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Andy Wirth Pushes Squaw Valley Expansion Plan Forward Right Now

Helping people enjoy winter sports has long been a passion for Chief Operating Officer Andy Wirth. Wirth is someone who loves what he does as head of one of the nation’s most prestigious resorts. He is also someone who wants to help others enjoy the outdoor life here in Lake Tahoe. Read more: Andy Wirth –

He knows that winter is an ideal time to spend skiing on the slopes for the first time or crossing hard trails as an expert. This is why he is pleased to announce that his latest plans for expansion in the region are to move forward with official sanction.

Pacer County Planning Commission

According to SierraSun, Wirth wants to help expand the area in order to keep up with the changing times and help meet the needs of all those who live and visit here. This is why he is pleased to announce that his plans for expansion in the area have met with the approval of the Placer Country Planning Commission, an important local regulatory body that is charged with helping to oversee any changes in the area and make sure such changes meet all necessary environmental codes.

With their help, he is confident his plans for the region will be realized, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the Lake Tahoe area even more when they are here.

Loving The Area

It is no surprise that Wirth has been pushing to help modernize many facilities in Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. As head of both resorts, he knows that modern vision is vitally important. Since taking charge of the resorts, he has focused closely on offering value to all those visitors, both new and old, who look to this region to help them have a truly enjoyable winter vacation.

Andy loves this area because he knows that it is one of the great places in the nation. Here, he has spent many an hour rushing across high peaks in a skiing run. His love of many kinds of outdoors sports is something that he hopes others will share with him when visiting his resorts and come away quite happy and relaxed.

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