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Clay Siegall’s Gift to Humanity; Cancer Treatment Alternatives

Cancer has surpassed all the other modern day ailments and become the 21st century biggest challenge to longevity. Scientists and medical researchers have therefore decided to center their efforts on getting a cure for the different types of cancer that there are. Steps have been made in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go. One of the scientists that are doing their best to leave a mark in the world of cancer research and treatment is Seattle Genetics’ Clay Siegall.
Siegall started Seattle Genetics in 1998 after working with a few other biotechnology companies. His aim was to create a center for study into the different types of lymphomas and try treating them. The process of getting a treatment that works has not been easy, but less than two decades later, he has gotten one medication approved by the FDA, and there are 12 more in the making. The breakthrough was so great that the company got listed on NASDAQ and the medication was approved in more than 60 countries.
In Canada, the drug is marketed by Takeda cosmetics. The other plan that the clinical stage company has in line is the hiring of more staff. The management plans to get at least 100 more workers to assist with the new research initiatives. This is because one of the drugs that they are testing is in a critical stage and has been proven to work in treating some types of lymphomas.
Clay Siegall has been featured on medical journals and the mainstream media. His presence in the world of biotechnology was solidified when the vice president visited the facility to see the progress that was taking place. The company made profits of more than $250 million the last financial year alone from the sale of their Adcetris drug and the sales are projected to grow to more than $320million this year.
These are the steps that the company has been taking. Compared to the slow process that cancer research in general goes through, the achievements that Clay Siegall has made in such a short period of time are remarkable, and the best part is the benefits to humanity.