Isabel Dos Santos’ Professional Bio

There are quite a few prominent and highly successful female personalities from Africa, but Isabel dos Santos stands out. Dos Santos is currently considered as Africa’s most successful business mogul and female entrepreneurial personality. The 45-year old is an Angolan native, and her net worth is estimated to be $2.2 billion. Isabel holds several high-ranking positions in various companies across the globe, but most individuals recognize her as the senior-most executive at Angola’s largest telecommunication firm; Unitel. Business aside, dos Santos is a respected and celebrated public figure and business personality known for her unique entrepreneurial skills.

Unitel’s dominance in the Angolan telecommunication sector is as a result of the critical role Dos Santos plays at the firm. Isabel dos Santos´ exceptional leadership skills and her career’s track record in forging meaningful and long-lasting partnerships and relationships have been impactful during her era at Unitel. A look at the telecommunication firms in Angola and the surrounding region shows that Unitel is on track to becoming a regional powerhouse in the telecommunication business and this is evident in the firm’s ongoing expansion into newer territories. Working in the telecommunication sector has provided Isabel dos Santos with a front row seat that she can use to have an in-depth understanding of infrastructure development and creation. Isabel’s role at Unitel has also seen her implement a variety of modern, emerging, and cutting-edge technologies (Chronicleweek).

Like many exemplary top professionals, Dos Santos has been able to ply her trade at several companies both locally and in foreign markets; this has provided her with an understanding of economic growth around the globe. Isabel Dos Santos is a philanthropist who supports various local and foreign charitable causes. Isabel believes that people and companies can use philanthropy to give back to the community while also helping those in need. Other than being an advocate for women, Isabel dos Santos also champions for youth empowerment mostly through entrepreneurship. Isabel’s professional endeavors have led to the creation of over 50,000 jobs across the world. Other than the telecommunication sector, Isabel dos Santos has interests in industries that include; finance, energy, media, production, and construction.

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