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Troy McQuagge Helps Through the USHEALTH Group Company

Troy McQuagge USHealth is dedicated to giving people the options they need no matter what situation they are in. He knows there will be different things he can do if he wants to make a difference for others and that’s part of what has allowed him to keep making USHEALTH Group better. He has always tried to show people how they can make a difference and what they can do to bring changes to the areas he is in. For Troy McQuagge, this is part of how he can make things better for people and it’s what has allowed him to keep working hard on the different options he has. No matter what Troy McQuagge is doing, he feels he can show people how things will get better and what they can do to make everything change in the industries they are a part of. It all goes back to the help he can provide and what he can do to make that happen.

If Troy McQuagge continues to work to provide HOPE to people, he knows it will be something he can benefit from. With the HOPE program, Troy McQuagge knows what it will take to give everyone the things they need. He likes to use it for its purpose: Helping Other People Everyday. There have been many changes that he can use to make things better and that’s how he can show others what they are getting out of the situations he has been able to help them with.

No matter what Troy McQuagge is doing, he is giving others a chance to be successful. He knows there will be things that will bring change to the community and he is going to use that to provide people with all the help they need. It is his way of making sure the community knows what he’s doing and knows how they are going to experience everything he has to offer them. For Troy McQuagge, this is how he can do the best business possible no matter what is going on in his own life.

The USHEALTH Group has benefitted from HOPE. Troy McQuagge knows what he needs to do and that is how the group has grown. He started working for the company when it was very small. They did not have a lot of clients and they didn’t have the ability to give them different plans. Through the hard work Troy McQuagge put into the business, he was able to make sure things were going to work for the company. He was also going to continue helping people with the issues they were facing before they started using USHEALTH Group to get the things they needed in their insurance.


UTC’s Louis Chenevert Had A Huge Impact On The Corporation

Canadian born businessman Louis Chenevert left a sparkling legacy at the manufacturing giant UTC. United Technologies Corporation is a conglomerate or corporations including one that Chenevert worked for many years called Pratt & Whitney. They manufacture anything that has to do with aerospace like jet planes, helicopter, and the pieces used on these aircraft. United Technologies Corporation are known for supplying the military and commercial companies with the most advanced jet engines the world has seen. They make aerostructures, flight controls, flight sensors, brakes, actuators, and landing gear. UTC is also the top manufacturer of helicopters in America. On top of that they are biggest manufacturer of escalators and elevators in the entire world. United Technologies Corporation is the leader in refrigeration, heating and air conditioning equipment, and fire detection in the United States. (More:



When the United States was in the recession Louis Chenevert single-handedly brought the price of stocks up 200 percent, from $37 dollars a share to $117 a share. UTC was also able to pay out dividends to shareholders after nearly 70 years. Another notable accomplishment on Louis Chenevert was in the acquisition of Goodrich Tires for $18.5 billion dollars. It took about a year of negotiations but with patience and drive, Chenevert was successful. He brought UTC massive profits and worldwide recognition for superior craftsmanship without batting an eye. Through this he upheld high standards of not harming the environment, upsetting local communities, outsourcing production, paying unfair wages, or doing any unnecessary firings. Louis really looks at the big picture when it comes to businesses and plots out the future, so they continue to thrive. That is why Louis  Chenevert is so successful at whatever he puts his mind to. Visit This Page to learn more.


Mr. Chenevert previously worked for General Motors as Production General Manager. He served the company for 14 years. He currently works as the Executive Advisor at Goldman Sachs. Louis Chenevert attended HEC Montreal where he got his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Production Management. This was in 1979. He also received a doctorate honoris causa from the same University. He lives in Hartford, Connecticut with his wife. It is also the headquarters of United Technologies Corporation.


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Legendary Louis Made UTC

Louis Chenevert is a legend among business executives. When people look at his run with United Technology Corporation, it is no wonder that he can be called one of the greatest businessmen of all time.


During his time at United Technologies Corporation, he was able to stabilize the aerospace manufacturer during a time when the entire industry was in flux. He was able to do that because he expected the company to have assets in other sectors. This allows him to do several things. He was able to use the profits in other sectors to offset the deficit in the aerospace industry. Also, because he included them as subsidiaries of the larger Corporation, should there be a profit loss, he could dump them on the subsidiary without affecting the main Corporation.


During his time working with United Technologies Corporation, he was able to raise their stock price from a respectable $37 to a fortune making $117. His reward for this was a compensation package totaling over $22 million. In this compensation package, over 4 million was given as stock options, over 4 million was a cash bonus, over 1 million was a salary, and over 11 million contained other options granted to him. Visit This Page for more information about Louis Chenevert.



