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Fortress Investment Group Proves its Worth Again

Fortress Investment Group was started in 1998 as a pure private equity fund. Times have changed though, and so has the organization. It is now a formidable asset management and financial solutions advisory firm with a strong capital and asset base. Fortress Investment Group estimates its assets under management to total $43.6 billion. It is also reported to employ over 953 workers. However, to investment pundits, that is just a tip of the iceberg. Fortress has galvanized its business to the extent that it has offices across the globe. One of the outstanding specialties of the organization is its focus on risk management and value addition to assets that are wrongfully thought to be of little economic importance. Fortress manifests an impressive portfolio that includes managing assets for over 1750 public companies. It also includes private clients in the provision of its services.

 Fortress Competencies

While its competencies are largely financial and asset related dealings, Fortress Investment Group has employed a group of competent staff who attend to clients in a customized manner. The team ensures that the solution they suggest is born out of the clients’ circumstances. Fortress deals in asset investment, diversification of investments, alternative asset investment, and management including the buying of foreclosures and refurbishing assets sold in auctions. Fortress rents out or sells the assets depending on the best options on the cards. It also offers pricing advice, ownership guidance and provides financing to businesses. For instance, Fortress nearly stopped the 2010 Winter Olympics from proceeding because the organizers were planning to use the premise that was under its control as a result of having intervened when the original owners were up for foreclosure from the lenders. They were finally paid the sums that they demanded from the Olympics organizers in Canada before the games proceeded. The saga related to the Whistler Blackcomb Resort owned by Intrawest but under the management of Fortress Investment Group at the time.

Softbank Acquired Fortress Investment Group but It Allowed It to Operate Independently.In a deal that is seen as an evolution from the traditional acquisitions, the Japanese giant Softbank bought Fortress for a sum of $3.3 billion. While the new owner is legally the mother company, they allowed Fortress to continue with their operations uninterrupted. In a deal that avoided closures and retrenchments, Fortress continues with its staff undisturbed. The only difference is that the annual financial report from all Fortress outlets will be incorporated with those of SoftBank. The company also bought all of Fortress’ shares, a move which led to the pulling out of Fortress shares from the New York Stock Exchange. According to the SoftBank management, the purchase of Fortress Investment Group will add to its investment portfolio; given the skill that has resulted in the highly successful growth and expansion of Fortress. Fortress will retain its leadership in New York. The officials at both organizations confirm that the deal is done, following SoftBank’s fulfillment of all the statutory and regulatory requirements for the acquisition. The details of the acquisition have been disclosed. Class A shares of Fortress will be converted to $8.08 earnings per share. The proceeds of the merger will also be distributed as guided by Fortress Definitive Proxy of June 7th, 2017.

The Accomplished Perry Mandera

The Career History & Background of Perry Mandera

Throughout the entire business industry, it is well known that it is one of the most challenging and demanding fields to work in. In addition to that, it is also well known that the industry is also one of the most lucrative ones to work in. Knowing these two facts, professionals constantly take their chances for a chance at success. Worth mentioning, while there has been many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs over the course of time, perhaps none have been as diverse and as influential as Perry Mandera has been in his career. With plenty of years to his credit, there is not much that Perry Mandera has no accomplished in his career. As one of the most prominent individuals in all of the business industry, Perry Mandera has reached the top of his field in a number of ways. This just goes to show how diverse and well-rounded Perry Mandera is as a professional. Having said that, there is still so much more to his successful ways. So, to further understand how he has managed to achieve so much in his career, here is more on Perry Mandera and his current state as a professional.


