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Sheryl Underwood’s Detox Testimonial

With passionate exuberance, Sheryl Underwood expresses her feelings that the Full Body Detox could work for anybody. Sheryl is heard emphatically gushing over her experience with the vegan herbal detox, saying that she had already lost five pounds, down to 184 from 189 pounds in less than a week! She mentioned other contributors to her new found health; such as working out with a trainer, eating better, drinking lots of water, “meditating and praying” but feels that this all works in unison with the detox knowing that even if she had done all the prior, yet not the detox, she would not be seeing the fast and undeniable results she was experiencing.

Having first heard about this cruelty-free and healthy opportunity on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Ms. Underwood had came back on to sing praises regarding the detox. She even mentioned that while she was planning on attending a celebratory event hosted in her honor later that week that she was going to continue with the detox. This just shows her belief in the program so much so that just because she knew she was going to let loose and have a little fun while on her journey to new found health, that it would not derail her from her continuing with the program.’s Mission Statement expresses their goal of getting people back to “vibrant and optimal health” understanding that no cure-all exists to heal disease, but that when a person is given the “proper tools” their body will be able to heal itself. This Full Body Detox would work for anybody looking for cruelty-free and healthy solutions to needed weight loss or chronic ailments. Find more information at

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