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Cone Marshall Law Firm New Zealand’s Estate Planners and Protectors

In a recent XRepublic article the work of the Cone Marshall law firm located in Auckland, New Zealand, was highlighted. The firm is composed of the two named principals, Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. It is an international tax and trust law firm that was established in 1999.

According to Crunchbase, Cone Marshall previously had worked in London in a commercial litigation department. She had ten years of experience before coming to Auckland and joining forces with Cone in 2005. Marshall became a principal in 2006. She works as an advisor to statutory trustee companies.

Geoffrey Cone specializes in the area of international trust and tax planning, and in the area of trustee and trust management services. Read more: Cone Marshall | Global Legaal Insights

The firm offers their services to international families and their advisors, helping them in establishing New Zealand trusts, companies, and partnerships, as well as providing wealth and tax planning advice.

To preserve monetary wealth, it is often necessary to establish trusts and estates. These allow for the flow of money and properties between principals and beneficiaries without an inordinate amount of tax needing to be paid. Life in our complex world can be filled with barriers.

Our path to economic success has many hazards and obstacles on our way to having a manageable estate, one that can be passed along to younger generations without having incurred an enormous tax burden. For those who have a sizeable estate and wish it to be passed on to their family members, the use of estate planning attorneys is necessary.

In the instance of wanting to shelter the estate more effectively, the use of off-shore trusts and other complicated measures have been established. Such provisions are largely outside the grasp of tax-hungry government bodies that always seem to want more than a fair share.

Who Whos Legal said in a report that Cone Marshall are attorneys specializing in estate planning services and welcome any international families who wish to lower the burden of tax payments to those receiving the benefits from an estate disbursement. It is a complicated legal process but without at least some estate planning; the tax burdens can almost completely offset the value of the estate, itself.