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Amendments Made by Relmada Therapeutics Against LaidLaw and Its Leadership

Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-level firm that initiates therapies aimed at treating chronic pains. Formerly they had filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw, and on 26th January 2016 they sought to amend the complaint through filing a motion. In the amended complaint are additional claims that are purely legal. According to Relmada Therapeutics, Laidlaw had breached the fiduciary law and also gave misleading proxy material around December 2015, for which Relmada sought monetary damages. I find the efforts made by Relmada getting rewarded every while they clearly express the much harm caused to them through. Although they had made an attempt to resolve the matter outside the courts, when the board of directors from both companies met on 1st December, 2015, nothing significant was born out of it. Clearly, Laidlaw has a long history of failure to relate well with other companies and breaching of several laws. Relmada on the other hand is committed to seeking justice, which I feel is the right thing to do.

The Management of Laidlaw and What It Does

This is a company in the United States, New York City offering wealth management and investment banking services. The CEO of the company is Mr. Matthew D. Eitner, co-working with the head of Capital Markets, James P. Ahern and John W. Coolong who is the Chief Financial Officer. The company has registered enviable success over the last 170 years, although they had to weather the storms as they ensued.

The tag of war that has been there between Laidlaw and Relamada Therapeutics Inc. seems to portray Laidlaw as an unreliable company. As stated, Laidlaw has a tendency to violate the financial regulations in the United States. This has caused a major stir in the markets and I feel such a highly reputable firm should never be engaged in such dubious methods.