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Livio Bisterzo Hits Mark With Latest Vegan Snack Food

Anyone that follows Starbuck’s business practices knows that the coffee retail giant is currently undergoing a huge mission to help broaden its offerings when it comes its food offerings. Most of this effort has been directed at the snack food offerings that the company has. Green Park Brands has noticed this trend and decided that they had the perfect snack food offering to fit the coffee retailer’s needs when it came to a new snack product, Hippeas (

Hippeas are a new, fun, and easy to eat snack food product that will be hitting shelves at Starbuck’s soon. They are a great option for the company because they fit almost any dietary concern. They are also easy to transport and eat and are healthy. Add to that the socially conscious nature of the company thanks to its CEO, Livio Bisterzo, and you have a win-win for Starbuck’s and Hippeas.

The snack is a crunchy and puffy snack that is chickpea based. The snack is very popular with health food enthusiasts because it is vegan, gluten-free, and it is even kosher. This means that it can be a part of just about any diet you can think of. The snack comes in small bags that are only about 100 calories per serving. Many may take this information to mean that there isn’t much nutritional value with the snack either. This is simply not true. The snack is a great source of energy because it has over 3 grams of protein per serving.

Livio Bisterzo has been in the food industry for over 7 years. In all of those years, he has been dedicated to making accessible and affordable health related food products. He started out making healthy drinks and other products. This latest effort came from an idea that he had last spring.

He wanted to create a healthy, vegan snack food that would be quick and easy to eat. This was a part of the food market share that had not been tapped into yet. He hit the mark completely with his latest effort, Hippeas. The food product was initially offered by Starbuck’s to appear in about 7,500 stores nationwide.

On top of that, the company has a great social mission as well. Chickpea farmers in Africa have been under great duress lately. That is why a portion of each sale of Hippeas goes towards chickpea farmers. Hippeas is a great vegan snack food company that has a conscious.

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