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The contribution of Gregory James Aziz on the success of National Steel Car

The National Steel Car as a company

Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the National Steel car has been ranked the best in car manufacturing. The company is based in Ontario. The company has had more than a century of continued operation in freight manufacturing. Owing to the demands of the clients, the organization has been very keen on the production of quality cars to satisfy the needs of the customers. Other than just the manufacturing of cars, the company is dedicated to providing several other social works with the aim of giving back to the community.

The early life of Gregory James Aziz

Gregory was born in April 1949 in Ontario, London. He first attended his college in Ridley College then later studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. After his studies, Gregory worked together with his family in their food company which grew after his input. Later, between 1980 and early 1990s, he worked with different banks at a variety of positions.

His influence in the growth of the manufacturing company

In 1994, Gregory Aziz became one of the brains behind the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco. By this time, the company was only based in Canada, and James Aziz had better plans with it. After its purchase, Greg focused on making the company stronger. He ensured that the core values are strengthened. On top of this, Gregory J Aziz made sure that the annual manufacturing of cars increased from 3000 to 12000 in five years from its purchase. With this improvement, the rate of employment equally had to grow, and this provided many opportunities to the residents.

Gregory’s success as the president

Under his leadership, the National Steel Car has been on the top of its competitors for several years. In North America, it is the leading company producing quality cars. It is the only railroad freight car with that is ISO certified. Since 1996, Gregory ensured that the company should focus on quality and market will develop on its own. For over twenty years, the National Steel Cars has been seen to produce the highest quality cars, and it has received its certification over these past decades. In five years, the company increased the employment population from 600 to 3000 between 1994 and 1999. His knowledge and experience in the manufacturing fields have been attributed to the successful operation of this company.

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MB2 Dental Concludes its Recruitment Season

In April 2017, the MB2 Dental finished its annual recruitment season. The Company hosted the A&M Dentistry Students in Texas. The Company visited different dental schools across Texas during the 2016/2017 season.

The aim of the dentist-owned Company was to equip the students with the information and opportunities to enable them to decide on their dental career. The Primary goal of hosting these events is to connect the students and the doctors. The Company also seeks to introduce the students to the services they offer.

The 2017 recruitment season attracted the 3rd and 4th-year dental students. The students connected with the Doctors and they received information on the opportunities and challenges that come with a dental career.

MB2 Solutions was established by dentists to connect the dentists together. The foundation of the company is the dentists can achieve more as a unit than individuals. MB2 has provided the dentists with opportunities to run their practices with ease. The Company has over 75 affiliated clinics across different States.

Check out to read a full interview by Dr. Chris Villanueva.

About MB2

MB2 Dental, founded in 2009 is a dentist operated Company. Dr. Chris Villanueva, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company, created the firm to provide the dentists with business solutions. Most dentists experience extreme challenges in running their practices. However, in partnership with the Company, the dentist can focus on what matters; their patients.

The Company has provided the partners with services to enable them to run their practices efficiently. Even though the clinics have partnered with the MB2, they still maintain their independence.

The services

The management recognizes that patient satisfaction is the foundation of every practice. That is the reason why they offer assorted business services.

Human resources: the department seeks to cultivate an environment that enhances employee growth and wellness. MB2 provides the dental clinics with various services including payroll services, talent acquisition, labor relations, compliance, and employee development

Recruitment services: the employees determine the success of the Company. That is why the recruitment team takes the time to evaluate the candidates and choose the best employees for your clinics.

Procurement: the Company has partnered with the largest supply companies. The team will ensure that the dentists have all the dental supplies they need. They are also able to choose quality and cost-effective products.

Training: MB2 Dental offers training through the MB2 University. The Company provides educational materials to employees with the aim of improving their skills and knowledge in the dental practice. They also train the managers and help them promote their growth in the field.

Marketing: It is critical for the clinics to market their services. The team helps design a tailor-made marketing strategy for all the clinics.

Accounting and finance: MB2 Company helps the clinics to manage the accounting operations of the dental practices. They also help in development and preparation of the financial records. MB2 handle the tax returns reports that are required by IRS.

MB2 offers associate dental opportunities. The dentists can request for an evaluation if they want to join the Company.

Dr. Chris Villanueva shares what it’s like working in the unique company culture he has cultivated at MB2 Dental >>

Is Copa Star The Best Hospital in Rio de Janeiro?

Rio de Janeiro is known for success in a lot of areas. However, for a long time, it had always been lagging behind in terms of luxurious healthcare services. But not anymore, not since Copa Star hospital was established in Rua Figueiredo Magalhães.

