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TAMPA news: Protesters March into Previously Scheduled Marine Corps Pub Crawl Event Already in Progress

The Tampa Bay, Florida area saw some unexpected activity at a previously scheduled Marine Corps event from anti-Trump protesters. These protestors wound up marching into a Marine Corps pub crawl during their protest against Tuesday’s presidential election results where their candidate, Republican Donald J. Trump, defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton in a general national election.



At the unscheduled meeting of the protesters and the marines, witnesses report that participants engaged in yelling and arguments, but no acts of violence of a hostile, physical nature.



Tensions over the outcome of the election since Trump was declared the winner after the ballot count was concluded early Wednesday morning. Protests similar to this one have been taking place throughout the country since the 2016 presidential election took place on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.



The Republican victory appears the result of a national

vote against the Democratic party and candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton as much as it was a vote in favor of the Republican party and Donald J. Trump. That is to say that the Democratic party was voted out of power as much as the Republican party was voted into power. There was no clear mandate for Trump as a candidate for president and Trump will have the to perform as president for the republicans to remain in power.



Trump’s controversial campaign rhetoric almost prevented his election,and resulted in his issuing some unpopular statements. Trump is beginning his first 100 days in office speaking in a more progressive, conciliatory tone than his election rhetoric could have predicted. Time, alone will tell whether this new conciliatory, inclusive change in tone for the President-elect will v1 opsurvived 2 a the post – election honeymoon phase. The influence of time mixed with politics will tell. The United States, along with the rest of the world, are waiting to see what happens.



The comingling of participants at the Trump protest with the scheduled Marine corps. pub crawl in Tampa is indicative of how unlikely combinations of people will be thrown together to function in this new political reality that America has become. Time alone will sort out this situation in the days and months to come