During his run as the chief executive officer, one of the main things he had to do was secure more contracts from dependable organizations. Chenevert began by expanding into creating jet engines for both the military and private corporations. His skill at bartering and negotiation was able to land him contracts to the point that United Technologies Corporation eventually became the world’s largest provider of military aircraft. In order to keep expanding in the military sector, United Technologies Corporation would acquire Goodrich for $16.3 billion investment.


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He was able to keep United Technologies Corporation stable by spreading out into the refrigeration and AC industry, producing sensors, flight controls, and aerospace systems. Working in these related but different sectors allowed him to offset the deficit and once the aerospace manufacturing industry stabilized to secure great profits for his wonderfully growing company.


He would step down in 2014.


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Troy McQuagge receives his Gold Award from One Planet Awards

Do not make a mistake of assuming that Troy McQuagge won the award because he has worked at USHEALTH Group for ages, he has not even finished a decade at the company, but his efforts have been evident and recognized worldwide. Troy McQuagge joined the insurance provider back in 2010. He immediately put this tools to work and restructure one of the company’s most important part, the advisors. He restructures the USHEALTH Advisors making the subsidiaries more profitable and more reliable by the intended consumers.

In 2014, Troy was appointed to serve as the company’s CEO and president. His leadership skills were solid. He made the Texas-based insurance provider very profitable. The company grew in size as well as the number of covers it offered. It is his effort in redefining USHEALTH Group that made Troy stand out as the CEO of the year.

When receiving the award, Troy was kind enough to state that the award belonged to all the people working at USHEALTH Group. According to him, the competitiveness and success of the company are as a result of combined efforts and determination from all. The One Planet Award is given to all business people and other professionals who are exceptional in their specific industry. The award is not limited to Health Insurance companies; it is open for people in all sectors, large or small, for-profit or nonprofits. Troy won a Gold award as the CEO of the year 2016 in the very competitive yet coveted award that is open to all people across the globe.

Troy got his bachelors of Arts in Legal studies from the University of Central Florida. He is an innovative leader who revolutionized USHEALTH Group to become one of the leading Health insurance companies covering health needs of self-employed US citizens as well as those who own small businesses.

Troy started his career in sales promotion back in 1983 when he began working at Allstate Insurance. He later moved to UICI/ Health Markets in 1995 where he worked until 2010 when he left the company to Join USHEALTH Group. Know more:


Matthew Autterson Success in Financial Industry

Mr. Autterson is a well-renowned financier. He has served in many financial institutions and doubled has the chairman of the most substantial charted financial institution in the whole country, Matthew Autterson is 25 years old. He graduated with a degree in B.A finance from Michigan State University in the year 1980. He too did attend the University of Denver under a tax program. His career started when he joined First trust cooperation a subsidiary company under Fisery. He abandoned the company in 1982.He and other colleagues decided to join hands and venture into new territories where they charted Colorado state-chartered company. This company offers financial services in the New York, which was an integrated resource Inc. Around 1986 Mr. Autterson was made the president of the resource trust company until 1989.


This Company and its resources plus assets were acquired by Broad Inc. which later transformed and became Sun America, Inc. The Sun America Company was bought by AIG in the year 1998 for around 18 billion dollars. The resource trust company employed more than 200000 thousand customers plus 15000 the time the resource company was being sold; it had become one of the largest state-chartered FDIC- trust insured depository company in the region. It had employed 700 people. It held 20 billion dollars in custodial assets and 1.0 billion dollars in deposits. Under his leadership, Mr. Autterson was able to attract a large number of customers and also contributed immensely to the success of the Colorado Company. See This Page for More Info.


Mr. Autterson is now serving on the board of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). FAB is a philanthropic organization which engages in offering support to people with neuromata disabilities. FAB has formed partnerships with other leading medical experts and engineers in the country to improve technologies and offer rehabilitation services which inspire the disabled. This has enabled this person to interact successfully with the environment. Matthew Autterson reputable figure over the number of years he has served in different companies has continued to yield tremendous fruits not only in increasing productivity but also ensuring the stability of this company and ability to overcome the markets over the years. Mr. Autterson is a clear and a perfect example of how companies can be transformed and be resourceful to the community and also to the environment.


Mr. Autterson is still sought widely due to his incredible leadership skills. Mr. Autterson has continued to serve on the board of Denver zoo foundation and Webb warring foundations which has seen huge impacts in the long run.

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Troy McQuagge Achievements in Health Insurance

Troy McQuagge, the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, was declared as the Gold Winner of the year in the remarkable One Planet Awards. The famous One Planet Awards is a worldwide program that honors expert and business perfection in every sector across the globe. Companies around the world are entitled to submit their nominations incorporating private and the public, smallest to most prominent, non-profit and revenue driven, and also new corporations.

