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Marc Beer Becomes the Chairman of the Board of LumeNXT

Marc Beer was recently named by LumeNXT as the company’s new Chairman of the Board. The privately-held company is dedicated to developing proprietary surgical illumination products to enhance the efficiency of minimally-invasive surgeries. He brings over 25 years of experience in development and commercialization in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, as well as devices.


According to the leader in the healthcare sector, he feels privileged to be working with a group of highly successful and disruptive surgeons as well as engineers who have played a big role in the advancements that have been realized in the surgical illumination field. They have also been a strong part of the development of LumeNXT proprietary technology which has gone a long way into elevating the safety of minimally-invasive surgery. Marc Beer believes that the LumeNXT platform will to receiving more recognition as more surgeries are conducted leveraging minimally invasive techniques.


Surgeons that have had the privilege of using the targeted illumination have attested to its efficiency in enhancing visualization, precision, as well as flexibility when performing operations. The LumeNXT’s illumination platform has a heat reduction system which is designed to improve low-cost disposable options, surgical precision, as well as safety via enhanced visualization.


In a statement, LumeNXT’s Co-Founder, Paul Rhyne praised Marc Beer’s accomplishments and welcomed him on board. Marc Beer has a track record of impressive results in leading companies to success from the ground. The vast experience he boasts in starting and guiding startups to success will be valuable to LumeNXT. His capabilities to guide companies throughout global commercial rollout along the path to achieving their goals and profitability is unmatched.


In addition to his many professional endeavors, he is the Founding Chairman as well as CEO of Renovia, Inc., a healthcare startup which was founded to develop therapeutic and diagnostic products for the treatment of pelvic floor disorders in women. Prior to Founding Renovia, Marc Beer served at Minerva Neurosciences Inc., a biopharmaceutical company which is focused on products that treats central nervous system diseases. He is the retired Founding Chairman of the clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. Minerva is performing various clinical trials and developing disruptive therapeutic compounds for major depressive disorders, schizophrenia, insomnia as well as mood disorders, as well as Parkinson’s disease.


Prior to founding Minerva, Mr. Marc Beer held several leadership roles in the biopharmaceuticals field. He has been in charge of various commercial launches designed to address rare and debilitating disease globally, initial public offerings, global growth, acquisitions and much more. Some of the positions Beer has held previously include: Former CEO of ViaCell, Genzyme’s Vice President of Global Marketing, member of Erytech Pharma’s board of directors, Good Start Genetics, Inc.’s Founding Chairman of the board, as well as several marketing and sales roles at Abbott Laboratories. Learn more:


” Executive Overview – Marc Beer “


LumeNXT , a privately-held company that specializes in the development of a propriety surgical illumination product line for minimally invasive surgeries, has named Marc Beer as the Chairman of the Board.


Mr. Beer brings with him over a quarter century of development, advancement and commercialization experience. His main areas of focus include biotechnological initiatives, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and general diagnostics. His expertise includes profitability and guidance through growth phases, particularly global commercial rollout. He is a visionary and a motivational leader of the highest magnitude, prioritizing resource allocation and capital efficiency.

Mr. Beer is also the Founding Chairman and CEO of Renovia, Inc. Renovia is dedicated to the solving pelvic floor disorders in women using innovative technology that can actually transmit data via Bluetooth to a healthcare professional. Prior to his time at Renovia, he was the Former and Founding Chairman of Minerva Neurosciences Inc. Minerva designs innovative trials with clinical endpoints in an effort to help solve central nervous system diseases.


As a specialist in the biopharmaceutical industry, Mr. Beer held numerous leadership roles. These roles were responsible for commercial implementations on a global scale as well as global expansion, capital accumulation through public offerings, and mergers & acquisitions. Companies that he has formerly guided include Good Start Genetics, Inc.; ViaCell , where he rapidly grew the company to more than 300 employees and was acquired in 2007 by PerkinElmer; ERYtech Pharma, Myolex, Genzyme and Abbott Laboratories, where he held various senior management positions in the Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic divisions within. He has been a Director of Seaside Therapeutics LLC since July 2010. Mr. Beer has also served on various boards across the biotechnology industry, providing his expertise and guidance in pragmatic and realistic methods.


