Nick Vertucci Discusses His Life And His New Book About Real Estate Investing

A man who went from rags to riches and then back to rags and back to riches yet again has recently released his first book. Real estate investing professional Nick Vertucci published his first personal memoir, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed.” This work is a personal account detailed by Nick Vertucci about how he initially made his fortune in the tech industry in the late 90’s and then lost it all after the tech bubble burst in 2000. Things got so dire for Mr. Vertucci that he actually lost his home. Even though he could have spent the rest of his life moping, he rebounded and did it in a grand style.

In this book, Vertucci this causes how he tried real estate after his tech business failed and how he had even more tough breaks there. However, this is where his rebound came in. Nick Vertucci found a mentor, learned how to alter his mindset, and found an excellent financial vehicle with his current real estate business. He has published this book in the hopes that he can give others the drive to succeed and turn around their failing businesses as well. “Seven Figure Decisions” was released by Lioncrest publishing, and it details some of the fundamental steps Nick Vertucci took to turn his entrepreneurial fortunes around.

Some of these steps included a real estate training course in 2004. At this point, Nick walked away from a tech business that was crippling him with millions of dollars in debt. However, he began investing in real estate “door to door” as they call it in the field, and he soon regained all of his prior wealth. He detailed his entire re-transformation in his new book, and all of these experiences shape the kind of person he is today. There is no question that a lot of individuals have been inspired by his story and a lot more will be encouraged in the future!

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