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Highland Capital Management- Alternative for Non-Traditional Investors

The company was established in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. The headquarters of Highland Capital Management LP are in Dallas, Texas. It also has offices in New York City, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. Highland has a retail branch, Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, that offers investment advising to clients. About $15.4 billion in assets are managed by Highland Capital. Read more at

Some of Highland’s specialties are credit strategy (i.e. credit hedge funds) and collatarized loan obligations (CLOs).The other strategies of Highland Capital are leveraged loans, high yield bonds, market-linked investments and distressed credit. There are four types of equity offered: long, short, public, and private. Alternative investments (i.e. natural resources) are another product of Highland Capital.

The company is a leader in global alternative credit management. Community involvement is important for Highland Capital because it is committed to volunteering, providing donations to local and national organizations, and participating in advisory board participation. For 12 years, over $10 million has been donated by Highland to companies across the globe.


Highland Alternative Investors is a subdivision of Highland Capital Management. The chief investment officer (CIO) of this subdivision is Michael Gregory. He chose energy stocks for the Small Cap Equity Fund, which helped triple the S&P 500 Index in 2016. A 32% return on investment was generated by these stocks. The motivation between the investment in energy stocks is the “credit competency” of Highland Capital. The asset value of the small fund is nearly $55 million. Gregory along with James Dondero manage the Small Cap Equity Fund.

As of December 31, 2006, the Highland Small Cap Equity Fund had the following sector allocations: 25 percent for healthcare, 16 percent for energy MLP, 11 percent for consumer discretionary, 10 percent for financials, and 9 percent for real estate. GE Asset Management sold the Small Cap Equity Fund to investors at Highland Capital in 2010. The expenses of the fund are higher than average. There are three share classes for the Small Cap Equity Fund: Class A, Class C, and Class Y. This fund has been given a 4-star rating from Morningstar. Read this article at

Agora Financial Makes Investing Much More Practical

Agora Financial is guaranteed to make the process of investing much easier for those that were looking for financial information to help them make better decisions. Agora Financial is the organization that is going to make the process of investing easier. People need financial literature and Agora Financial is a private financial literacy Publishing Company. People are getting subscriptions to this company because it has a vast amount of information that can totally transform a person’s perspective when it comes to what they are putting their investment dollars in.

The wise investor knows that knowledge is everything when it comes to making a sound investment. Only a fool would put their money into things that they have not taken the time to research. These consultants for Agora Financial are going to be sound council for the people that are trying to maximize the amount that they make from their investment options.

It is somewhat easy to search the way up and find basic information on certain companies, but Agora Financial digs much deeper than basic information. This is a company that provides an in-depth amount of information for the investor that wants to stay abreast of market trends. People that are trying to maximize all their investment opportunities cannot get any better advice than what they would receive from Agora Financial. This is the company that has those consultants that have put their time into making sure that they research those companies that are designed to improve portfolios.

Agora Financial has the consultants that are going to get out and research those companies that are becoming the new movers and shakers in the industry. Sometimes these companies are found in the United States, and other times they are found abroad. Agora financial consultants cover all of these bases for investments.


The Intensification of Equities First Holding and its Operational Strategies

Being g among the best forms internationally in the dealing with the loans that are based on stock, the Equities First Holdings has undergone tremendous expansion and growth. This has enabled it to extend its business operations to a total of nine different countries internationally. The firm’s capability in line with innovation and the provision of remedies to address the business challenges present. The solutions have accelerated it to the position it currently holds in which it serves as a lending alternative that is international and more information click here.

It was in the year 2002 when this global cooperation initially began operating. The objective from the start was to avail the global scale provision of loan services. Notably, credit form is the way in which the EFH lending services would be catered for. This made it possible for their clienteles to get the loans that they needed. The stocks under public trade served as the loans securities.

The priority of the EFH Capital ascertaining that they entirely satisfactorily addresses the clienteles’ needs via ensuring that all are accordingly served. The low requirements to qualify for the loans by the company is the reason behind the popularity. This is the measure that has significantly raised the portfolio of the client in addition to its international popularity and learn more about Equities First.

Since the establishment of its foundation, its specialization has been in the developing the innovative services that facilitate liquidity at the terms that are quite attractive. Such has a backup consisting of not only a secured but also an open procedure towards its clienteles and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

Consequently, the clients who gain the most benefit with EFH are probably those who have the objective to finance certain business. This is enhanced through the provision of the quickly required working funds. It is also a better alternative in comparison to the banks particularly for those in need of the start-up capital.

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