Mr. Beer obtained a BS in Business Administration from Miami University (Ohio). He currently presides as a member of the Miami University Business Advisory Council. He was formerly a member of the Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee as well as the Notre Dame Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council. As a devoted father, he enjoys traveling with his children and spending his time golfing.  Learn more:

“How Marc Beer is Moving the Healthcare Industry Forward “

With 25 years of experience, Marc Beer has shown good leadership that has led to many advances in biotechnology. His work has resulted in the creation of products that help people with rare diseases from around the world. He was able to start the company called ViaCell in 2000. The company collects and preserve stem cells. As the CEO of ViaCell, Beer helped ViaCell create business growth, and the personnel grew to nearly 300 employees. He also was apart of the Board of Directors of a biopharmaceutical company called Erytech. Beer held a variety of positions that involved in sales and marketing while working at Abbott Laboratories. Throughout his career, Beer has been on several different boards of directors such as the Chairman of the Board of a company called Good Start Genetics Incorporated. Beer has been able to provide advice while he was a member of the Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee. In 2016, Beer became the co-founder of Renovia. He successfully receives funding for Series A from venture capital funds that are focused on healthcare. Beer has acted as a strategic consultant for a company called OvaScience. Beer received his college education from Miami University of Ohio.


The CEO Marc Beer was able to lead the company Renovia Incorporated to obtain $32 million Series B round of funding. The company operates out of Boston, Massachusetts. Beer helped acquire $10 million in venture debt for the company. The funding received will go towards creating products to treat pelvic floor disorders. The beer has been able to help the company develop products that treat the pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence that affects nearly 250 million people. A company called the Longwood Fund have made Investments in Renovia, and it would be a part of the series B round along with perspective advisors based in New York and Ascension Ventures based in Missouri. Beer used the funding to develop diagnostic products that will help women with pelvic floor disorders. The funding will also help create a new version of a device called the Leva device. It would be able to get data that allows different treatment options. Renovia guided by Beer will help educate the people regarding pelvic floor disorders. Beer led Renovia to reduce long term healthcare cost with its’ work that will improve the care of people suffering from pelvic floor disorders.


Beer has plenty of investors who believe in the work that’s been developed by Renovia. With investors help, they will be able to improve treatments. The leadership of Beer helped Renovia get a product approved by the FDA. Renovia has been able to develop new treatments and sensor technology to combat pelvic floor disorders. Learn more:


“Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovia led in Raising $42 Million for the Healthcare “

Marc beer is the co-founder and the CEO of a med-tech company, Renovia Inc. based in Boston. The health center specializes in the production of therapeutic and diagnostic products which treats a condition caused by pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. According to researchers’ statistics, approximately 250 million women in the world are believed to suffer from these disorders. On April 2018, FDA approved Leva which were the Renovia`s first product to be developed.


On August last year, Marc Beer led in raising the fund for the health care. The total fund raised added up to $42 million which was contributed in two phases. The first batch raised $10 million in venture debt while the second phase raised $32 million in Series B round. The funding will be used in development and testing of other four more diagnostic and therapeutic products as well as in the development of another generation of Leva devices.


The Longwood Fund, a healthcare related investment firm that had earlier invested in Renovia, joined the Series B funding, which was led by Perspective Advisors from New York and Ascension Ventures from Missouri.


The move was hailed positively from Renovia side. In a statement from Marc Beer, the CEO said that his team is thrilled by the support they have been receiving aimed at helping millions of women suffering from pelvic disorders. He added that through combining their innovative and proprietary sensors technology and creating common health platforms would help customers to access valuable data such as informing them of new treatment methods available, they will learn from them ways to handle pelvic floor disorders, and at the end, treatment cost will lower. The company failed to respond to questions about its investment or its pipeline products.


Renovia leadership team is headed by a group of experts in the various health sector who ensures customers need meet. Marc Beer being the Chairman and CEO, he works with other personnel who assists him to accomplish day to day activities. Prior to founding Renovia, Marc Beer worked for more than 25 years in commercializing and development of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostic devices. He together with Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lorie are the founded Renovia in the year 2016.


