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MB2 Dental Concludes its Recruitment Season

In April 2017, the MB2 Dental finished its annual recruitment season. The Company hosted the A&M Dentistry Students in Texas. The Company visited different dental schools across Texas during the 2016/2017 season.

The aim of the dentist-owned Company was to equip the students with the information and opportunities to enable them to decide on their dental career. The Primary goal of hosting these events is to connect the students and the doctors. The Company also seeks to introduce the students to the services they offer.

The 2017 recruitment season attracted the 3rd and 4th-year dental students. The students connected with the Doctors and they received information on the opportunities and challenges that come with a dental career.

MB2 Solutions was established by dentists to connect the dentists together. The foundation of the company is the dentists can achieve more as a unit than individuals. MB2 has provided the dentists with opportunities to run their practices with ease. The Company has over 75 affiliated clinics across different States.

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About MB2

MB2 Dental, founded in 2009 is a dentist operated Company. Dr. Chris Villanueva, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, created the firm to provide the dentists with business solutions. Most dentists experience extreme challenges in running their practices. However, in partnership with the Company, the dentist can focus on what matters; their patients.

The Company has provided the partners with services to enable them to run their practices efficiently. Even though the clinics have partnered with the MB2, they still maintain their independence.

The services

The management recognizes that patient satisfaction is the foundation of every practice. That is the reason why they offer assorted business services.

Human resources: the department seeks to cultivate an environment that enhances employee growth and wellness. MB2 provides the dental clinics with various services including payroll services, talent acquisition, labor relations, compliance, and employee development

Recruitment services: the employees determine the success of the Company. That is why the recruitment team takes the time to evaluate the candidates and choose the best employees for your clinics.

Procurement: the Company has partnered with the largest supply companies. The team will ensure that the dentists have all the dental supplies they need. They are also able to choose quality and cost-effective products.

Training: MB2 Dental offers training through the MB2 University. The Company provides educational materials to employees with the aim of improving their skills and knowledge in the dental practice. They also train the managers and help them promote their growth in the field.

Marketing: It is critical for the clinics to market their services. The team helps design a tailor-made marketing strategy for all the clinics.

Accounting and finance: MB2 Company helps the clinics to manage the accounting operations of the dental practices. They also help in development and preparation of the financial records. MB2 handle the tax returns reports that are required by IRS.

MB2 offers associate dental opportunities. The dentists can request for an evaluation if they want to join the Company.

Dr. Chris Villanueva shares what it’s like working in the unique company culture he has cultivated at MB2 Dental >>

Is Copa Star The Best Hospital in Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro is known for success in a lot of areas. However, for a long time, it had always been lagging behind in terms of luxurious healthcare services. But not anymore, not since Copa Star hospital was established in Rua Figueiredo Magalhães.

Copa Star is a five star hospital, occupying 7 floors and a basement. The hospital lies on 21,000 sq. meters of land. It is owned by Jorge Moll of the D’Or network, a network of luxury healthcare service providers. The network invested $400 million on the hospital to have a total of 115 private suites and 59 ICU units. The hospital has 9 hybrid rooms, which act as the operation rooms. These rooms utilize magnetic resonance and the most advanced technology. This way, surgeons can do tests on patients as they are undergoing surgery. Also, in the hybrid rooms, surgeons can have real time conversations with other surgeons allowing them to brainstorm and come up with the best treatment strategy for a particular patient.


If you haven’t been to the hospital before and happen to see it from a far, then I wouldn’t blame you if you confused this to be a five star hotel. The architectural design and the magnificent lighting might get you thinking that this is one heck of a hotel. But it isn’t. It is a Hospital Copa Star, built with luxury and comfort in mind. It is a dedication to the AAA class clientele of Rio de Janeiro and all other states in Brazil. Now, Brazilians don’t have to travel across the world in search for luxury healthcare services.

