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Feel Magical with Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a line of makeup that has a unique twist. They offer lipstick, face and eye makeup, nails, and hair color. They are big supporters of animals. Therefore, their products are cruelty free. They do not test on animals. Their products are also 100 percent vegan made. Their makeup is known for their wide range of colors. They stand behind expressing yourself through your makeup and living without regrets. Their products are made to put a smile on people’s faces and bring happiness. Their brand is centered around the slogan “Makeup for Unicorns.” It means their makeup is meant to make you feel magical.

Lime Crime provides lipsticks in all colors and types. Their most known type of lipstick are the Metallic Velvetines. They are made for long-lasting wear and will not transfer. They have more of a metal look. To make sure that their lipsticks are pigmented, they infuse the ingredients. Another product that they provide is pop on nails. They are made to apply yourself with ease an also for hassle free removal. They will leave your hands looking like you just had a girl’s day at the nail salon. Another product that they offer is the fantasy hair colors from the unicorn hair line. They come in a variety of different colors for just about every kind of person. They have ingredients that will not harm your hair. Their hair color products are semi-permanent hair dyes designed to start out bold in color and will fade gracefully.

They first originated as a digital makeup brand. They have a huge following in the social media world. Their trends have become a phenomenon on the internet.

Lime Crime’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer is Doe Deere. She created the company to resemble her sense of style and character. She loves to wear the brightest colors in order to make a statement. Her signature hair color is purple. Her company came to life because she needed makeup to go with her Halloween wardrobe. From that day, she has been changing the way the world looks at makeup.