Copa Star is a five star hospital, occupying 7 floors and a basement. The hospital lies on 21,000 sq. meters of land. It is owned by Jorge Moll of the D’Or network, a network of luxury healthcare service providers. The network invested $400 million on the hospital to have a total of 115 private suites and 59 ICU units. The hospital has 9 hybrid rooms, which act as the operation rooms. These rooms utilize magnetic resonance and the most advanced technology. This way, surgeons can do tests on patients as they are undergoing surgery. Also, in the hybrid rooms, surgeons can have real time conversations with other surgeons allowing them to brainstorm and come up with the best treatment strategy for a particular patient.


If you haven’t been to the hospital before and happen to see it from a far, then I wouldn’t blame you if you confused this to be a five star hotel. The architectural design and the magnificent lighting might get you thinking that this is one heck of a hotel. But it isn’t. It is a Hospital Copa Star, built with luxury and comfort in mind. It is a dedication to the AAA class clientele of Rio de Janeiro and all other states in Brazil. Now, Brazilians don’t have to travel across the world in search for luxury healthcare services.

How is Copa Star a definition of Luxury? First, when you come to the hospital, the smell and surrounding will not alert you that you are in a medical facility. You are greeted by brightly lit corridors that are decorated with fine optical illusion works of art done by Toyota. You are further invited by a five star onsite restaurant that employs some of the best Swedish chefs. You and your guests can dine at the restaurant, and am calling them guests because they are treated as such. Your guests are allowed to sleep in your private suite, where they might not even notice the difference between these rooms and a fine hotel room. The rooms have a lobby with sofas and all you and your guest might need for comfort, while checking out the Copacabana beach. You also are allowed to customize your environment. By this I mean that you can play around with the lighting, adjust the position of your bed and draw the drapes as you please. All this is by thetouch of a few buttons on the iPads provided by the hospital. Visit the site to know more about Copa Star.

Don Ressler: Look Good and Feel Good in JustFab


Online subscription services are becoming increasingly popular. They allow a user to obtain products they wouldn’t be able to find in stores or find items that they were looking for bundled with similar ones. The beauty of these services is that they normally deliver products right to the user’s door, making it convenient for busy people.

JustFab Inc is an online subscription service that carries a wide selection of accessories like handbags and jewelry, as well as shoes and denims. The service uses surveys regarding your fashion tastes to select items that the customer would actually like. Unlike other subscription services, however, users have the option to choose from the selections a “personal stylist” makes for them. The options to request new items or even skip a month are also available. On top of offering such a range of products, this fabulous service is available for only $39.95 a month.

JustFab Inc also offers athletic wear through their Fabletics division. Fabletics is also an online subscription service, but it mainly carries sportswear, as well as dresses and swimsuits. It also carries athletic wear for both men and women.

In November of 2016, JustFab Inc announced that they would become all-inclusive, meaning that they would start offering a larger selection of items for plus-sized women. Don Ressler, the co-CEO and founder of JustFab Inc, is supportive of the all-inclusive push. He wants people to look and feel good, no matter their size. He is quite happy that his company is able to provide unique items for people, regardless of their body type.

Including JustFab Inc, Don Ressler is also the CEO of other fashion related companies, including Intelligent Beauty, which he founded in 2006. Intelligent Beauty is a company that retails beauty and health products online. From skin care to hair care to weight loss products, Intelligent Beauty offers a plethora of goods.

Whether their customer needs some shoes for a party or a new pair of yoga pants, JustFab Inc can now provide the products that their entire user base needs, no matter their size.  Learn more about Don Ressler, and where he is taking JustFab next on his CrunchBase profile.


Incredible Investment Tips by Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a division linked to capital creation for corporations, governments, and individuals. Investment banks assist their clients in raising capital through underwriting equity securities and new debt. They also aid in securities sales, mergers and acquisitions, and reorganization. Investment banks act as brokers in the issuance and placement of stock.

Structures of investment banks

Most investment banks are affiliated with large banking institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Golden Sachs, and JPMorgan Chase. Investment banks offer guidance through complex financial transactions. They assist corporations involved in mergers, sales, and acquisition. Furthermore, investment banks may assist investors to issue securities as a mean of raising capital. An investment bank creates necessary documentation for a company to go public.

