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Market America Provides Training For Direct Sales Representatives

Market America was founded in 1991 by JR Ridinger. It is headquartered in Greensboro NC and as of 2016 declared just over 800 employees. Market America proudly promotes their unfranchised theme. They are comprised of work at home individuals that are building their own businesses by selling Market America products. The work at home direct sales representatives strive to network and reach out to individuals within their communities to expand their customer base. MA features many yearly conferences and seminars that allow for furthered education and introduction of MA exclusive products.

The Market America product line includes many MA exclusive products such as vitamins and health and beauty related items. The product line also includes famous brands that consumers may already purchase. MA established the site that allows customers the breeze of shopping from home. Purchased products are delivered directly to the consumers home or business. The product line includes pantry items, home goods, decorative accents, and clothing for men, women, and children, shoes for men, women, and children, electronics, car accessories, baby needs such as strollers, high chairs, bedding and feeding needs. The product line is so extensive that there is literally something for everyone available at

Market America direct sales representatives simply set up their direct shopping link and establish their customer base. Many customers return shoppers who repeatedly purchase the same favorite MA exclusive products. Expanding a customer base is the easiest way to provide more sales revenue for Market America and for their work at home direct sales representatives. The yearly conferences that MA hosts help boost overall morale of the employees while introducing employees to innovative ways to market products. Many new products are also introduced at these conferences. These new product introductions give the MA representatives the opportunity to see them in person and learn about them prior to introducing them to their customers. As of 2016, MA had a estimated revenue of over $791 million that was generated by their hard work working employees and innovative marketing techniques.

The Success of Market America Convention 2017

The Market America Convention 2017 event was composed of many prominent individuals including remarkable entrepreneurs. Other personalities included famous actors and artists like Jamie Foxx, Swizz Beats, and Fat Joe among others. The event that took place in Greensboro Coliseum showcased a variety of unique business elements. The most exciting updates of Market America ranged from initiatives for new strategies, technologies to the launching of new products. Additionally, the ceremony illustrated the relevance of the company in the conversion of spending into possible earning. According to JR Ridinger, Market America unfranchise operations are beneficial to many people to the understanding of the processes of the company. Also, Mr. Ridinger postulated that Market America is essential for the growth and expansion of the economy.

The ceremony featured other executive leaders of the organization along with personalities associated with the group like Alicia Keys. These individuals laid focus on the event’s highlights which consisted of mainly motivational aspects and strategies to the attendees. The company’s president, Marc Ashley, announced the latest features developed by the organization to demonstrate their focus on further development. Marc displayed the newest version of SHOP Buddy and other advanced programs. Besides business ideas, the event incorporated musical elements performed by Jamie Foxx.

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Market America Miami



Market America Miami, is a network marketing company, founded by distributor James Howard Ridinger, and headquartered in Greensboro, NC. The company has enjoyed a series of expansions, starting with Austrailia in 2002 and culminating with Malaysia in 2017. What is Market America Miami? It is a business model predicated on using existing distributors to recruit new distributors, and paying the existing distributors a percentage of their sales. Many companies have found great success in this business strategy, and Market America is no exception.




Market America Miami’s business portfolio encompasses a large cross section of products, which contributes the company’s scalability; with a diverse product portfolio, there is guaranteed to be something that appeals to almost any demographic. Market America Miami has made it relatively easy to join their successful business platform; as of June 2017, the reported start-up fee to become a distributor was $399 plus additional monthly payments of $129. Although this sounds like a lot, the opportunity to recover these cost is available to motivated distributors.




So, if this article has enticed you, Market America Miami will be holding a world conference on February 1st thru February 3rd, 2018 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL. This conference will provide further insight into Market America, allowing prospective distributors access to regional conventions, seminars, and trade shows. If you’re truly interested in creating a pathway towards financial freedom, be sure to attend one of the scheduled conferences.