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Troy McQuagge Recognized and Honored by One Planet Award Program

One-planet award programs is a premier program that is aimed at identifying and honoring businesses, originations and individual professional excellence at any given level and industry. It is not limited to a specific area but recognizes anyone at any level and situated anywhere across the globe. Startup businesses, small businesses to the largest, nonprofit organizations as well as profitable organizations are all eligible for this program.

For an individual or company to be recognized by one-planet awards programs, means that the impact of their work or professional excellence is of impeccable quality and standard. However, the honors are subdivided into various sections and categories, such as corporate communications, public relations, teams, marketing, executives and much more. 2016‘s one planet Gold award was awarded to Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group.

USHEALTH Group is an insurance holding company in Fort Worth, Texas, that is aimed at improving and giving insurance products and services that are of superior quality to small business owners and self-employed individuals. Their drive and goal aim at combining the talents of its employees with those of their agents and empowering them to be in a position to offer profitable and competitive insurance products. This is done while still delivering high-quality services at every aspect of the company’s operations.

Improvements and changes made by Troy at the company have made the company’s growth recognizable by many and embraced by their clients. When he stepped in USHEALTH Company in 2010, he changed the company’s advisory structure by rebuilding its distribution agency. He also retooled advisers, a move that led to his election into the office of the company president and becomes the CEO in 2014.

His determination has led to the exponential growth of the company, bringing in high profits at the same time. The success of the company and growth led to him being recognized and honored by one planet award program in 2016. He recognizes that the success of USHEALTH Group and recognition of their professional excellence at USHEALTH Group is attributed to the company’s teamwork and sheer hard work of every individual working in the company. Check more:

Troy Mcquagge’s Triumphant Journey in Professional Life

Troy McQuagge, the CEO of the USHEALTH Group, is a Native American born in Panama, Florida. In the year 1983, he was able to complete his studies from the University of Central Florida where he obtained a business administration degree. He immediately searched for a job after the school and luckily enough got his first employment in the Allstate insurance company the same year. Troy made a big success in his career and later secured a position in the United Insurance Company in the student department in the year 1995. He had excellent leadership skill profile and moved on to become the president of the United Insurance Company’s Agency. This did not stop there but worked hard and superseded the expectation of his bosses with just a single year’s sale.

He served in the UICI the year 1997 to 2006 when the company was purchased by private equity investors. The private investor withheld from keeping troy aside based on his adept experience the company’s sales department wing. He was later elevated to be the manager of the company’s sales department and was given the role of overseeing the market development strategies of the now new company. The comp [any was now under a new name- Health Market Group (HM). He was later elected president of the company in the year 2007. With this kind of appointment, it implied that the bosses had trust in him and thus much was expected from him. He managed to transform the company regarding high profit and raised the company’s recognition.

Troy’s achievements did not go unnoticed. He has been awarded for his achievements and also for the contributions that he made towards the advancement of the company as well. Many centers for excellence have awarded him. He received a gold award from the CEO World Awards for being the most innovative CEO as he works for the USHEALTH Group. It is an ultimate prize of a kind that includes the world’s best leadership and performance regarding innovation, new products, organization performance and social and corporate performance. For troy to win such an award, it means that he had emerged the best of the entire private and the public companies that had submitted their nominations. Troy has moreover bagged the CEO of the year from One Planet Award. The One Planet Award credited his performance in hard work and commitment. This was based on how well he has managed to organize the USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Group was also honored with the award of the best field sales of the year. Among other awards are the group of the year in banking, financial accounting and insurance and the Sales Growth Achievement of the year. Read more:


Paul Mamphilly: The Magnum Opus of Forex Trade

Most people who are successful in the forex trade industry will tell you that one of the secret ingredients to success is Paul Mamphilly’s profit unlimited. The eight-page newsletter recently hit 60,000 subscribers and now more than ever Paul is encouraged to continue offering his advice each month.
Reasons behind the massive success of the newsletter
There are many reasons why the newsletter is successful, but one of the main ones is because Mamphilly is enough proof of success in forex trading having made $88 million out of a mere $50 million during a time when the recession was at its peak. He was able to achieve that without sacrificing any stocks or using any illegal channels. Other reasons may be because he offers highly detailed and helpful advice on every release of profits unlimited. Thanks to his passion for helping people reach the epitome of success. Mamphilly shares his ones and twos in the best way possible so that every investor can understand. Moreover, most of the stocks which he recommends on his website are always profitable something which goes a long way to increase the confidence of investors in him. He takes a different path from traditional brokers by offering his knowledge to his clients so they can be in the capacity to help themselves in future by setting up their accounts instead of doing everything for them. That helps them become independent and smart in future, and they can make even more profits. Additionally, they receive trade alerts and monthly briefings so as they can remain updated and the site is encrypted to ensure that their information is always safe.
About Paul Mamphilly
Paul Mamphilly is a force to reckon in the Forex trading industry and has more than two decades of experience in the field. His journey to success began a few years back after he graduated from Fordham University with an MBA and started his career as an assistant manager at Bankers Trust in 1991. Since then Paul has worked with the finance departments of various facilities and institutions such as Deut she Bank and many others. He has played a significant role in some of the biggest hedge funds such as the $6 billion fund and prides himself on having companies like Swiss private banks, European Aristocracy, and several others as his clients. Paul is known for his skills and got his breakthrough in finance when he managed to make $88 million out of a $50 million investment at a time when inflation rates were at the apex. Today Paul is retired and spends most of his time with family and engaging in charity. He gives back to the society through his newsletters which empower other investors with skills and which help them know the best stocks to invest in.


