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Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a 40-year-old rally driver. Michel features for the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Known for his relentless passion for speed and off-road rallying, he is an accomplished driver. In his career, he has participated in the Rally dos Sertoes 9 times as part of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Michel debuted for the Rally dos Sertoes in 2002 as a motorcycle rider. Thereafter he co-piloted for his brother Paul Rodrigo Terpins in the category. In the past four years, Michel has upped his command of co-piloting earning accolades from everywhere.

He is known for his excellent piloting skills and is a very important member of the team with an enviable record of accomplishment in the Brazilian Cross Country Championship contests. With an upcoming race scheduled in the Mid West with 280 participants, he is expected to bring his usual competitiveness and determination into the rally. Along with his brother, the duo has had four splendid seasons driving a T-Rex built by MEM Motorsports. At the same time, Michel and his brother have enrolled for the second consecutive year in the T1 prototype category aboard the T-Rex. Recently, he had this car modified to have more power for the present rally competition.

During the 306-kilometre stage of the Santa Terezinha de Goias to Aruna stage, mechanical problems forced the team of two brothers to slow down. Lack of technical support during the day further complicated the rally’s endeavour. The T-Rex # 322’s gearbox broke as well as damage to the car’s rear suspension was the major culprits in affecting the duo’s performance. Being the leader of the rally, Michel eased off on the accelerator to avoid compounding forming the car’s performance.

By doing so, they were able to finish fourth in prototypes T1 and emeriging10th competition. After the rally, he intimated that though he knew he was ahead in the race, he took special care to make sure that he completes despite losing the lead position. As this is Michel’s 10th participation in the event he heavily depends on the assistance of his brother throughout the rally. In the 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally, the Terpins completed the race in the seventh position.