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Shedding light on Goettl Air Conditioning Company

Goettl air conditioning is a company that offers conditioning services in Phoenix, Tucson, and also Las Vegas. The company has recently acquired the family owned HVAC Company that is the Walton’s Heating and Air. This will allow the company to broaden its borders into the California state.

Since the merging of the two companies, Longbrake has retained the roles of sales manager and also the field supervisor. He admits that ever since they merged forces, the company have grown tenfold.

Goodrich confirms that he had remained silent in announcing the merging of the two companies. The reason being that there were a lot of complications that were connected to operational and marketing issues within Walton’s company.

Goodrich goes on to admit that at the time of acquisition, Walton’s company was stagnant but was also a platform where the company could grow.

Currently, Goettl has employed 300 employees since the acquisition. It also promises a further 200 jobs projected to be distributed in the new territories namely the Tucson and Phoenix markets. This because they are the largest company markets.

Goodrich’s goal for the company is to make it a nationwide brand. This will include expanding into north California and also Texas by the year 2018.

Goettl air conditioning

Goettl air conditioning is a premier AC and heating Service Company in Phoenix and Las Vegas founded in the year 1947. Its headquarters is located in Tempe, Arizona. The air conditioning company is an industry pioneer. Since then. It has grown to gain the trust of the individuals and built a trusted name too for itself. It is the same kind of qualities that it was able to land a new company from the blocks. That is Walton’s heating and air a company that has also established itself in the heating services.

Goodrich, the company owner, highlights that it has to be a smooth journey since purchasing the Goettl air conditioning company in 2012. The diversity of the company presented a challenge that he had never come to face. This was then that he made it to the customers and not about the dollar. This has enabled him to tap into and from the industry. Currently, the company enjoys a 500% growth since the buyout and also generates close to $50 million in annual revenue. Goodrich projects the air conditioning markets to be a $167 billion industry by the year 2024 that is according to the transparency market research.

Services Offered By Goettl Air Conditioning

Comfort at home or business premise is crucial to healthy living and improved productivity among workers. Goettl Air Conditioning has a broad range of services that are designed to improve the comfort of the residents of Phoenix. These services include heat pumps, central air units, humidifiers, air cleaners, furnaces, radiant heating systems and UV germicidal lights. The company also sells and repairs existing ACs through their 24/7 customer service.
In Phoenix, AZ, staying cool during summer is a huge challenge. The high temperatures during the day cause discomfort and may result in heat strokes, especially among senior citizens. Goettl has a broad range of air conditioners, which are capable of cooling any home or commercial space. These air conditioners are highly efficient and reliable, as they have minimal breakdowns. The company has experienced technicians who can solve all repairs and maintenance concerns of the clients. In cases of obsolete equipment, the company can replace the air conditioners with ultra-modern types that are customized to the needs of a homeowner.
Just as air conditioning is important during summers, heating systems are necessary during winter. Goettl has developed various heating systems having customizable capacities. Before the company’s technicians install a heating system, they first determine the amount of heating that a home needs in order to ensure that the system installed is the ideal one. Just like with air conditioners, the technicians are also trained on other types of heating systems so that they can be in a position to repair and maintain any kind of tool installed by a client. The standard heating systems offered by the company are furnaces, heat pumps and in-floor radiant heating systems.
Since the quality of indoor air determines airborne contaminants and pollutants present in it, many people are looking for ways to improve the quality of air in their homes and offices. Apart from the health concerns caused by inhaling such air, wooden furnishings, floors and walls are also destroyed by contaminated indoor air. Goettl offers its clients with services that improve indoor air. This is done using air cleaners, humidifiers and UV germicidal lights. The company offers duct-cleaning services for ventilation systems.
With the rising cost of electricity and environmental concerns, there is the need to install energy efficient HVAC systems. One of the critical elements in the systems’ energy consumption are the ducts. Goettl Air Conditioning’s experts have extensive knowledge on how to achieve maximum efficiency through improving the quality of air ducts. This involves cleaning the ducts and sealing them to avoid air escape from the ducts into unoccupied space. This service is affordable. This information was originally mentioned on Goettl’s website as explained in the following link

Customers Rave About Goettl’s Products and Services

Goettl Air Conditioning has been servicing the Phoenix area since 1939. Their well-trained, experienced technicians service customer’s systems quickly and efficiently, leaving the system operating at its best to save their customers money and keep them comfortable. They are in the business of saving time and money, offering many products and services to keep their customer’s Air Conditioning and Heating systems running like new.
Customers love the products and services that Goetll Air Conditioning provides. Customer reviews from third party websites, such as Angie’s List, speak volumes about the reputation Goettl Air Conditioning’s products, service, and repairs. The company receives an “A” rating, the highest rating available from Angie’s List customers. Customers state that Goettl keeps their unit running smoothly and repairs units in a timely manner and stays on budget with up-front quotes.
Customers state that Goetl’s employees are thoroughly background checked, making them feel at ease with a stranger in their home. The technicians are well trained and very knowledgeable. The customers also said that the technicians are well-prepared, having everything needed for the repairs and services on the truck, so that the customers had their air conditioning up and running quickly, without having to wait on the technician to retrieve or order parts. Customers are very pleased with the service they have received and highly recommend Goettl to others.
Goettl Air Conditioning is a full service HVAC company, offering a wide variety of products, services, and solutions for their customers. They offer full installations of Air and Heating systems, cleaning and sanitizing of existing systems, air quality testing and solutions, and many other services targeted at keeping you comfortable and saving you money by running correctly and efficiently.
Air quality is a major concern for most residents in the Phoenix area. Goettl is fully equipped to test and improve the air quality in your home to make it more comfortable and healthier for the people living in the home as well as to protect your possessions, such as wooden furniture, which may suffer damage due to the dry air. Goettl Air can install humidifiers throughout a customer’s home to keep humidity levels at an appropriate level, protecting their customer’s comfort and health. They also offer UV light sanitation services to keep germs from spreading throughout the home, further protecting the health of their customers. Goettl continues working to provide stellar service that customers can count on.

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Goettl air conditioning helps an elderly woman stay in her home

Las Vegas is an incredible hot place to live. In the summer, the heat can become almost unbearable. If you are living without air conditioning in Las Vegas, then you may struggle to even make it through the day. Recently, an elderly woman was struggling to survive the Las Vegas heat.

Jean Jackson is an extremely active 94-year-old. She has lived in Las Vegas for many years, and she considers the Vegas area to be her home. Recently, people in the area discovered that Jean’s air conditioning was falling apart. Jean was depending on two small window units to air condition her home. The window units were barely functioning, and the heat was becoming unbearable. She was living in a small one-bedroom trailer, but the air conditioning simply could not keep up. Eventually, the two window units gave out, and Jean thought she would be stuck in the Nevada heat for years to come. Her air conditioning units could not be replaced because they did not exist anymore. Unfortunately, her home could not support a larger unit without being completely rewired.

The Nevada heat is extremely dangerous for seniors. The CDC notes that seniors do not easily recover from major changes in body temperature. Jackson was definitely vulnerable to the heat in Las Vegas. She has been hospitalized with heat stroke several times in the past. When her unit died, the paramedics recommended that she move to a retirement home. Fortunately, Goettl air conditioning intervened. They created a custom mini-split system to help cool her house throughout the summer. Goettl is a great company, and they were happy to help keep her in the home.

The summer heat is unbearable at times, but Goettl air conditioning is happy that they could intervene. Jean Jackson will get to stay in her home for years to come.