William Dull is the Chief Commercial Officer of Renovia, and his primary role is to oversee international commercial and company`s operation. He joined Renovia from Aegerion Pharmaceutical where he developed innovative solutions which helped to solve complex patient problems. Dr. Samantha Pulliam served as the Chief Medical Officer and joined Renovia from the University of North Carolina where she was the Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has extensive experience in research where she has published over 50 peer-reviewed research papers and abstracts. Learn more:


Marc Beer Is Helping Women Overcome Pelvic Floor Disorders With New Technology

A common health problem that a number of women suffer from each year is urinary incontinence. This common health problems occurs for a number of reasons. Some women may experience this condition due to childbirth while others might have developed an infection and suffered long term effects from it. No matter the reason, Marc Beer is working to make it easier for women and men to overcome this problem. Learn more:

Marc Beer is responsible for creating sensor technologies to work on helping others overcome this condition. Through the use of sensors and technology, the goal is to help patients discover new treatment options for their overall urinary and pelvic conditions. Coming up with innovative solutions is what he does best.


Renovia has been created to come up with new and exciting ways to bring commercial products to life in the first line of the diagnosis and treatment options to improve the overall health conditions of patients. The overall quality of life that a woman might experience can be devastating without the proper help. It is the hope of Renovia to help women who suffer from the pelvic floor disorders to be able to regain their self image once more by cutting back the number of concerns they are faced with monthly due to the pelvic floor disorders.


The hope of Renovia is to monitor in real life movement what a patient is experiencing. The technology that has been created will allow precise visualization for the patient suffering from the pelvic floor disorders. It will offer insight into the pelvic muscle training as well as taking notes for progress reports over time. Marc Beer was hoping that with his help, there would be more cost effective methods to be used to help patients suffering from pelvic disorders over long periods of time.


The start of Renovia has led women down a path that they might have otherwise not known about if the discovering of technology and diagnostic devices had not yet been discovered by individuals looking to help patients overcome health effects caused from Pelvic floor disorders. With the start of Renovia, there has been in increase in the money used to come up with new and exciting ways to overcome these health problems. With the funding of 42.3 million dollars behind them, Marc Beer is sure to come up with top of the line solutions for patients suffering from this condition or diagnosis.

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Marc Beer and the Science of Healthcare

Marc Beer obtained his BS from the University of Miami (Ohio). He is currently the CEO and co-founder of the company Renovia, a start-up that’s primary focus is on women’s health and pelvic floor disorders. Beer has over 25 years of experience in commercialization and development in many industries including pharmaceuticals, devices, biotechnology, and diagnostics.


Prior to his position at Renovia, Marc Beer has held many other lucrative positions including the Vice President of Global Marketing for the company Genzyme. Later, he worked for Abbott Laboratories, performing well in various sales and marketing roles. Beer was also the founding CEO of ViaCell in April of 2000. While at ViaCell, Beer sat on the board of directors for the company Erytech Pharma. He has also been a member of the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Beer has been a founding chairman at Good Start Genetics, Inc. and Minerva Neurosciences, Inc.

In April, Renovia had obtained their first FDA approval of the new product, Leva. Renovia has been researching and developing therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for pelvic floor disorders for women, such as urinary incontinence, which affects over 250 million women worldwide.


More recently, Renovia has received over $42 million in funds to further their research. They plan to use the funding to develop four more products, which will include an updated version of their first product, Leva. While $32 million of the funding came from a Series B round, $10 came from venture debt. The Longwood Fund, a firm that invests in healthcare companies and has been investing in Renovia since the beginning, jumped in the Series B round along with Perceptive Advisors, a New York-based firm, and Ascension Ventures, a Missouri-based firm. Learn more:


Marc Beer has stated that he is excited to begin this project with their new investors. Renovia’s passion to help patients by using innovative technologies and the digital healthcare platform will greatly influence how much they are able to help their customers who treat patients. The funding and research will enable Renovia to develop products that will yield more knowledge about pelvic floor disorders. This information will help to lower healthcare costs for every aspect of treatment.