They also serve as intermediary between shareholders and a company in the issuance and placement of bonds. Investment banks are responsible for navigating regulatory requirements as well as pricing financial instruments to maximize shareholders wealth. Often, if a company issues its shares to the public, an investment bank may buy the shares directly. Subsequently, as a proxy for the shareholder, an investment bank sells the shares on the market. As such, securities trade becomes efficient as companies contract out their shares to investment banks. An investment bank stands out to earn a profit as it prices its shares at a markup. In doing so, investment banks take on a significant risk. Although experienced investment banks’ analysts leverage their expertise to price their shares accurately, a bank may take on a substantial amount of loss if they had overvalued the stock.

About Martin Lustgarten

As the economy recovers, investors are starting to look into the future. Initially, retirement plan seemed like a dream, but with experienced investment experts like Martin Lustgarten that dream can be a reality.

Martin Lustgarten ranks among the world’s most intelligent investment advisors. Martin leverages his dual citizenship to help his clients invest wisely. He encourages global-scale investment as it reduces the expected risk while riding on the success of the local economy. As a veteran in navigating market trends, Martin can act quickly before the market fluctuates. He has distributed his wealth across nations to minimize the risk of inflation.


Equities First Holdings Concludes Its Initial Transaction In The United Kingdom

Equities First Holdings (EFH) concludes a transaction with Andre Newland. Recently, the world leader in alternative shareholder financing announced that it had fully returned 1.35 million shares to ANGLE plc. Newland is the CEO of ANGLE plc. The stock, which was returned to Newland, was used as a collateral in a financial transaction. The time horizon of the financing facility was two years. This transaction is regarded as the first for EFH in the United Kingdom. This was after the company purchased Meridian Equity Partners Limited in the summer of 2014. The acquired operation was rebranded to Equities First (London) Limited. This entity’s operation is subject to the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom’s regulation and authorization.

Equities First Holdings founder, Al Christy, explained that it was business-as-usual for the company to return collateral to clients. The CEO also added that the company and its subsidiaries have successfully closed over 700 transactions. He concluded by saying that EFH has a remarkable record of returning collateral to customers upon maturity. This information was originally published on Market Wired as explained in the link below

About Equities First Holdings

For over 10 years, Equities Fist Holdings has been offering individuals and companies with alternative funding options. In addition, the firm has been enabling clients to meet their professional and personal goals by providing them with capital against stocks traded in the exchange. It issues loans depending on its assessment of the risk as well as the future performance associated with the treasuries, bonds, and stocks. Al Christy founded EFH in 2002. Its headquarters are based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The corporation has an office in New York City. With its provision of non-purpose capital to individuals and companies, Equities First Holdings specializes in designing a product that will resourcefully supply liquidity. This success is achieved through an open process, which is secure and has attractive terms.

Its approach to non-purpose financing has resulted in the growth of the company’s transactions. Moreover, its method of funding allows its clients to enjoy flexible terms of financing. The company provides clients with capital at a lower cost as compared to what traditional financial institutions offer. The company has established its operations in different nations. Equities First Holdings has offices in London, Singapore, Bangkok, Perth, and Sydney. It runs fully owned subsidiaries. They include Equities First (London) Limited, Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, and Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited.

The King of Chicago: Raj Fernando

“Chicago, Chicago that toddling town. Chicago, Chicago I will show you around” are the lyrics to the 1922 song “Chicago” that was made famous by Frank Sinatra years later. The city of Chicago itself has been famous worldwide for many years. Aside from its tourism industry, Chicago is the site of numerous corporate headquarters and companies. One of these companies is called Chopper Trading. Founded by Raj Fernando in 2002, Fernando serves as the CEO of Chopper Trading, a mid-sized proprietary trading firm.

Before the founding of Chopper Trading in 2002, Fernando previously worked as a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade from 1996 until 2003. Fernando has also been a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since 1997. It should be noted that Fernando also graduated from Beloit College (located in Beloit, Wisconsin). He earned his bachelor’s degree in both economics and history.

Aside from his career and education, Fernando has been known for his support of philanthropic causes in Chicago. Most notably Fernando is a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and a governing member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. In addition to supporting philanthropic causes, Fernando has also been a large donor and fund raiser to the Democratic Party. Fernando has raised money for both Hillary Clinton and President Barrack Obama and even the William J. Clinton Foundation.

In conclusion, Raj Fernando is the founder and CEO of Chopper Trading, a successful proprietary trading firm. With 14 years serving as CEO, Fernando has proven his success and knowledge in what he does. It should come as no surprise then that Chopper Trading was named as one of the top workplaces in 2012 by the Chicago Tribune. All of this is a testament to the life and career of Raj Fernando, a businessman who supports philanthropic causes and political candidates by donating his own money and by fund raising. Fernando is truly an exceptional individual in life and business.