More on Perry Mandera & Career

Worth repeating, Perry Mandera is as accomplished as it gets as a professional in the business field. His career portfolio is as unique as it gets. As impressive as that is, perhaps none of his accomplishments have been as recognized as his company, The Custom Companies, Inc. This company, which is one of the best transportation businesses around, has benefited greatly from Perry Mandera’s contributions. In turn, Perry Mandera has also benefited from the company’s overall success. In many ways, the company is the ultimate example of Perry Mandera’s overall greatness as a business expert. Not only has his company helped many in the transportation side of the business but, it has grown tremendously since its establishment. With the way things are going for him and his company, Perry Mandera will surely be one of if not the wealthiest businessman in the transportation niche. All in all, Perry Mandera will surely continue to succeed as he always has.


Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is an award winning company that specializes in providing healthcare to patients with neurological and cognitive impairments. The company’s facilities are fully equipped and staffed by medical professionals trained to care for the various illnesses suffered by the patients. They recently celebrated their 25th anniversary of providing healthcare to those in need of specialized care.

Sussex Healthcare is run by its joint chairmen, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Mr. Boghani’s background and experience is in the hospitality industry managing hotels, while Mr. Sachedina has a medical background as a dental surgeon. The company’s CEO is Amanda Morgan-Taylor, a mental health nurse with a long professional history in the healthcare field.

The company operates over 20 facilities on the southern coast of England. It’s the largest supplier of residential and nursing care in the area. They operate seven full-residential facilities for the elderly and 13 facilities for adults with special needs. The first of these facilities was established in 1985. They now operate over 20 facilities on the southern coast of England.

Their facilities provide care to elderly patients struggling with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as to younger patients with neurological and cognitive disabilities. The daily care ranges from assistance with small tasks like assistance with shopping for food, to extensive care like managing the needs of someone at the last stage of a terminal illness. The facilities and staff delivers comprehensive care. This includes physical, emotional, spiritual, and social care. They help each patient to live as full a life as possible.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare are skilled healthcare professionals that receive training and continuing education. Their staff includes physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, as well as those practicing alternative therapies like reflexology. The compensation and benefits given is competitive, which contributes to the high morale. Patients are provided with programs to stay active and connected, including leisure activities. State-of-the-art gyms are available to patients and experienced chefs are onboard to create delicious, healthy meals every day.

A variety of care settings are available, depending on the specific needs and condition of the patient. Dementia care is emphasized at facilities because of the large amount of aged population that suffer from it. Neurological care is provided at several facilities for patients with neurological and acquired brain-injury issues, such as Parkinson’s disease, and spinal cord injuries. There are facilities that provide care for autism and related conditions, for children amd young adults between 7 to 19 years of age. Other specialist adult care is available for patients with learning and physical development issues.

Respite Care is offered to give at-home caregivers much needed breaks from the stresses of caring for loved ones. Palliative care is available for chronically or terminally ill patients, with a compassionate approach to pain and end-of-life issues. Day care centers are provided to entertain and stimulate patients who live at home or in residential settings. Dental care is also available, from the area’s largest dental provider.

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Will the Bucs Draft Saquon Barkley?

This is a headline that would not have seemed possible just a few short months ago, but with the teams selecting before the Bucs in the 2018 NFL Draft (just a few weeks away) focused on drafting Quarterbacks there is now a possibility that Saquon Barkley, running back from Penn State University, could end up in Tampa Bay’s lap at the #7 pick.

Barkley is considered to be the most surefire bet in this year’s class of prospects and there was a time where he was expected to go #1 overall. But the respected folks at Pro Football Focus, who have Barkley rated as the #2 best prospect in the draft, are predicting in their latest mock draft that Barkley will be wearing the red and pewter of the Bucs in a few weeks. Saquon had a phenomenal senior campaign for the Nittany Lions turning the heads of pro scouts everywhere while also finishing a respectable 4th in the Heisman voting for the best player in college football. Runningback is an incredibly important position to get right, and Barkley represents the most NFL-ready prospect at the position in recent memory and would add some excitement to the Bucs roster as well as a player who could be the favorite for the starting job on day one.