How is Copa Star a definition of Luxury? First, when you come to the hospital, the smell and surrounding will not alert you that you are in a medical facility. You are greeted by brightly lit corridors that are decorated with fine optical illusion works of art done by Toyota. You are further invited by a five star onsite restaurant that employs some of the best Swedish chefs. You and your guests can dine at the restaurant, and am calling them guests because they are treated as such. Your guests are allowed to sleep in your private suite, where they might not even notice the difference between these rooms and a fine hotel room. The rooms have a lobby with sofas and all you and your guest might need for comfort, while checking out the Copacabana beach. You also are allowed to customize your environment. By this I mean that you can play around with the lighting, adjust the position of your bed and draw the drapes as you please. All this is by thetouch of a few buttons on the iPads provided by the hospital. Visit the site to know more about Copa Star.

Renown Health to Open a New Facility

Renown Health is in the process of opening a new clinic at the Summit Mall located in South Reno. The clinic will provide primary care services as well as a laboratory. According to Dr. McCormack, the medical director of Renown Health, the clinic is designed to provide a more comfortable and inviting setting for patients and customers. Possible future services were mentioned but due to the uncertainty of the current state of healthcare, the clinic’s staff will wait to see what’s on the horizon.The new clinic will have 11 staff members and two more will possibly be added in the future.

Renown chose the mall due to the town’s growing population, improved economy and greater access to health care facilities. The construction of the facility required nearly a dozen contractors including one general contractor and the interior finishes were completed in February.Renown Health is one of the largest locally-owned non-profit healthcare networks in the state of Nevada. Formerly known as the Washoe Health System, it was founded in 1862 during an outbreak of smallpox. Renown become the first hospital in the area when Nevada reached statehood in 1864 and opened its first pediatric unit in 1949.

Washoe Health System eventually transitioned into a non-profit organization in 1984 and later established the Renown Pregnancy Center. Renown is currently one of the largest employers in Northern Nevada with more than 5,500 employees system-wide. The clinic changed its name from Washoe Health System to Renown Health back in 2006 and acquired a new CEO in 2014.

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How Roberto Santiago is Reshaping the Recreational and Entertainment Space in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is a renowned Brazilian entrepreneur who owns the Manaira Shopping Mall based in Paraiba. Manaira Shopping Mall is the biggest in this state and ranks among the largest malls in the whole of Brazil. Its construction started back in 1987 and took two years to complete. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is located in a central location that offers an easy access to persons living in Manaira area, Joao Pessoa.

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Roberto Santiago’s Vision of Offering Diverse Fun, Recreational and Leisure Options

Manaira Shopping Mall is a true reflection of the vision that Roberto Santiago had in mind when it comes to offering diverse forms of recreational, leisure and fun options to his mall’s customers and visitors. The vibrant entrepreneur did not hold anything back as he built the mall according to the set international standards. Manaira Shopping Mall offers awesome bowling alleys, restaurants, movie theater complex, food court, leisure area, shopping area, ballroom, hyper-store, garden and many more.

Huge Emphasis on Fun and Entertainment

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur who has already curved his niche in the world of fun and entertainment. He is also the proud owner of the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Roberto decided to up his game and set the standards higher with Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, as it is widely known in the region due to its breathtaking movie theaters. The mall has 11 movie theaters whereby three of them are fully equipped with the most advanced and recent 3D technology. Apart from the top notch equipment in the movie theaters, movie goers are also offered great bar service and other refreshments that include diverse varieties of snacks, candies, ice cream and drinks.

Games Entertainment Haven

Teenagers and kids are spoilt for choice at the Game Station inside the Manaira Mall, which is an entertainment asylum. The Game Station has an extensive floor area as it occupies more than 1800 square meters. There are more than 200 game machines that have been installed in the huge area offering a rich variety of game themes. Manaira Mall’s bowling alley is another great haven for both adults and kids to unwind and enjoy their favorite game. The bowling alley is always full with fun loving people of all ages. In addition, the Manaira Mall complex houses a college and a bank, making it a city in its own right.

