Highland Capital Management: Celebrating Women

Highland Capital Management believes in celebrating the achievements of women. March was Women’s History Month and to celebrate it, the former First Ladies of past and present presidencies were looked at. Each woman was unique in her own way and pushed the initiative that she felt was needed at the time. Highland Capital wanted to highlight those achievements at the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

Natalie Gonnella-Platts was the moderator for the panel that Highland Capital set up. Lea Berman, Bill Allman, Dr. Katherine Sibley, and Anita McBride were the four experts on the panel that discussed in detail about the roles of the former First Ladies. They also talked about how they have evolved. There was also an exhibit that highlighted the achievements of these women and it was open to the public. Former First Lady Laura Bush was in attendance to introduce the panel and relished in the moment of her own history of accomplishments in the White House. Read more at bloomberg.com.

Of course, Highland Capital took the time to highlight the achievements of the hard working women that definitely make the corporation shine brightly today. Without their contributions, the corporation knows they would not have the successful standing they have accomplished. So what where the four different typologies that the former First Ladies were exhibiting? Well, they are champion, policy advocate, teammate, and hostess. After the exhibit, everyone went in to the panel to hear the discussion on the the past wives of the presidents and got a chance to get knowledge on how these typologies played a role in how these women conducted their business everyday. They each did things in their own unique and significant way. After all, they have to advocate for what was needed at the time that their husbands were in office.

Everyone who attended the event walked away with plenty of insight as to what it meant to be a First Lady. Those roles change so drastically and Highland Capital did a fantastic job of highlighting this event. Also, giving recognition to the women in their workplace, showed appreciation above and beyond everything.

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