Susan McGalla Blazes Trails for Women in Business

In recent years, statistics have further proven that companies that employ a gender-diverse approach have performed considerably higher than those that do not, and ethnically diverse companies have performed higher still. It is believed that companies that utilize these types of diversity are generally more successful than their counterparts due to the open-mindedness to new ideas that are often associated with these companies. Although diversity has shown to significantly increase the overall performance of companies, very few women hold C-level positions in S&P 500 companies.

Despite the resistance toward diversity seen within many S&P 500 corporations, women, such as Susan McGalla, have helped to pave the way for women leaders. McGalla sites her ability to work well with both men and women, as a result of the way that she was raised. Living in a household with two brothers, and a father who worked as a football coach, instilled a type of ruggedness that suggested that nothing would be handed to her just because she was a woman.

Working her way through the ranks at American Eagle Outfitters, she eventually became the president of a company that, when she began her career there, consisted solely of male executives. After leaving American Eagle Outfitters, she founded P3 Executive Consulting and is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is within an industry that is firmly dominated by men.

Susan McGalla is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. McGalla has held executive positions at American Eagle Outfitters, as well as Wet Seal Inc. During her time at American Eagle Outfitters, she was responsible for four brands and three billion dollars in revenue. She initiated her foray into the business world at Joseph Horne Company, holding a series of managerial and marketing positions from 1986 until 1994.

The Great Entrepreneur Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison remains of the most successful entrepreneurs in the business world. Unlike many entrepreneurs who concentrate on one field of business, Harrison has achieved significantly in various sectors of the global economy including cryptocurrency. He is not only a renowned businessman but also a reputable author and media expert.

Since 2015, he has been the chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co: an organization established to manage and grow his personal and family assets. Harrison also serves as a managing partner of Monkey Capital and Fintech. He has continued to support Monkey Capital through his unique entrepreneurial approaches. This has seen the organization go on record as being the first ICO to effectively trade pre-ICO options. The firm has created real value for business through its investments in Blockchain and SpaceX contracts.

Monkey Capital’s great success has not gone unnoticed. In an interview session with Harrison, Chris Waltzek awarded the company 6 out of 5 star rating. A similar accolade has been echoed by Huffington Post’s senior writer Azeem Khan. Khan pointed out that Monkey Capital could be the first crowd funding organization to register a ten digit sum. The firm has been cited by many to present significant benefits to its subscribers.

Daniel Mark Harrison

Harrison was in London: the most popular city in England. He pursued a BA in Theology from the University of Oxford. Harrison later earned an MBA from the BI Norwegian Business School in 2006. He went further and pursued another Master’s Degree in Journalism at the New York University. His rich academic background has significantly contributed to the kind of a person he is today.

Daniel Mark Harrison is a reputable author and editor. He made numerous contributions while working with CoinSpeaker including growing its reader-base to about 450,000 monthly. Harrison is a writer and chief editor at Max Rand, a popular publication on matters of public interest. To date, he has published many books including ‘The Millennial Reincarnations’.

Harrison has worked with several other organizations through his career, serving in various leadership roles. He remains one of the most recognized media personalities of his time. He success record remains a motivation to young and established entrepreneurs.

Daniel Mark Harrison, the Man behind Monkey Capital Success.

Monkey capital is a remarkable money machine firm. Standing as a Fin-Tech and Blockchain venture investment company, many describe it as a regionalized hedge fund and a block chain investment bank. Monkey capital is based in Singapore and headed by an entrepreneur, Daniel Mark Harrison. His impact and drive to the success of the company have been felt throughout his tenure.

