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How MB2 Dental Solutions Provides Help To The Broader Community

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva established MB2 Dental Solutions in Carrollton, Texas. It is a different type of dental office support organization in a few ways. First, it was started by a dentist who has been on the frontlines himself and knows exactly what is like to run a private dental practice because he has done so himself. Second, the way this company is set up the company and the affiliated dentist invest in one another. This investment is both professional and financial in nature. MB2 Dental Solutions has a vested interest in the success of the dentists that choose to partner with them because of this relationship.Giving back to the community is something that the people are MB2 Dental Solutions very much believe in. One example of this took place last fall when a team of 16 of their affiliated dentists left for Jamaica.

The goal was to help the residents of remote villages with their dental needs free of charge. They helped more than 400 people in these villages, most of whom had never seen a dentist in their lives. Many had tooth decay and were in chronic pain.During this team’s time in Jamaica, they visited both Trelawny and St. James. They performed cleanings, fillings, and tooth extractions. The team was made up of both dentists and oral surgeons. In order to pull this trip off MB2 Dental Solutions partnered with two organizations, Jamaica Tours Limited and Jamaicans Caring for Jamaicans, who scheduled their transportation and lodging.After Hurricane Harvey blew through the greater Houston area a lot of victims were left behind.

The team at MB2 Dental Solutions wanted to provide help to those affected, including many people who work in their affiliated dentist’s offices. They decided to raise money and were able to pull in more than $93,000 which was provided to Hurricane Harvey’s victims. One employee of Gulfside Dental said that MB2 Dental solutions had maintained constant contact with her office to make sure they were doing well and so that this company could lend any assistance she or her family needed during that time.