However, some Bucs fans and beat reporters are less excited about the potential of adding Barkley. The primary complaint is that the Bucs could address other more pressing roster holes with the #7 pick, a fair viewpoint. The Tampa Bay offensive line is in dire need of a revamp that is for certain and adding a big guard like Quenton Nelson from Notre Dame may be a perfect fit as well. Still, it would be incredibly difficult for the Bucs front office to justifying leaving one of the most polished prospects (Barkley) on the board for another team to gobble up.

Whether or not Barkley ends up in Tampa Bay remains to be seen and of course there still exists the possibility that he is taken with one of the first six picks, but if he remains on the board it may be seen as the stars aligning. In today’s game elite level runningbacks can only perform at the top of their game for a few seasons before injuries begin to add up, but Barkley has a real chance to inject life into the Bucs running game.

Investment Guru, Matt Badiali Says These Prospects Are Hot Right Now

Expert geologist and investment strategist, Matt Badiali says transformations brought about by the growth of automobiles and technological automation have pushed the need for natural resources into overdrive. Badiali predicts the prospects for commodities are beyond what we initially thought.

Agriculture was the heart of the commodity market in the 18th century, steel and coal were during the subsequent industrial revolution, and oil reigned supreme in the last century, but Badiali enthusiastically points out that we are now in a key moment for a new generation of commodities, driven by technologies. These commodities, he continued, includes lithium, cobalt, and platinum – all essential for the production of batteries, which also recorded price increases. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

The outlook also highlights an aspect often overlooked. According to Matt Badiali, the spread of automatic vehicles will have the effect of increasing the demand for metals. Copper, silver and gold have countless applications in the electronics and electrical components of these vehicles. The fact that future car fleets will be increasingly autonomous and dependent on technology should lead to an increase in conductive metals as a result.

Matt Badiali also predicts that the automation revolution will lead to greater interest in rare earth elements like praseodymium and yttrium. Perhaps the most interesting of these new generations of commodities are also the less familiar ones. Despite being little known to most people, this group of elements has become fundamental for the production of modern technologies used in many sectors like airplane engines, camera lenses, and for better fuel efficiency. Badiali says rare earth elements are also becoming more prevalent in fundamental tools in our daily lives such as electronics and mobile devices. Follow Matt on

With the growth of the global middle class and automation, a plethora of materials, with names often difficult to pronounce will continue to play an increasingly central role in our modern standards of living. Badiali points out that in the last five years, the market prices for rare earth elements have risen by 50 percent, and the positive trend in prices has affected all the rare earths. Badiali says the highest demands for these elements are coming.

Resident mining, natural resources, and agricultural expert, Matt Badiali uses his expertise to offer the best advice and opportunities for investing in natural resources industry. Badiali formerly worked for Lemenze Environmental Drilling Company, performing site visits and sampling, and draws upon his first-hand knowledge of the industry.

During his career, he’s investigated, analyzed and written editorial content concerning investing, and finance, and in 2005, Badiali conceived and created the Stansberry Resource Report, which focuses on investing in the natural resource industry. More recently, he developed The Real Wealth Strategist, published by Banyan Hill Publishing.


To learn more and keep up to date with Matt Badiali’s news and developments, visit him on Facebook and at Banyan Hill Publishing.

Nick Vertucci Helps Others Through Real Estate Education

Nick Vertucci runs a real estate academy, a place where he can offer instruction to others and help them make it in the real estate world. He chose to run this business because he once learned from others and that helped him to find success in life. He grew up without a lot of money and he struggled to earn money as an adult. He finally found success through working in real estate, and he hopes to help others like himself gain success by sharing his real estate knowledge.

The academy that Nick Vertucci runs can be found on social media and those who are interested in it can learn more about it there. There is a profile set up for this academy on Facebook as well as on YouTube. There is even a profile set up for the real estate school on Google+. It is simple for those who are curious and looking to learn more to access the school on social media or via its website.