How Adam Milstein Is Bringing American Jews And American Israelis Together

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila Milstein are the founders of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The foundation supports organizations that are Pro-Israel including the Israeli-American Council, where Adam serves as the National Chairman. He sits on several boards such as The American Israel Education Foundation, Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, AISH Ha’Torah, Hillel, The Washington Institute, Christian United for Israel, Nahal Hared, Israel on Campus Coalition, Taglit-Birthright Israel and the American Jewish Committee.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel and graduated in 1978 from Technion. Three years later, he came to the United States and earned his MBA from USC. Currently, Adam Milstein is the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He is responsible for overseeing the firm’s accounting, disposition, and financing. Hager Pacific Properties specializes in rehabilitating, acquiring and repositioning retail, industrial, office, and multi-family properties. He has been in the commercial real estate industry since 1983.

Adam Milstein firmly believes that American Jews can connect with the Jewish State through the help of American Israelis. They can begin to understand Israeli culture and how to speak and read Hebrew. Milstein recognizes that Israelis 10 years ago who came to American were disconnected from Jewish life. Nowadays, Jewish federations and communities are working together to help build their communities across the globe. Anti-Semitism is prominent in the United States, which is why Adam wants to help Israeli-Americans find an identity that makes them proud to live in America. With the help of social media, Adam and his organizations are hoping to expose anti-Semitism in the UN. The goal is to become integrated within America, and create a stronger Jewish community. Israelis should understand that they are an asset of Israel to the United States. They are not the enemy, but an ally that speaks their language and understands them.

The Former Brains Of Westwood One, Norman Pattiz, Applauds The Start Of The Podcast ‘Beyond The Darkness’ In His Podcast Network

**UPDATE June 5th 2017**

Study Highlights Effectiveness of Podcast Advertising

The vice president of strategy at Edison Research and PodcastOne founder Norman Pattiz recently released information about a unique marketing study. It was the first major effort to gauge podcast advertising’s efficacy. The results reveal that this promotional method truly increases the likelihood of sales and improves brand recognition among listeners. Edison Research performed the study for PodcastOne during a six-month period in late 2016.




This project used internet surveys to measure the impact of advertisements in podcasts. It focused on audio ads for five businesses that serve customers across the United States. These advertisers included firms with little brand recognition as well as top companies that tested new marketing campaigns. Each business utilized podcast ads to promote entirely different goods or services.


The study involved multiple well-known audio programs. Edison Research surveyed listeners before and after they heard the advertisements; participants answered similar questions during both sessions. The second survey occurred after the ads aired for approximately five weeks. Researchers discovered that numerous listeners had paid attention to the promotions and reacted in desirable ways. They became more inclined to buy products or services from advertisers.




One of the advertisements urged people to visit a certain restaurant. The survey results show that 76 percent more listeners knew about the eatery’s latest promotional message after the podcast marketing campaign. An aftermarket automotive supplier boosted awareness by three-fifths. Highly positive opinions of its merchandise also became significantly more common. After the ad campaigns, 6 percent more listeners expressed strong interest in buying a specific lawn product.


Improvements in company and merchandise recognition were even more impressive. Fewer than one out of 10 participants made reference to a certain supermarket brand before they heard the ads. The firm’s promotional campaign increased its brand awareness rate to more than 60 percent. Lawn, financial and automotive products also achieved much greater recognition among listeners. Awareness of these items grew by 24 to 47 percent. This enhances brand credibility and makes future promotions more effective.




PodcastOne and Edison Research officials commented on the independent study and its results. Edison’s vice president of strategy noted that the surveys unambiguously confirmed the efficacy of podcast ads. He expressed appreciation for the opportunity to cooperate with top advertisers and a major media network. PodcastOne’s founder Norman Pattiz said that the study had impartially verified podcast marketing’s effectiveness. He also highlighted the ability of podcasts to produce greater brand awareness than conventional media outlets.


