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Brian Bonar is The Man Behind Bellamy

A recent article in the San Diego Magazine discussed the restaurant Bellamy, which is owned by businessman Brian Bonar. The article was very interesting and highlighted the Bellamy restaurant. Located in the San Diego area, the Bellamy restaurant is well known for its style of food and the atmosphere that the restaurant provides for its customers.

The chef at the Bellamy restaurant is Patrick Ponsaty, who is a world renowned chef. A native of France, the Frenchman has a rare quality regarding food and making restaurants popular. When people think about the Bellamy restaurant, the food served at the restaurant is one of the first things that comes to mind. The menu offers an array of food that comes across as French styled food. The Frenchman Patrick Ponsaty does this on purpose.

San Diego is not a place where people think about French food or a French atmosphere. This is a trait that makes the Bellamy restaurant unique. A true sense of the French culture comes through in the Bellamy restaurant. According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar is the owner of the Bellamy restaurant. Mr. Bonar wanted the Bellamy restaurant to be different than most of the restaurants in San Diego.

One of the ways that he has accomplished this is by bringing in Patrick Ponsaty as the chef, but just as important Mr. Bonar wanted to give Patrick Ponsaty day-to-day responsibility for the restaurant. This opportunity was something that Patrick Ponsaty desired as a chef, which was the opportunity to run a restaurant in the manner that he desired.

Brian Bonar is a businessman in the San Diego. Mr. Bonar has earned a reputation as a very smart businessman who looks for great opportunities. One of the primary business areas that Brian Bonar focuses on regarding businesses is the restaurant industry. Beyond being the owner of Bellamy, Mr. Bonar has a group of restaurants that he oversees. With a solid understanding of the restaurant business and what makes a successful restaurant, Brian Bonar has built a list of successful restaurants.

The difference between a popular restaurant and an average restaurant can be very small in the restaurant business. Brian Bonar has been able to make decisions that have produced very popular restaurants. One of the decisions that Brian Bonar has learned that has a lot to do with the popularity of any restaurant is the chef that controls the food offered by the restaurant.