Monkey capital has taken over the vast market of ICO. With the help of Daniel Mark Harrison, the firm has beat records selling pre-ICO selections known as COEVAL successfully. Indeed, you can conclude that monkey capital has brought motivation in the market of ICO. The firm is well organized and is capable of displaying high-quality acts, and specific schemes presented with experienced administrators.

Fortunately, monkey capital has brought dignity in Blockchain investment. Undoubtedly, it has been able to hit high margins of profits compared to other firms. In fact, the majority of people across the globe have recognized monkey capital for its surprising move. For instance, Chris Waltzek, a radio host based in United States, rated monkey capital 6 out of five-star rating. He interviewed Daniel Mark Harrison the founder of monkey capital and ranked the firm accordingly.

Besides, monkey capitals COEVAL has been nicknamed a ‘billion dollar baboon’ by huffing post. Huffing imagines COEVAL as a brand that descended from the future. Monkey Capital in this way impacted the world forever by making the pioneer Crowdfunding Option. In this way, the organization advertised the market and cut a specialty for itself by being the pioneer in developments as others tail them in the management of Daniel Mark Harrison.

Daniel Mark Harrison has a strong background of education which enabled him to undertake his career efficiently. His name has hit the headlines in the field of business. He is recognized magnificently as an entrepreneur and besides, Harrison is an excellent author and media professional.

Consequently, Daniel Mark Harrison is the president and CEO of a global investment firm Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO). DMH&CO is his family firm which operates actively across Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. The company takes care and helps in the development of the family assets.

Also, Daniel Mark Harrison was likewise a distributor and an Editor in Chief at Marx Rand. Marx Rand is a general news intrigue distribution concentrating on investigating free personality ideas. Besides, Daniel Mark Harrison writes for CoinSpeaker, and he broke various stories, for example, The End of CoinDesk’s intermediary Index. In journalism, Daniel Mark Harrison has been an active participant in The Wall Street Journal and other magazines.


If you need success, look at Louis Chenevert

If you come across Louis Chenevert’s life story and look at his movement up the ladder of success, you will agree with me that education is the best investment that one can make in life. With his degree in production management, Louis Chenevert is one man who has served in several companies. From being the CEO and Chairman at the UTC, he has also worked as the Gm. At General Motors

This Born French-Canadian worked for a very long time at General Motors. After working for more than two decades, he moved to Pratt & Whitney. For those who this unit, it is a section of United Technologies Corporation. He worked there for about six years and towards the end of this sixth year, he was appointed the president of Pratt & Whitney unit. This was in the year 1999. Pratt & Whitney was his original working place before moving to UTC where he worked as the best president and CEO.

During his stay in UTC, success was the only thing that followed him. He had an impressive achievement that none in the company had ever achieved ever before. He is the sole CEO who was able to manage a conglomerate which was about $100 billion worth. This is an achievement that many people will in their working lifetime, but Chênevert just did it only in a single year. At the same time, he started focusing on the process of acquiring Goodrich. The deal worth $18.4 billion was reached, and in less than one year, an agreement for acquiring Goodrich was reached.

Due to his passion, Louis Chenevert is still working with Goldman Sachs even after retirement. At Goldman Sachs, Louis Chenevert works as an Exclusive Advisor of one division of Goldman Sachs. His principal work here is to find and determine the best development and growth gaps in the market and fill them. If he goes on working for long at Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs too will attain the fame which is similar to the one he produced while working at UTC. If you look at UTC today, you will still see the firm foundation that was laid by Chenevert. That is why the company goes on flourishing and dominating in the market.

Livio Bisterzo’s PeasAndLove Rakes In Leonardo DiCaprio’s Investment

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur, who has earned himself quite a name in America for manufacturing a healthy, organic snack called HIPPEAS. He is the founder of the Green Park Holdings, a company that manufactures and distributes the snack that has been taking America by storm. In addition to the snacks growing popularity, the famous Lad Leonardo Dicaprio’s endorsement of the brand by providing funds to it has garnered Livio’s product even a more credible reputation.

Leonardo’s foundation is no secret tucked away from the masses, but in fact his dedication to preserving wildlife and biodiversity has earned him the title of environmentalist. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation serves to fund projects that seek to protect endangered species, restore climate resilience and optimum environmental factors, revive the naturally existing function of nature and conserve natural habitats and resources.

Likewise, Livio’s plant based products attracted Leonardo’s attention, which resulted in Leonardo’s foundation investing in Green Park Holdings. This isn’t the first time Leonardo has invested in a food industry. He has remained persistent in his concerns regarding environment friendly food and method of manufacturing. Livio’s company has also received investments from other renowned companies such as Strand Equity Partners.

