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Dr. David Samadi: Professor, Urologist and Cancer Specialist

Dr. David Samadi, Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, gave medical input to an article by the Huffington Post titled “Dr. David Samadi: Mitt Romney’s prostate cancer prognosis good after successfully treated with surgery.” This article provides an update on the health status of the previous Republican presidential candidate as he disclosed in January that he underwent prostate surgery last year to remove a tumor in his prostate. It is speculated that because he has started to become transparent with his health condition, he may plan on campaigning for the U.S. Senate seat in Utah (Huffington Post, 2018).

Dr. David Samadi is famously known for making multiple appearances on Fox News to give his opinion on various health matters. In addition to appearing on Fox News, he also frequently blogs and authors publications on a variety of surgical matters as well as hosts “World Health News,” a radio talk show that discusses different topics surrounding the medical community. Dr. Samadi spent high school at different schools in Belgium, London, and the United States. He then graduated with a degree in biochemistry from Stony Brook University, completed medical school at Stony Brook School of Medicine, and then specialized in Urology by studying at the Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After finding his medical specialty Dr. Samadi then decided to investigate the needs of his cancer patients by finding innovative ways to treat cancer using minimally-invasive surgical techniques (Crunchbase, 2018).

The article in the Huffington Post discloses that Mitt Romney’s surgery was performed at UC Irvine Hospital by Dr. Thomas Ahlering. Mr. Romney joined a shockingly high statistic of men who also have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society guess that there will be “about 164,690 new cases of prostate cancer will be confirmed” in 2018 (Huffington Post, 2018). The average age of diagnosis for prostate cancer is 66 years old. Dr. Samadi admitted in the article that he usually provides a recommendation of surgery over radiation for cancer treatment. The main reason behind such a recommendation is due to the fact that men who have been exposed to radiation have a statistically higher chance of developing a form of secondary cancer due to side effects from the radiation (Huffington Post, 2018). Dr. Samadi has dedicated his life to increasing the longevity of his patients by thinking creatively and using techniques that fit their healthcare needs.


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Medical Aesthetic & Wellness At Its Finest

Living a healthy lifestyle can definitely provide you with a healthier life. Jogging, weight-training, running, hiking, walking and sports are just some of the progressive ways for putting your body in motion. On the other hand, father time has us all in his clutch and that’s just the way life goes. Did you know that there are medical solutions that can potentially push back the hands of time? This is where Dr. Mark Mckenna comes into the picture, and this guy has earned a solid reputation for helping people in terms of confidence. Dr. Mark McKenna has owned two of the best aesthetic & wellness companies in the Southeast. These companies are known as OVME and ShapeMed.

OVME specializes in elective healthcare, and it uses advanced-technologies to achieve the goal. McKenna is the chief executive officer at OVME, and this company has helped to revolutionize elective healthcare in more ways than one. The company does a great job of connecting people with the proper healthcare services. OVME is pretty much the middleman in this project and as of today, it has helped hundreds of people in the process, if not thousands. OVME was launched right after he sold his successful Shape Medcompany. ShapeMed was a medical practice that also specialized in aesthetic & wellness. What services did this company offer? Well, ShapeMed offered a variety of wellness services such as Botox treatments, laser-hair removal, hormonal therapies, Juvederm treatments as well as the process of prescribing medications. Dr. Mark McKenna leads through example and these companies are a personal reflection of himself.

Dr. Mark McKenna has used his brilliant medical background to better society in general, and he has many satisfied customers and clients that will backup all claims. He is one of the most progressive-thinking individuals on the planet. In conclusion, Dr. Mark McKenna is raising the bar very high as well as changing the status quo.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina; the brainiac behind Sussex Healthcare

Over and over again, the name Dr. Shafik has hit the headlines due to his outward contributions to the healthcare sector. Often, career professionals insist that one’s background plays a significant role when it comes to defining one’s success since it acts as a motivation. Shafik’s life is no way different. He was born and spent most of his childhood in Dare salaam, Tanzania.

Since his childhood, Dr. Shafik had a character of working hard on every chance that he received. Therefore, after graduating, Shafik ought to practice his dentistry in England. According to the skilled dentist, the practice played a significant role in boosting his experience in practice. Besides, it motivated his interest in the industry which has fuelled his current success history. The training also provided Shafik with an opportunity to work in close collaboration with the Jamati. He was tasked with the work of overseeing the actions of Ismail’s community associations for more than 15 years.

As many would say, the experience provided Shafik with top leadership skills. However, based on his journey, the doctor is a born leader. Therefore, since joining the career world, Shafik has always remained on the forefront when it comes to enhancing the medical sector. Besides, Dr. Shafik is the founder of Sussex Healthcare.

To the people of West Sussex, Shafik’s investment is an ‘angel’ as it has come to the rescue of many people with mental problems. Sussex Healthcare is a private and independently run entity and is known for its free care for the elderly, particularly those undergoing psychological issues. The facility boasts of owning the best specialists with the ability to take care of individuals with brain damages. Also, over the past three decades, the center has been catering for those undergoing learning difficulties. As per the records, the healthcare is proud of being in a position to take care of more than 300000 individuals since establishment.

Shafik’s dream is to see the facility reach out to more and more individuals in dire need of the services. Not long ago, the organization launched an outreach outside Horsham in West Sussex. The new facility acts as a temporary/rest home for patients with acquired neurological conditions. Also, reliable sources state that the new outreach is in the process of developing services targeting the young generation with autism and learning disabilities. The facility is equipped with exceptional amenities such as gyms and other entertainment facilities. Also, there is a standby team of certified staff not forgetting the general practitioners who are always a call away. Under Shafik’s leadership, Sussex Healthcare is projected to grow incredibly, with more and more other services related to the healthcare sector. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina on


New Clinical Trials Show Positive Treatment Results

Results of a new clinical trial provides evidence that in high doses of immunosuppressive therapy followed by transplantation of a person’s own blood stem cells can induce sustained remission for multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that attacks a patient’s nervous system.After a five-year study 69% of trial patients survive without a relapse or any new brain lesions. During the trial period the participants did not take any MS medications because the MS drugs was causing a lower success rate during the trial.The trial, called HALT-MS, was sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In December 2014, three years worth of trial research was published and in the following month of February it was placed online at the medical Journal of American Academy of Neurology.

Through extended findings the trial was able to conclude that 1 treatments could be more effective than long term treatment from some of the best medications for MS.MS has a wide variety of symptoms that may include speech difficulties, weakness, fatigue and chronic pain. The most common form of MS is relapsing-remitting. This is characterized by periods of mild symptoms that flare up every so often.The treatment aims to prevent the disability by removing the cells that cause the immune system to reset and flare up. Five years after the trial participants was able to remain in remission and keep the MS stabilized enough to recover physically.

As we all know, neurologist play a very important part in the research and development to cure MS. A well-known neurologist named Shiva GopalVasishta plays a very vital part in all this. He practices in Voorhees and in 1979 he graduated from the government Medical College. Shiva GopalVasishta has been practicing for over 40 years and is very diverse in the field of Neurology. He is closely associated with the Kennedy University Hospital. Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta accepts a wide variety of insurance plans such as Aetna and Horizon Blue Cross Shield. He is a certified neurologist that speaks two languages: English and Spanish. He is among one of the champions fighting against MS and encourages positive results of MS Treatment.