The founder and chief executive officer of PodcastOne has a strong work ethic and advises professionals to ascertain that they spend enough time at the workplace. Norman Pattiz started PodcastOne in partnership with Kit Gray. Kit Gray was managing other people’s podcasts from his apartment and met Norman Pattiz after through one of their mutual friends. Norman had just left Westwood One and saw an even greater opportunity in teaming up with the freelancing podcast professional. The two entrepreneurs exchanged numerous ideas and finally set up PodcastOne in 2012.



At the end of 2016, PodcastOne created a new podcast, Beyond the Darkness. The CEO, Norman, explained that the show would explore various paranormal activities such as ghouls, angels, and demons. Beyond the Darkness currently features as one of Chris Jericho’s podcasts in his network, the Podcast Umbrella. It invites famous paranormal figures such as witnesses and eccentrics who delve deeper into subjects such as aliens, monsters, miracles and mysteries. Chris Jericho aims to provide his listeners with real life experiences that will strike a nervous chord by finding witnesses such as alien abductees and people who have had a near-death moment. Beyond the Darkness is hosted by Dave Schrader, an author, and Tim Dennis, a renowned radio producer. Learn more:



Norman Pattiz was enthusiastic about the new shoe and said that Chris Jericho is a great asset and enjoyment to the PodcastOne network and subscribers. He revealed that he realized Jericho’s potential in delivering outstanding shows when he launched The Jericho Network forum. In the past, Chris has featured comedians and is now divulging his followers into an ecstatic world of the unknown. After the announcement of the new show, Chris couldn’t wait to be part of the listeners too. He was confident in the skills of Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis and promised his audience a moving and nerve-wracking podcast.



PodcastOne quickly rose to become the number one podcast shows production and distribution under Norman’s leadership. He inducted modern icons like Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, Steve Austin and many other WWE fighters. Before setting up the network, Norman headed Westwood One as founder and CEO. The system managed and distributed news, entertainment, sports and much more for massive networks like CNN and CBS. Some of Westwood’s longtime partners included NCAA Basketball, NFL Football, March Madness, Mutual Broadcasting System and NBC radio. Norman is not an avid reader but enjoys listening to books that builds his spirit and educate his mind.

Learn more:


Eric Lefkofsky Asserts That Business May Spell the End of Cancer

Billionaires typically think bigger than the rest of us; maybe that’s why they’re billionaires. Rarely are their thoughts more apparent than in The Giving Pledge, formed in 2010 to fuel philanthropy among the world’s wealthy elite. Some 154 billionaires in 16 countries had joined the organization as of June of 2016, with co-founder Bill Gates expressing surprise at the outpouring of support and another member fueling a dream infinitely larger than dollars and cents.


His name is Eric Lefkofsky, whom you may know as the founder of Groupon, an e-commerce site linking local consumers and merchants through offers on goods and services. His longer-term goals rest with Chicago’s Tempus Health Inc., of which he is chief executive officer.


Tempus’ ideal is to assist physicians in the care of cancer patients by providing real-time technology-driven data on the disease — data resulting from the years-long technological explosion that reveals them. Mathematicians, computational biologists, data analysts and software engineers team with doctors and clinicians in a search for the best possible medical results.


“We now can gather incredibly rich… data,” Leofsky says in a film on the firm, “but how do we analyze it? How do we help physicians while they’re treating a patient that might actually improve outcomes? That’s what Tempus is delivering.”


Tempus is currently focused on the treatment of breast, lung and pancreatic cancers.


According to Chicago Tribune, Lefkofsky calls his approach to Tempus one of “accelerated disruption,” with technology leading the way in determining the pace of world commerce. Gone, he would say, are the days of the rotely sealed contract inside a smoke-filled board room.


“Disruptive companies,” Lefkofsky writes on the website, “are born every day. Someone has a great idea that offers a better choice in terms of price, convenience, service or functionality, and for a moment, they hold the keys to the remaking of an entire industry. Businesses that can understand and control the forces of technology will thrive in the coming years.”


The Giving Pledge is arguably delighted with its contributions from The Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which funds several Chicago-area programs in education, medicine, the arts and human rights endeavors. With Tempus, Lefkofsky has a state-of-the-art company designed to enhance and prolong the lives of those programs’ beneficiaries.


Lefkofsky, 47, is a Detroit native and a 1993 University of Michigan law school graduate.