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Owner Ken Goodrich of Goettl Air Conditions Helps Veteran Start His New Career


Goettl Air Conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona has an outstanding record in residential and commercial HVAC cooling systems. In recent news they have stood out for something even cooler…. They helped Nick Hughes, a U.S. Navy Veteran get the tools he needed to start his career. Nick Hughes went to the College of Southern Nevada and studied Air Conditioning Technology. He was chosen for the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Awards which was worth $1000, as reported in the PR newswire, to choose any tools he needed to begin his career. This is one of two scholarships Goettle Air Conditioning offers.
Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl Air Conditioning in 2013 from the Goettl family, who had moved the company from Las Vegas Valley, Nevada to Arizona. Currently there is an office in Las Vegas again, since April 2016. His love for repairing air conditioners, which started as a kid with his father, has given him the necessary tools to keep this business running at full speed.

Goettle Air Conditioning covers air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and Commercial HVAC. Arizona heat can be overwhelming, and Goettle can repair the problem or get your house installed with a new AC unit. Winter months, Goettle Air Conditioning can service your furnace and heat pumps. If the quality of your air inside your home is less than perfect, they offer installation of humidifiers and UV germicidal lights and air cleaners. If duct service is needed, they do that too.

Everyone can appreciate energy efficiency. Duct testing services can help you determine if your cold or hot air is leaking out the ducts, and properly clean and seal when needed. The Commercial industry can benefit as well. Commercial HVAC Systems that affect your business needs can be a big job, but Goettle Air Conditioning can get you up and running 24/7.

Goettl Air Conditioning offers its customers a wide variety of options. If a customer needs a brand new AC unit, or a repair on an existing unit, Goettle will take pride in making its customers satisfied. Their customer service is like no other, with 24/7 support and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Owner Awards Graduate Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award


Nick Hughes, a soon to be graduate of the two-year air conditioning technology program at College of Southern Nevada, was just awarded the Post 9/11 Veteran’s Tools Award. Hughes was happy to receive the tools, as it will seriously help boost his career success. Nick was a cook in the Navy for seven years. He currently works for an HVAC contracting firm. He was very appreciative of the support. Goodrich is big on supporting veterans. He claims they make some of the best workers in the industry.
Goettl Air Conditioning owner Ken Goodrich rewards Veteran, College of Southern Nevada student

Goettl Air Conditioning is owned and operated by Ken Goodrich. The company started in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl. It came to Las Vegas in 1968. The recession in 2007 caused them to close this location. In 2013 Ken bought the company and in 2016, reopened the Las Vegas branch. From the age of 10, Goodrich worked alongside his father in the business, and grew to love it. He is passing on his support to those coming up behind him.

Goettl has branches in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson. Although, the weather is nice most of the time, it is critical in Arizona and Nevada to have a place to cool off. That means a having a strong air conditioning system. They provide air conditioning installation services that you can count on in the heat. If you’re not sure which type of system is best for your situation, you can rely on the recommendation you get from Goettl. They are the experts. They will help you select the right size system and brand that is best for you.

Air-conditioning maintenance is also critical. When you need reliable maintenance service to stay cool, you can depend on Goettl. Their technicians are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable about all systems. With Goettl, you are in good hands. They know their business.

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Duda Melter: A Man of Innovation and Change

Duda Melzer is the President of a Brazilian multimedia, communication conglomerate known as Grupo RBS. Group RBS was founded by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho and produces multimedia content for digital, radio, television and newspaper platforms. Duda, known by his birth name Eduardo, now leads his family’s enterprise. He has a strong presence in the world of business, and is a dynamic, innovative individual who is keenly aware of the many challenges that face businesses today. His knowledge and experience of media development is an asset. His vision, as well as the vision for his company, is achieving corporate objectives without compromising the values they identify and distinguish. Their values guide their actions, their decisions, and their relationships with others.

Duda Melzer understands that successful companies must adapt and change. He is committed to the continuous growth of his family’s company. To ensure its expansion into the future, he has transformed and consolidated both the leadership and the operations at Grupo RBS, and has shown the corporate landscape that in order to evolve, firms must be ready and willing to adapt. One of the ways in which RBS Grupo will transform the face of communication industry is through digital entertainment. Their digital business e.Bricks focuses on the future of digital media, e-commerce and mobile apps.
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