Check more on Troy McQuagge Honored as Winner in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards:

Mr. Troy joined USHEALTH Group in 2010 and immediately began the work of transforming the firm by re-organizing its constrained marketing and distribution team, USHEALTH Advisors. McQuagge’s accomplishment with re-building Advisors led to his election as the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH in 2014. In his tenure at USHEALTH Group, the company has registered unparalleled achievement, development, and productivity in the extremely competitive individual medical insurance market.

McQuagge pronounced that it was a significant honor for One Planet Awards to acknowledge him. He said that the award belonged to every staff working in the firm citing that it was a demonstration of the firm’s unrelenting dedication to solving the affordability issue in the healthcare sector to offer their clients with an inventive scope that can develop together with their medical insurance. One Planet Awards honors corporations for their business and professional distinction. The program recognizes the companies in segments and classifications which consolidate teams, managers, services and products, PR, organizations and Corporate Communications, and partnerships throughout the world.

Based in Ft. Worth, TX, USHEALTH Group, is an insurance investment firm that focuses mainly on offering pioneering medical insurance for owners of small enterprises, their employees as well as self-employed persons. The company aims to bring together the talents of its staff to develop and market competitive insurance products as well as offering outstanding customer service in each aspect of the company activities.

Mr. Troy graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. degree in 1983. He began his career in the same year by serving in the Allstate Insurance Company. McQuagge got an appointment as the President of the UGA protection office of UICI in 1997. He served in the company until 2006 when private investors bought the company. Due to his remarkable experience at the wheel of the firm’s sales department, the investors sustained him.


Troy Mc Quagge award-winning performance as the CEO of US health group

Troy Mc Quagge, the year’s award-winning CEO in the Prestigious One Planet Awards, clinched the first position among the multiple organizations vying for the position, proudly taking home the gold medal. The award is one of the most sought after honor for any business executive and personnel by a diverse group of investments and individual. Participants are sourced from public enterprises, private enterprises, government and non-governmental organizations, profit making and non-profit organizations and start-ups altogether giving them a leveled ground to assess their competitive performance.

His co-corporate premier as the CEO of the company took place in 2010 when he immediately took up the task of redesigning the business model from a caged distribution organization as his first move in the US based health advisors. His excellence performance and ideology exhibited from the move resulted in him rising through the ranks super-fast to the position of company’s president in the year 2014. From Troy Mc Quagge’s appointment as US Health’s CEO, the organization has improved its performance in all dimensions including service delivery, profit-making and quality making it a pacesetter in the highly competitive health insurers market.

Troy Mc Quagge affirmed his appreciation towards the award as one of his lifetime’s honour. He appreciated the effort and input of his colleagues, both senior and junior co-workers as an attributing factor to winning the most admired award. He re-affirmed USHEALTH Group’s mantra as providing innovative health care coverage for affordable health care needs to their clients, a goal they are already achieving.

Prestigious One Planet Awards does not only award firms for their outstanding performances, but also acts as a key motivation in how a company performs, offers services and standard of their products. To ensure an extensive reach in all corporate performers, the awards are further categorized in different sections which are teams, executives, marketing, public relations, communications, products and services. The categories do not only ensure that all corporate participants are touched, but also ensure that an organization ensures that all its areas are performing exceptionally. Their awarding metrics are also standardized according to the level of organization and personnel offering a leveled competition ground as per participants’ capacity. Click here for detailed information regarding the One Planet awards, terms and conditions and how to participate.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a Texas-based insurance service provider whose focus is on self-employed business owners with small upcoming enterprises. Their executive staff have top notch customer service delivering pocket-friendly insurance products that are next to none. Know more:


The Success of the USHealth Group with Troy McQuagge

In the past, the President and CEO of the USHealth Group Inc., Troy McQuagge has won various prestigious accolades and awards for his exceptional business success. This includes the 2016 Gold award, which he won from the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards. Notably, One Planet is among the existing prestigious and premium award programs in the United States. As such, its wards are highly coveted. The program strives to award top organizations and executives for their outstanding achievements in finance, PR, sales, marketing, growth among others. Annually, the program considers hundreds of nominees from various sectors both from home, USA and internationally. Read more about Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year:

One Planet focuses on both non-profit and for-profit organizations as well as multinationals and corporates. Thus, for Troy McQuagge and the USHealth Group fraternity, it is a genuinely great achievement on winning the award. Troy has been working with the organization, USHealth Group, Inc., as its president and CEO for several years now. Under his profoundly strategic leadership, the institution has witnessed unprecedented success to become among the most prominent insurance holding firms. USHealth Group, Inc. caters to its clientele through the provision of affordable health coverage. Troy McQuagge has also been instrumental in enhancing the innovativeness of the enterprise.