Domus Hall

Domus Hall is another key and popular feature of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. It is located on the mall’s terrace and has a capacity of holding up to 8,000 people. The hall can also host a number of different events like fairs, seminars, conferences, art exhibitions, receptions, theatrical performances as well as other event formats. The Manaira Mall boasts of a huge car parking space, which has the capacity of holding more than 3,100 cars. Read more on

Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Supporting sleep through dentistry

Dr. Avi Weisfogel started his business, Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. Under his supervision for 15 years, he received many honors from the community, including the title of Best Dentist for several years. As he continued his work as a dental practitioner, he started doing research concerning sleep disorders and how dentist and physician could unite to patients suffering from this malady.This subject became his life’s work as he has created many sleep-related projects that delve deeper into this issue.

Sleep Apnea

With an extensive background in sleep ailments, Avi launched Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. This company instructs doctors from various parts of the world on how to set up and manage sleep laboratories. In 2014, Dental Sleep Masters was established. An advance program for dentist, it shows them how to enter into the area of sleep disorders, utilizing oral devices on their affected patients.

Operation Smile

Dr. Weisfogel has started a GoFundMe campaign in collaboration with Operation Smile. This worldwide organization performs free surgical operation on children as well as assisting young adults with facial deformities. Founded in 1982, this charity is involved in doing medical missionary work.He is proud to be a part of the team and spend time and energy raising funds for the cause.Avi Weisfogel obtained his BA in physiology and biology from Rutgers University. He also studied at New York University College of Dentistry, where he received a DDS. In his spare time, he loves taking in a New York Ranger hockey game and listening to classic rock music.

Overall, Dr Weisfogel has been able to inform other dentists and doctors on the dangers of how having sleep disturbances and other health problems such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes are connected. He is the pioneer of helping fellow dentists detect potential problems with their patients and his work continues.

An In-depth Look into Professional Healthcare Career of Maggie Gill

Maggie Gill is a talented executive leader who has bagged several esteemed awards for her outstanding performance in the healthcare sector. She is one of the professionals who are redefining how health care services are delivered to clients. She secured a prestigious appointment as the VP of Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) in 2004. Gill was responsible for MUMC’s managed care and finance. Within one year of joining MUMC as a senior employee, she ascended to the position of COO.

Gill served as the COO of MUMC for six years. She formed strong connections with investors, other health companies, as well as professionals. These connections allowed MUMC to grow and boost the quality of services it renders to its clients to the highest level.

Gill’s role at Memorial Health

The Memorial health hired Gill as the President and CEO in 2011. Her duties include delegating duties to all MUMC’s VPs, executive VPs, and Physician leaders. She directly participates in activities such as internal audit, neuroscience and orthopedic programs, and perioperative services. Additionally, she handles government relations, corporate communications, facility management, and physician relations. Gill works closely with the board of directors in the development and implementation of MUMC’s long-term growth strategy.

Education and accomplishments

Gill graduated from the well-known Florida State University with an honors undergraduate degree. Later on, she joined Florida’s Saint Leo University and received her MBA with honors. She pursued a professional course in thinking and management at Wharton School. Gill worked for the Tenet South Florida Health System for five years as the chief financial officer. Health facilities such as the Miami-located North Shore Medical Center, Hialeah-based Palmetto General Hospital, and Coral Gables Hospital benefited from her exceptional leadership abilities. She is a three times winner of Tenet Outstanding CFO Award.

Memorial Health & the 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards

November 1, 2016, was a big day for Memorial Health. The organization bagged several awards during the 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards organized by the Georgia Medical Society. Maggie Gill announced that the professional team at Memorial Health scooped seven awards in highly competitive categories. The award acknowledges the efforts of professionals who have dedicated their time and careers to enhancing the well-being of the community by offering high-quality health care services. The Memorial Health team won awards in six distinct categories: community outreach, physician lifetime achievement, health care education, allied health professionals, as well as health care innovation.