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The HIPPEAS brand is consist of 6 variations of organic chickpea puffs, namely: Sriracha Sunrise, Vegan White Cheddar, Far Out Fajita, Maple Haze, Bohemian Barbecue, Pepper Power, In Herbs We Trust and Happenin’ Hickory.

These snacks are packed with inordinate amount of fiber and proteins and yet have a low caloric content. The snacks do not include any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and are gluten free. They are certified vegan, kosher and organic. Livio’s dedication to produce snacks that not only ‘taste good’ but also do ‘do good’ to the body is easily reflected in the ingredients used to make these snacks.

Not long after the Green Park Holding’s venture into the market in 2015, Livio’s products gained popularity across the US. He saw $2.5 million in revenue the same year the products were introduced. Realistically, Bisterzo has high hopes from his product revenue in the future earning him up to an estimated amount of $11 million. The products are available on Amazon and in 20,000 stores across the US and the UK. Apparently, the demand for HIPPEAS continues to rise.

Livio Bisterzo was born in Italy. He moved to England and attended London’s University of Arts. In 2003, Livio founded his own business, which hosted several entrepreneurial events. Upon discovering marketing gimmicks in him, he expanded his work into other consumer brands, including hospitality and lifestyle businesses. He stepped into the nutritious health industry in 2015 with his Green Park Holdings entrepreneurship.

Livio’s goal has been to continue to contribute to producing healthy foods that have a positive impact on the society and the environment. His purpose is to encourage people to make healthier choices and adopt better lifestyles. His company Green Park Holdings is headquartered in Santa Monica. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three kids.

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Susan McGalla is inspiring women to become leaders by pure example

When companies show diversity, then according to statistics they are more likely to outperform other companies by 15 percent, if they are ethnically diverse, add 20 percent. Even with this, big companies do not have many women in powerful positions. Susan McGalla is trying to flip the script by being an example for women. As a leader, she has inspired women to take action and step up. Raised by a football coach, along with two brothers, Susan was not treated differently because she was a girl. This made her work hard for everything she wanted and did not waver because of her gender. She held many important positions in big companies including her currently job with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Addressing the issue of the lack of women leaders is simple. There are enough support groups that talk about it and they are great. To break the cycle of this discriminatory issue it executive sponsorship. Women in power need to sponsor and mentor women who are trying to break into their respective fields. They need to be motivated to reach high levels of success. Their male counterparts need to support this by helping women find these executive roles. What do they have to lose? Statistically if they become more gender diverse then they will outperform other companies by 15 percent. Women are completely capable of running the show, just look at Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is an American Businesswoman, entrepreneur, and inspiration for women everywhere. She currently works as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

She is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting LLC located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Other positions include of Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Inc., American Eagle Outfitters, and Joseph Horne Company. Susan Received her Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College.

Omar Yunes Achieves success in the Franchising World

Omar Yunes is perhaps one the most enterprising Mexican businessmen in the food industry today; in fact, he currently owns 13 Sushi Itto franchises in varying regions of Mexico, all of which provide a unique dining experience. According to an article in, Omar Yunes began his career in the food industry at the young age of 21, when he opened his first Sushi Itto location. Yunes’ desire to continuously open more locations, and diversify his business portfolio, has created more opportunities for himself and for the people of Mexico. In fact, his individual success has spurred over 400 employment opportunities for those seeking jobs in the food industry. In addition to his success with Sushi Itto, Yunes is also the Co-founder of Atma Real Estate Investment Network, which helps develop businesses both in the United States and Latin America and read full article.

In addition to his Sushi Itto franchises and being Co-founder of Atma Real Estate Investment Network, Yunes is also the founder and Chairman of the Board of Ideas, a business accelerator that provides several resources to new businesses. Some of these resources include providing capital, administrative and development support, and synergistic workflows. Since beginning his career in the food industry Omar Yunes has proven to be a proficient businessman with the capacity to inspire others, and his involvement with both Atma Real Estate and Board of Ideas further illustrates this point and what Omar Yunes knows.

Omar Yunes has been widely praised for his work as a Sushi Itto franchisee, a food service specializing in Japanese cuisine. He was instrumental in helping one of Sushi Itto subsidiary’s win the Best Franchisee of the World award in 2015, which is a demarcation of successful brands in the franchising sector. The annual competition awards recipients based on a number of factors relative to business operations, which includes how they influence the brand/network, overall contributions, employee motivation,  etc and and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

What makes Omar Yunes so successful in the food world? He is exceptionally proficient in marketing and believes in working collectively with his employees, to achieve a common goal; his work ethic and management style have allowed him the opportunity to build relationships that not only benefits him, but everyone involved his businesses and his Website.

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