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A Review of Unique Beneful Dog Food Products

Beneful is a brand of unique dog food products produced by Nestle PurinaStore  Petcare Company. The brand comprises of dry dog food, tasty snacks, dog treats [see:], and dry dog food. It has revolutionized the pet food industry by launching a series of innovative products to the market. The foods are made using special and tasty ingredients such as vitamin-rich veggies and real meats. They are completely balanced and highly nutritious. Dogs that are fed with Beneful food on a regular basis are strong and healthy.
Beneful dog food types

Beneful has different types of dog foods manufactured to address the health and lifestyle needs of dogs. Pet owners are offered an opportunity to choose a product that suits the needs of their dogs. These product are available on Wal-mart.


This product falls into the category of dry dog food. It is made with real chicken and calcium-rich formula. When a puppy is introduced to this product at an early stage, its immunity is boosted to a top-notch level. The calcium contained in the product helps in the development of a healthy brain and perfect vision. The product is flavored with carrots and peas.


The dry dog food brand contains real beef and egg. It gives the dog the right amount of nutrients necessary for bone development and general body health. The food is accented with spinach and blueberries.

ORIGINALS with real salmon

This dry dog food is enriched with omega nutrition that gives the dog the necessary nutrition for daily growth and thriving. The omega-rich nutrition has ability to improve the quality of skin and give it a shiny coat. Incorporation of real salmon in the diet of a dog plays a significant role in boosting its health.

ORIGINALS with real beef

This product is a dry dog food containing antioxidant-rich nutrition, which protects the dog from disease by strengthening its immunity. The diet is mixed with tender and crunchy snacks highly adored by most dogs. It is flavored with vitamin rich peas, carrots, and spinach.


This product falls into the category of wet dog food. It consists of small chopped, but highly flavored carrots, tomatoes, beef, and wild rice.