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Taking a Look at Michael Hagele’s Career

Aside from being a successful entrepreneur and a lawyer for small firms, Michael Hagele is certainly not unrelatable. Like many, he wanted to find actual purpose in what he does, but unlike others, he was willing to sharpen his mind and take action. In his response, you can see his honesty and strong work ethics with the motivation to keep reaching further. Staying active physically and socially through social media, recognizing importance in it, has helped him both grow grow business, as well as connecting with customers.  Follow Michael Hagele on Instagram.

Bringing up his experience working with a celebrity chef shows the importance of learning from even less thought of mistakes and situations, as well as being able to reflect on that positively. Even the experience of having worked at a car wash, hands numb and all, he took something out of it and saw it as a stepping stone to letting him come to the conclusion that he wanted to do something with more meaning and to get further in education. Visit Ideamensch .com for more updates.

More importantly, he also expresses the priority of putting the customers first since they are what make the business. It seems implied that, the way he sees it, you don’t have to be a big company to provide quality service, but you do have to know what service the people want. That’s where the importance of putting them first comes in of course. Along with that, he has a sort of routine built around productivity in which he schedules his morning for higher priority work, uses the mid-day or afternoon to do more enjoyable things which help him come up with solutions for things requiring more creative ones, and by the end of the day has thought on things that can be solved with a further deadline requiring more abstract thought before finally checking on progress overseas by phone.

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Ricardo Tosto Achievements As A Brazilian Lawyer In Brazilian Laws

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a qualified and experienced lawyer based in Brazil. He is an alumnus of Mackenzie Presbyterian University where he pursued a degree in law. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been dealing mostly with litigation cases. His firm started as a small law office, but with time it grew and became the most successful firm in Brazil majoring in litigation practices. Throughout his career, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been representing his clients, who are both companies and public icons professionally. He has also provided legal advice to successful Brazilian enterprises, the state, Multinational companies and different politicians who differ in their ideologies.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho made significant changes in the field of law in Brazil by adopting new and professional mechanisms for Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira handling cases. Tosto enacted most of the legal methods used by the Brazilian Community. He has also mentored so many people in the legal field doing industrial practice by making them become the best lawyers. His Primary duties include representing his firm in different cases, giving legal advice to the company which is innovative and also offers leadership services to the business.

In Brazil, for you to qualify to be a lawyer, You must go through a five years curriculum at the University and later pass Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil which is the bar examination. Lawyers are granted their practicing certificate and recognized as professional lawyers after qualifying from the law school. Being a lawyer in Brazil is a great achievement because the legal system in Brazil is so complicated and few people manage to become lawyers.

Brazil is a sovereign state governed by three arms of government which includes; the legislature, judiciary and the executive council of government. The basis of Brazilian law is on their legal constitution created in 1988, which is the supreme law. However, their civil law follows the Portuguese, French, German and Italian civil laws. Nominations in the Brazilian courts happens through the most qualified and experienced lawyers. Brazil has the most significant number of professionals in the legal field in the world.

Restrictions are put to foreign lawyers in Brazil regarding their legal activities and also their relationships with the local lawyers. The Brazilian law does not allow foreign lawyers to hire any local lawyer, represent any case in court and even enter into any business with a Brazilian law firm.

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Meet Brazilian Litigation Expert Ricardo Tosto

Large part of Brazilian law is derived from the civil law of some European nations, especially Portugal and Germany. The Federal Constitution of Brazil is the supreme law, which was created in October 21, 1988. Brazil has 26 federate states, which adopt their own laws and Constitutions. Each state in the country has a law school. A law course is viewed by many as a prestigious and promising career in Brazil. It takes a period of five years for a student to graduate from a law school. The graduates acquire necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to pursue a variety of professions related to legal industry, but they must first pass the Bar Association of Brazil exam.

In 2004, there was an amendment to the Brazilian Constitution which recognized past court rulings as precedents in current or future court decision, as applied in common law jurisdiction. Brazil is one of the countries with largest number of legal professionals all over the world. Sao Paolo leads in country, followed by Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian legal professionals are called ‘advogados’.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto is prominent lawyer in Brazil and one of the partners in Milk, Tosto and Barros litigation firm. The firm is highly recognized in the Brazilian legal industry for its ability to deal in complex litigation in the country. The firm has gained its reputation because of the excellent leadership of Ricardo Tosto and his partners. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an industry leader who pioneered the mass litigation process, which has become very popular in Brazil.

Some clients who have been served by this firm cite efficiency, skilled techniques, commitment and agility as the qualities, which made Ricardo Tosto’s firm out-perform others in the industry. Due to the diversified banking industry, especially M&A and corporate services, the demand for litigation services in the country have continued grow. Ricardo Tosto’s firm focuses mainly in the business industry and the financial sector, and its success is derived from these areas. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and senior partners, and the entire legal team at the firm have necessary expertise to provide valuable legal guidance and services.

About Ricardo Tosto:

How Ricardo Tosto has thrived in his Career as an Attorney

Brazil is one of the countries where people do not have problems finding lawyers since it has very many law practitioners. The country also has several higher learning institutions that are committed to offering law-related courses. The current Brazilian constitution was created in 1988, and it is based on the German, Portuguese, Italian, and French civil laws. According to the legislation of the land, any law professional must pursue a law degree in any recognized learning institution in Brazil. The Bar Association of Brazil also requires graduates to take an exam that it offers before they are licensed to practice as lawyers.

Richardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a revered professional in the Brazilian legal sector. The attorney pursued his degree at the Mackenzie University. He has had a successful career and has handled litigations against businesspeople, governments, and corporations. The lawyer’s services are highly sought after by clients such as entrepreneurs, global companies, leading politicians, and even high profile individuals. RichardoTosto understands a lot about the legal industry and has also made some significant contributions that have assisted in making positive transformations.

