company that Stephen Murray made a success through his vast knowledge of investing and money management. The success and profitability of the company has attracted investors from all around the world. People know that a project involving Stephen Murray will most likely become a success. Therefore, there is no shortage of people who are willing to put their money behind any project that Stephen is currently working on.

Stephen Murray’s life began simply enough. He chose to pursue a degree in economics at Boston College. However, he did not know what sort of job he wanted after he graduated. Stephen spoke to a career counselor in high school who told him that a degree in economics would provide a wide variety of career opportunities.

Therefore, he would be able to easily switch careers if he did not like the one he initially chose. Stephen liked the career flexibility that an economics degree gave to him. Stephen eventually decided to enroll at the Columbia School of Business and graduated with an MBA. He knew that an MBA would make him more desirable on the job market.

For many years, Stephen had the goal of one day starting his own private equity firm. It was just a matter of getting the financing he needed to make his dream become a reality. He worked for a long time at a variety of financial institutions. Read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

Stephen Murray made many valuable connections during this time who would be very useful to him when he was trying to get CCMP Capital off the ground. All of the pieces fell into place for Stephen’s private equity firm venture in 2005. This was the year that he accepted a position at JP Morgan Partners. He impressed his bosses when he took over control of their buyout division.

The company was so impressed with Stephen’s business and financial savvy that they accepted his proposal to start an private equity firm that he would control and would be overseen by JP Morgan Partners. Stephen and several of his colleagues began hiring people to launch what would eventually become CCMP Capital. The company would become a huge success.