Nick Vertucci creates goals for himself that help him to move along and accomplish all that he wants to accomplish. He has daily goals that he must meet and then he also has weekly and monthly goals. He goes about his days knowing what his goals are and working toward them.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was created with the goal of providing the best real estate education. This school was created to stand above others that are around and to offer great information to those who are interested in getting started in the world of real estate. Over time, this academy truly has found a way to stand above other schools out there and to offer something more than the rest of the schools have to offer. It has done a good job of educating those who turn to it, and Nick Vertucci is a great leader of the academy.

Tampa Tarpons Open Season

While the major league team in Tampa, the Rays, have already gotten five full baseball games under their belt the minor league team, the Tarpons are kicking off their season April 5th in Lakeland, Florida against the Lakeland Tigers. This year in particular is going to be an exciting one for the team as this will be their first season under the new nickname of “Tarpons”. Previously, the team was known as the Tampa Yankees due to their affiliation with the Yankees franchise. By switching nicknames the team has truly developed a new and exciting identity and it adds a wrinkle of intrigue to the beginning of the season.

The Tarpons have been a staple in the Tampa area sports scene since their arrival in the city in 1994 (under the name Tampa Yankees) and are on pace for another fun filled season in the Florida State League (FSL) which is widely regarded as one of the most exciting leagues in the entire MiLB system. The highest rated prospect on the Tarpons is outfielder Estevan Florial. Florial is only twenty years old and has already got Yankees fans salivating at his potential. This is his first year not starting the season with a fall league squad, and Tarpons fans will be able to track his response to the grind of the Florida State League’s longer season. One of the more exciting aspects of Florial’s game is his incredible speed which is certain to be keeping Tarpon’s fans on the edge of their seats all seasons. Additionally, Florial balances his speed with a considerably powerful bat — knocking out thirteen homers in his 2017 season which spanned over two minor league teams.

In recent years the Yankees organization has pivoted more towards developing a farm system, and this should keep the Tarpon faithful excited. While it has been eight years since the Tarpons have brought home a FSL championship, perhaps the new nicknames and uniforms will inspire the Tarpons to greatness in their first season under the new identity. Not to mention, the minor league baseball atmosphere is unrivaled in sports and provides a family friendly environment to watch the stars of tomorrow taking the field today. If you are a Tampa area sports fan, get out and check out a Tarpons game at Steinbrenner field and watch some of the most exciting prospects in the game take the diamond.

Rays Off to Slow Start

Major League Baseball is one of the most competitive professional sports leagues in the world. For some teams in the league that come from cities that do not allow for larger payrolls, continuing to compete can be a challenge. one team in particular that has had a lot of issues keeping up with their key competitors when it comes to signing big free agents is the Tampa Bay Rays. This team typically has one of the smaller payrolls in baseball and also plays in the same division with the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, which are notorious for having much higher payrolls.

During the 2017 season, the Tampa Bay Rays were able to utilize some of their most talented players to have a very good season. While they were not able to make the playoffs, they continue to compete all year and won about half of their games. However, during the offseason, Tampa Bay looked as if they were ready to start fresh as they continue to trade and unload some of their bigger stars that have been with the team for a long time.

Due to the change of the roster, most people did not expect that the Rays would do very well in the 2018 season. While it is still very young, it appears that the initial projections may be correct. Through the first six games of the season, the rays are tied for last place in their division and have a record of just one win against five losses. Despite the struggles that the team has had so far, the team management is calling for all players and fans to stay positive and focused on the rest of the season (

Part of the reason for the early season struggles is that the Rays have had to play some very good teams during the year. The team opened up at home against the Boston Red Sox. After winning the first two games, they ended up losing the next three. After that series, they had to move on to New York where they faced the Yankees. The Yankees are considered by many to be a leading contender to make the playoffs and win the AL East Division and the team has not disappointed so far.

