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Therapists are there to help people work towards a better life. They help them move in a more positive direction, give them valuable tips, and listen to their experiences in life. Roseann Bennett has been working as a family and marriage therapist for over 10 years, and does not show any signs of slowing down. She co-founded a non-profit organization with her husband that helps people from all walks of life.

The therapist mainly worked with families and teens in the Hackettstown, New Jersey area. The organization does not turn away people or families, regardless of their income or ability to pay. Roseann works on crisis management, marital and family therapy, case management, treatment planning, and individual therapy. It makes for a busy day. Bennett is a workaholic that has dedicated her life to helping others in need.

A typical day consist of many projects, meeting with her staff, and so much more. One day, Bennett may be writing policies, then the next day she is creating new programs for the center. Even though Roseann is a workaholic, she tries to be a positive role model by balancing out her work with me time for herself. This means she may get a professional massage on weekends to help relax.

The best way therapist can stay productive is by being flexible. Sometimes she intensely focuses on her work and patients, then takes moments to step away and breathe. This helps strike a healthy balance. Roseann likes to write down notes on a notepad, rather than typing information into her computer. In this way, she calls herself old school. This form of documentation flows into her weekly planner, when she writes down all her appointments at the end of the day. One activity that helps the entrepreneur stay grounded it reading.

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