At the USHealth Group, Troy leveraged his innovativeness to develop a proprietary Agency Platform, which significantly transformed the firm into being among the captive career sales companies in the Under 65 insurance market. Previously, Troy McQuagge has worked with HealthMarket where he made his career debut in 1996 and served until 2008.

Notably, his nomination to the One Planet award could be attributed to many aspects of his leadership and business knowledge. His excellent contributions to the Group are the key reasons for his nomination. On receiving the award, Troy McQuagge posted to the media that the award was not for his personal efforts, but instead, it belonged to his team at the USHealth Group who he worked with. Moreover, he added that the award was a clear and reliable testament to the organization’s commitment to developing and instituting better, sustainable and affordable healthcare solutions, which are customized to the needs of its clientele. Overall, Troy McQuagge noted their goal to continue working for the same and better industrial excellence in the future.

Troy and his organization, USHealth Group, Inc., focuses on the provision of innovative and affordable coverage for small business owners and self-employed individuals. Troy McQuagge is a successful member f the alumni community of the Central University of Florida from where he finished with a Bachelor of Arts degree in legal studies. Currently, Troy is based in Texas’ Fort Worth, from where he is involved in numerous voluntary organizations, including HopeKids Dallas, Semper Fi Fund, and Crisis Nursery Phoenix among others. In addition, Troy McQuagge features deep interests in social action, civil rights, human rights, health, and children as well as disaster and humanitarian relief. Visit:


Doe Deere Gives People the Freedom to Express Themselves Through Makeup

From a very early age, Doe Deere has been ambitious. It’s one of her most admired qualities other than the fact that she’s not afraid to express herself. Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, a popular cosmetic company that specializes in cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products. Lime Crime is bright, fun, and affordable. It’s everything that Deere realized was lacking in the makeup world.


Deere made Lime Crime happen because she’s always had a passion for makeup. When others ask her for advice, she likes to say “go where you love.” That’s exactly what she did. Deere not only loves makeup, but she’s also very good at it. If you see pictures of her or catch her out in public, her sheer beauty is something to be admired. She’s not like anyone else and that’s why they call her the Queen of Unicorns. Deere likes to rock bold makeup and bright hair. Altogether, she’s perfected a flawless look that makes her stand out from the crowd. Deere likes to inspire others to treat makeup as an art form. That’s why there’s a look book available on Lime Crime’s website where users can show off their favorite looks as well as get inspiration from others.


Lime Crime has created a community of makeup and fashion lovers. It’s brought together people from all over the globe who share the same goal of becoming as magical as they can. Deere realized that there were people who loved bright colors and that’s what helps her continue to grow Lime Crime.


Deere started Lime Crime in 2008 when she couldn’t find unusual colors. Everything seemed a bit neutral and boring to her. She knew she couldn’t be alone and that’s how the company was born. Deere simply started making colors that couldn’t be found anywhere. If you were to ask Deere what makeup means, she would say it means freedom to express yourself. So many people are worried about being judged for what they look like. Deere is trying to fight against that by showing others that they can be whatever they want and they can dress however they want. That’s why Deere doesn’t discriminate with her products. She wants users to know that male or female, there’s a product for them. No one has to give into the stereotypes of what they should look like and what kind of makeup products they should use based on gender. Learn more:

Troy McQuagge Recognized and Honored by One Planet Award Program

One-planet award programs is a premier program that is aimed at identifying and honoring businesses, originations and individual professional excellence at any given level and industry. It is not limited to a specific area but recognizes anyone at any level and situated anywhere across the globe. Startup businesses, small businesses to the largest, nonprofit organizations as well as profitable organizations are all eligible for this program.

For an individual or company to be recognized by one-planet awards programs, means that the impact of their work or professional excellence is of impeccable quality and standard. However, the honors are subdivided into various sections and categories, such as corporate communications, public relations, teams, marketing, executives and much more. 2016‘s one planet Gold award was awarded to Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group.

USHEALTH Group is an insurance holding company in Fort Worth, Texas, that is aimed at improving and giving insurance products and services that are of superior quality to small business owners and self-employed individuals. Their drive and goal aim at combining the talents of its employees with those of their agents and empowering them to be in a position to offer profitable and competitive insurance products. This is done while still delivering high-quality services at every aspect of the company’s operations.

Improvements and changes made by Troy at the company have made the company’s growth recognizable by many and embraced by their clients. When he stepped in USHEALTH Company in 2010, he changed the company’s advisory structure by rebuilding its distribution agency. He also retooled advisers, a move that led to his election into the office of the company president and becomes the CEO in 2014.

His determination has led to the exponential growth of the company, bringing in high profits at the same time. The success of the company and growth led to him being recognized and honored by one planet award program in 2016. He recognizes that the success of USHEALTH Group and recognition of their professional excellence at USHEALTH Group is attributed to the company’s teamwork and sheer hard work of every individual working in the company. Check more: