Tampa Bay Lightning – Their Journey to the NHL’s Final Four

The Tampa Bay Lightning have been a poised NHL all regular season and into the playoffs as they dominated opponents throughout the opening two rounds. The defeated the New Jersey Devils in just five games in the opening round of the playoffs. The Lightning have also eliminated the Boston Bruins in as many games in the second round after a controversial series. This is not Tampa Bay’s first time to the Eastern Conference finals, as they have found themselves within this position in three of the last five hockey seasons. The consistency in which they have had these impressive playoff runs is almost unbelievable.

They have been considered a favorite for most of the season, and after missing the 2017 hockey playoffs by one point, you could sense the fact that they had some unfinished business. The Lightning have been an offensive superpower all season long, but what goes unnoticed along their journey to the Eastern Conference finals is the fact that they have had great defensive performances from their defensemen and goaltender. Having a strong offensive force while still maintaining with an above average defensive core is quite remarkable. The depth within their roster allows for these types of performances in the playoffs.

The Tampa Bay Lightning will have to win seven more games before they can lift the Stanley Cup. They have cruised through the opening two rounds and will now have to find a way to come from behind against the Washington Capitals in round three. None-the-less, the Tampa Bay Lightning have found their way to the NHL’s final four on a regular basis in recent years, and this year’s playoff run looks all the more impressive with the performances that are being presented out on the ice. Tampa Bay will face off against the Washington Capitals in game four on Thursday, May 17th in Capital One Arena in Washington.

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