The competence of Mr. Carvalho has facilitated his appointments to serve recognized law-based foundations such as Revista dos Tribunais, International Bar Association, and the Institute for Management Development. The Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies also appreciates his exceptional leadership skills. Richardo is recognized for being o the team that wrote O Processo de Tiradentes, which is a book that has been read by many Brazilians. The law professional practices at Leite, Tosto e Barros, which is a law firm that he co-founded. The company is well recognized and is ranked among the top 10 providers of legal services. Leite, Tosto e Barros has established itself in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Brasilia.

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Can Foreigners Practice Law in Brazil? Ricardo Tosto Explains

According to Ricardo Tosto, the answer to this question would be yes, as there is no law that bars foreigners from the practice of law in Brazil. However, in practice there are some complexities. First of all, Brazilian law prohibits outside ownership of Brazilian law firms, so foreign firms seeking to establish a presence in Brazil usually do so through partnerships with domestic firms. International law firms can also act as foreign legal advisers giving advice on the laws of countries other than Brazil by registering with the local bar.

As far foreigners seeking to become qualified attorneys in Brazil, it is certainly possible, but there is no lawyer transfer process of the sort one finds in the UK, for example. There is a reciprocity policy with Portugal, though, which allows Portuguese attorneys to register with state bars and Brazilian lawyers to register with the Portuguese bar.

An individual with a degree from a civil law jurisdiction might be able to petition a public university for an equivalency degree. If successful, and it is by no means a straightforward process, the person would still likely have to take exams and courses in order to obtain their Brazilian law degree.

Unfortunately, law school in Brazil takes much longer than in common law jurisdictions. A Brazilian LLB takes five years to complete, so foreigners looking to practice law in Brazil might be better served by becoming foreign legal consultants.

Ricardo Tosto is an attorney based in Sao Paulo. His firm, Ricardo Tosto & Associates, grew from a one-man operation into one of the country’s top firms.

Fluent in English and Portuguese, Ricardo Tosto is a member of many international professional organizations and societies and is a frequent speaker and lecturer. Ricardo Tosto practices in a variety of specialties, including corporate and election law.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira is enjoying the Fruits of His Successful Career

The Brazilian legal system is based on the civil law tradition enforced by the federal constitution. The government recognizes that all citizens are equal and everyone must undergo a trial before a final judgment is made. The country’s central district comprises of 26 federated states. In this light, the high chances are that majority of individuals require representation when faced with a legal conflict. Advocates stand to benefit a great deal, in the course of their mandate.


How do lawyers benefit from the career in law?


  • Being an advocate allows an individual to utilize their full mental capabilities. The expert has to understand all complexities of the law and engage in an in-depth research before representing a client. For that matter, one gets to explore their full mental potential and may even discover new things.


  • It goes without saying that lawyers act as emotional rescuers to the majority of clients. Ordinary citizens often turn to advocates for legal advice from time to time. Helping humanity brings in a great emotional reward and a feeling of satisfaction within oneself. In fact, some lawyers even offer advice on a pro bono basis.



  • When an individual considers a career as a lawyer, they stand to generate high income. However, going on a solo project requires a long-term strategy to generate high returns. Therefore, professional legal experts ought to consider forming a partnership before launching a solo project.


About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho


Credible information from the Latin lawyer’s site reveals that Ricardo is placed among the most prominent legal experts in Brazil. He attended Mackenzie University from where he obtained his law degree. He began his practice in a small office area before becoming a player in the prolific corporate litigation firm within the niche.


He has a track record of representing many public figures in compelling cases. Several multinationals and corporations in Brazil can attest to his excellent understanding of the law. Besides that, he made a name for himself by pioneering the adoption of various legal frameworks that received acceptance by the Brazilian legal community. He is certainly one of the individuals enjoying the full benefits of being a legal representative.

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A Few Factors About Attorney Ross Abelow That You Should Know

Attorneys from all parts of the world play a very imperative role in how law and order are maintained. Typically, attorneys represent their clients in criminal and civil cases either in a court of law or from other quarters. Attorneys also act as advisers and discuss legal obligations and rights with clients and help in suggesting the most appropriate action to take in either business or personal affairs. Regardless of the department attorneys work in, they are required to be fully armed with good research skills, top notch oratory skills, the ability to work long hours, the ability to present themselves with decorum in a court of law as well as the ability to work under very minimal or no supervision at all.

To become an attorney, one needs to work extremely hard. In fact, the job of an attorney in most cases gets very little or no appreciation at all. Typically, attorneys do a lot of research and perform a lot of routine tasks most of which are boring. They scrutinize a lot of data, draw up contracts and file lawsuits as well. Being an attorney is all about paperwork and one to become a good attorney, he/she needs not to be bored easily.

An attorney always solves other people’s problems. It is required of an attorney that he/she sees things from different angles and out of that, try to come up with a workable legal solution.

Ross Martin Abelow belongs to the creme de la creme of New York attorneys who firmly believe that the legal fraternity requires professionalism every step of the way. Through out his career, he has been involved in a variety of cases involving high-flying clients that have ended up being successful. Ross is an attorney who can be relied upon even when the situation looks very grim and dark. He has in the past exhibited the ability to perform under a lot of pressure and deliver good results.

He is an expert in matters like commercial litigation, matrimonial law, entertainment law as well as family law. He is a Brooklyn Law School graduate and is fully licensed to practice law. He has exhibited the ability to abide by all prohibitions that are strictly against conflicts of interests. Ross has carved a name for himself in the every competitive law field by adequately dealing with his client’s cases and in the most confidential manner. New York City and the whole world needs lots of lawyers with his characters.

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