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The Great Entrepreneur Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison remains of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business world. Unlike many entrepreneurs who concentrate on one field of business, Harrison has achieved significantly in various sectors of the global economy including cryptocurrency. He is not only a renowned businessman but also a reputable author and media expert.

Since 2015, he has been the chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co: an organization established to manage and grow his personal and family assets. Harrison also serves as a managing partner of Monkey Capital and Fintech. He has continued to support Monkey Capital through his unique entrepreneurial approaches. This has seen the organization go on record as being the first ICO to effectively trade pre-ICO options. The firm has created real value for business through its investments in Blockchain and SpaceX contracts.

Monkey Capital’s great success has not gone unnoticed. In an interview session with Harrison, Chris Waltzek awarded the company 6 out of 5 star rating. A similar accolade has been echoed by Huffington Post’s senior writer Azeem Khan. Khan pointed out that Monkey Capital could be the first crowd funding organization to register a ten digit sum. The firm has been cited by many to present significant benefits to its subscribers.

Daniel Mark Harrison

Harrison was in London: the most popular city in England. He pursued a BA in Theology from the University of Oxford. Harrison later earned an MBA from the BI Norwegian Business School in 2006. He went further and pursued another Master’s Degree in Journalism at the New York University. His rich academic background has significantly contributed to the kind of a person he is today.

Daniel Mark Harrison is a reputable author and editor. He made numerous contributions while working with CoinSpeaker including growing its reader-base to about 450,000 monthly. Harrison is a writer and chief editor at Max Rand, a popular publication on matters of public interest. To date, he has published many books including ‘The Millennial Reincarnations’.

Harrison has worked with several other organizations through his career, serving in various leadership roles. He remains one of the most recognized media personalities of his time. He success record remains a motivation to young and established entrepreneurs.

Scott M. Rocklage, Ph.D. Is A Venture Capitalist With An Impressive Resume

Venture capitalists are gamblers. They invest in the future by funding small startups. These startups all have products that can change the course of the global economy. Venture capitalists never know if these startup companies could eventually become a Google, Snap or Facebook, but there is always high hopes and lots of money available to make that happen. Some of the most lucrative investment opportunities these days is in healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. No one knows that better than Dr. Scott Rocklage. Rocklage is 5AM Ventures managing partner. Rocklage has held that position since 2004. Scott has more than 30 years experience in healthcare. He holds a PH.D. in Chemistry from MIT and an undergrad degree in chemistry from the University of California Berkeley. Rocklage has 30 patents, and he was partially responsible for getting the FDA to approve three U.S. new drug applications. Those drugs are Teslascan®, Cubicin®, and Omniscan™.


Scott Rocklage is the former Board Chairman of Relypsa, Kinestral, and Novira, and he currently sits on the board of Rennovia and Cidara. He was Executive Chairman of Ilypsa, Miikana, and Semprus before those companies were acquired by Amgen, EntreMed and Teleflex. Dr. Scott is a director of MDS Proteomics Inc., and he is a member of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council board. Rocklage also sits on the Whitehead Institute board. His list of pharmaceutical accomplishments is a long one. He is recognized for the research and development work he’s done at Nycomed and Catalytica.


Venture capitalists like Scott Rocklage have positive track records. Kirsten Green, at Forerunner Ventures, made a name and a fortune for herself when she bet on the Dollar Shave Club and Rocklage and his team stay away from retail companies. The 5AM portfolio is an impressive list of pharma and therapeutic companies. Those sectors are producing big returns for venture capitalists, and Scott Rocklage is no exception.


Rocklage likes to talk about the 5AM portfolio which includes companies like Ambrx, Aprea Pharmaceuticals, ENVOY Therapeutics, Cidara Therapeutics, Biodesy, IKARIA Critical Care, Alexza Pharmaceuticals, and DVS Sciences. Those companies are on track to produce better-than-expected performances in 2017.


There are few concerns about the pending healthcare act, but Andrew Rocklage thinks the changes won’t impact his portfolio much. Scott says when all the smoke clears, the 5AM portfolio will be stronger than ever.