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Yeonmi Park’s Unbelievable Story

Yeonmi Park has taken the world by storm with her story of the oppressive society that North Korea was and all of the trials she has undergone since her escape. Her story is filled with a lot of peril and heartbreak. Many people that listened to her story were in tears as she relived the incidents that she has went through. Living in North Korea has proven to be a dehumanizing experience for Yeonmi Park. It has so dehumanized her to the point that real freedom has turned out to be more than she could handle at first as she related in an interview published on As scary and heartwrenching as her story is, there are people that are doing the best they can to prove her wrong. There were certain elements to Yeonmi Park’s story that she has saved for interviews and her book. One part of her story that she was worried about revealing was the story about her mother taking protecting her from getting raped by getting raped in her place. This was what Yeonmi described as her introduction to sex. Yeonmi Park herself would undergo a lot of sexual abuse when she was being trafficked. However, it took a lot of courage for her to finally stand up to her traffickers. Yeonmi Park also shares that her father never knew that this type of freedom existed. He died without knowing about the free world. However, Yeonmi Park’s father was open about his distrust and disapproval of the ruler Kim Jong-il. Yeonmi’s mother often had toscold him for his remarks. Yeonmi Park herself has grown up with the belief that the ruler could read her thoughts. Therefore, she had to control even what she thought about her ruler. This is very similar to what George Orwell described in 1984. Yeonmi of casey and yeonmi show continues to discover freedom in her new life as she finds herself being really adjusting to her newly discovered rights as a human being. As she is learning about her rights, she is also working on the next step for her life. This step is helping people learn of their rights as well.