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Mr. Autterson; what you should know about him

Mr. Autterson is a graduate from Michigan state university. After his university education, he would kick off his career at First Trust Corporation that is a subsidiary of Fiserv. This would not last for long since in the year 1982 he would leave to join a smaller team that was poised to charter a new Colorado state chartered trust company. It would not take him long to assume the helm of leadership as he became the president of the resources trust company four years later. Later on, the resource trust company that he led would be acquired by broad Inc. that changed to Sun America, a company that was acquired by AIG for a sum of $18 billion

Personal details

Mr. Autterson has spent close to 25 years in the financial service. Over this long period, he has been seen to head big financial institutions them including the resources trust company where he assumed the role as president for several years.

In line with this, he is a board member of Falci Adaptive Biosystems. The company is a representative of Mr. Autterson’s philanthropic interests. This being a follow up from the leadership roles that he played at Denver Zoo and Denver zoological foundation as a board member and also as the chairman of the board of directors at Denver hospice. Mr. Autterson was also a member of the young president’s organization and also the world president’s organization.

Currently, he is the board member and also the president chief executive officer of the CNS Bioscience. The company was founded in the year 2013.


Education qualifications


Mr. Autterson is a graduate of Michigan State University where he acquired a B.A in finance in the year 1980. This was not to be the end of his education platforms since he also attended the University of Denver and graduated with a degree program, a branch of the finance discipline, which he had tackled earlier on.


Experience and skills


Mr. Autterson has been at the helm of leading financial institutions where he has acquired top level management skills. Other skills that he also entertains include wealth management, private wealth managements and also wealth management consulting.


This basket of skills is summing up to be contributing factors to his top-level experience. On the other hand, a seat as a board member of Falci Adaptive Biosystems guarantees his master of financial skills and also as a plus to his experience.