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Jason Hope gives his opinion about the IoT

The internet of things is a term used to describe the ability of electronic devices to connect to a network and share information among themselves. By having this capability, these devices can now connect to each other and as a result, perform tasks with minimal or no human input. When machines can take order, analysis information and make decisions, then that is an indication that IoT is a success that can never be ignored. IoT has been a technology sensation for some time now. In the past decade, there has been a lot of hullabaloo on whether this is a technology that would actually happen. Some experts thought it was a far fetched dream while others like Jason Hope believed that the IoT ear was inevitable.

Jason Hope is happy that people around the world are embracing the changes in IoT. Business organizations seem to be on a rush as to who can come up with the best technology for the customers. This is a move that will push us faster to accomplishing advanced technologies based on IoT. One of the industries that are doing very well in this area is the airline. Here, companies are pumping billions into research so that they can make the industry safer through technology. Modern aircraft come with advanced technologies such that every piece of equipment used to build them has its performance monitored by the system.

IoT will get better as we move into the future. Whatever we are seeing now is just a tip of the iceberg. More changes are coming, which will include advanced technologies such as smart cities. Yes, we shall have cities that will be controlled entirely by smart technology.

About Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is a tech expert who specializes in informing the people about the coming technologies. He prepares people in business about the coming changes so that they can take an early initiative to adjust their long term plans. Since in today’s world its almost impossible to survive without technology, businesses also cannot do without following the latest trends. Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he is a mentor to the young people.

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Close-up Look at Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a strong willed businessman with vast experience in technology related inventions as well as a futuristic mentality. Jason was born in Tempe Arizona. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in finance from the Arizona State University and later earned his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business. His upbringing and educational background has allowed him to become passionate about business as well as spearheading the industry of Internet of Things.Jason’s passion for solving problems and offering solutions to futuristic issues has led him to pursue greatly empowering of young entrepreneurs curious to kick start their business idea. This reputation has earned him great significance on a global scale and recognition among influential businessmen.Presently, Jason Hope spends most of his time on various business projects by monitoring their progress as well as offering necessary assistance if need be from his residence of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jason Hope’s Interest in SENS Research Foundation

Jason, being the philanthropist and futurist, has a keen eye on the developments in anti-aging techniques that are being developed. He strongly believes that aging can be prevented by treating. SENS Research Foundation is very instrumental in achieving Jason’s goal.SENS Research Foundation is aimed at developing drugs that that correct the aging process that is usually accelerated by diseases such as Parkinson’s disease as well as Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative diseases.In the year 2010, Jason Hope donated an amount of up to $500,000 towards SENS Research Foundation in order to help propagate anti-aging. This donation together with other similar donations from various sources led to the construction of Cambridge SENS Laboratory.

Jason’s donation towards SENS Research Foundation has also helped in progressing research that was based on AGE-breaker drugs, which simply break down complex molecule structures of glycation end products that ten help in anti-aging. There was little progress in this area of research mainly as a result of experiments being carried out only on lab animals.As a result, the results of experimentation have been poor. Jason hopes to inspire more donors to jump on this opportunity to get involved with futuristic investments. Jason’s investment will also help future generations to save money that is normally spent in treating diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.Recent discoveries of the cellular differences between short life-span animals and humans has eased the load of research and narrowed it as well and therefore creating good focus. This is bound to come up with very good results in anti-aging in future.

In Arizona, Jason Hope’s Optimism Helps Lead by Example

Arizona entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope absolutely lives up to his name, as he brings an optimistic outlook to nearly everything that he does. Being focused as he is on tech and medical advancements for the future, he’s always looking for ways to make things better, for ways to improve humanity. It’s a big-picture goal, and it really helps him lead by example, showing others how a positive outlook can go so far.


Just take a look at his Twitter account, for example. One of the most recent articles he linked to was one about stem cell research. There have been some hurdles to get over, as undifferentiated stem cells have shown a tendency to create tumors after being given to patients as a treatment, a serious setback for those thinking stem cells could become some sort of miracle cure.

Read more about Jason Hope’s philanthropy efforts here.

The article he posted, though, isn’t just lamenting this issue or talking about the limitations of stem cells. It’s actually about how researchers have found a way to dye the cells and then use light to kill the undifferentiated ones, eliminating the problem without harming the healthy stem cells.

That really sums up the way that Hope looks at the world. When he sees a problem, the first thing he does is to look for a way to fix it. He’s most interested in overcoming obstacles and moving forward.

Another great example is his blog posts on anti-aging. When asked about it, he noted that he wasn’t interested in minor techniques to reverse the small signs of aging or even things that are just meant to treat diseases that cause people to age more quickly. What he was interested in was the biggest question of all: How can those aging factors be eliminated from the beginning? He focuses on prevention.

For instance, many people ask what can be done to cure cancer, and Jason Hope has given over half a million dollars to these efforts. As helpful as this is, Hope goes further by asking how preventative measures can be used to keep people from ever getting cancer. If he can find those big answers, the treatments will not be needed anyway.

Jason Hope clearly has his eyes set on some lofty technology goals, and it’s inspiring to see. Other futurists and entrepreneurs in Arizona — and all around the world — can learn from his example. If more people start thinking like him, the sky is the limit for mankind.

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