Randal Nardone’s Valuable Role at Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group’s Dan Mudd will be on leave, so for the meantime Randal Nardone will be the Fortress Investment Group’s Interim Chief Executive Officer.Randal Nardone joined the list of Forbes Magazine’s World’s Billionaires in 2007. He was said to be worth $1.8 billion at that time. Randal became a part of the company in 1998, he is one of the principal and co-founder of Fortress. He was likewise appointed as a board member of the said company since the month of November in 2006.Before he joined Fortress Investment Group, Nardone was UBS’s Managing Director, and prior to that he served with BlackRock Financial Management and Thacher Proffitt and Wood Law Firm as principal and executive committee member respectively.Aside from the position he holds in Fortress, Nardone is also the Director of the following companies namely: Springleaf Finance, Inc., Springleaf Finance Corporation, GAGFAH S.A., Eurocastle Investment Limited, Brookdale Senior Living, Inc., and Alea Group Holdings Limited (Bermuda).He studied Business Administration, English and Biology at the University of Connecticut and took his Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree from the Law School of Boston University.

In a move that surprise investors, Japan’s SoftBank purchased Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. For the past 30 years, SoftBank became Japan’s leading technology company. Its telecommunications domain extends from Japan to the United States’ Sprint. Softbank’s investment portfolio includes financial shares in Alibaba (a company based in China), Yahoo’s Japanese associate, and other developing companies such as SoFi, an online lender. SoftBank Group is managed and headed by Mayoshi Son.Son is an American-indoctrinated entrepreneur who started doing business by distributing software, and then moved on to cellphone service becoming the sole Japanese provider of the cited service to support the iPhone. The SoftBank Group Corporation will pay $3.3 billion for the procurement of Fortress, and as per the acquisition agreement SoftBank is given the leeway to integrate partners to augment the asking price for the transaction and likewise be investors of Fortress. This move will expand the assets being managed by Fortress.

Fortress Investment Group’s acquisition deal with SoftBank Group Corporation will allow the principals of the former company, Peter Briger, Wesley Edens, and Randal Nardone to concentrate on their specialization and forte as fund managers without the encumbrance of having to manage a publicly traded company. Under the acquisition terms, Fortress will be an independent company under the sing of SoftBank, and the principals of Fortress will have jurisdiction over one-third of the company’s voting stakes.As for Randal Nardone, even if the company he helped build has already been purchased by SoftBank, he and his co-principals will continue to serve their clients as best as they could aside from being confident in the fact that they have larger resources at their disposal to enhance the business further.Being the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of the Fortress Investment Group, Randal A. Nardone had a total compensation of $8,786,063, which is appropriated as follows: the total salary received was $200,000; bonus received was $7,758,168, stock options received $0, awarded stock was $726,634, and other kinds of compensation received were $101,261. The figures were as reported in the Fortress Investment Group’s proxy statements that were filed for the fiscal year of 2015.

Randal Nardone, the Inspirational Principal at Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone, also commonly known as Randy J.D, is the co-founder and Principal of Fortress Investment Group. He has a rich experience in corporate governance and asset management affairs in general. Fortress Investment Group was started in 1998 as a private equity firm but has blossomed into an international entity dealing in investment management and other financial services. Randal has served as principal and co-founder since the company was started. He became CEO in 2013. Randy is a busy person with a wide range of investments and responsibilities. He also serves as president and chairman of several other organizations; some of which, he founded.

Education and Career Brief of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone has a B.A from the University of Connecticut. He is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group. He is also the Chairman of Springleaf Financial Holdings. Randy serves as the President of Ncs LLC. He is an experienced investor with an opportunistic eye for the high earning investments.

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a robust Global Asset Management and investment manager. The organization has its headquarters in New York. It was started in 1998 as a private equity firm with a focus on alternative investments. It has evolved and grown into a large conglomerate that has attracted international attention including that of the Japanese Giant SoftBank. Fortress has assets worth $43.6 billion under management and continues to grow its portfolio into new areas of management and new geographies. One of the remarkable responsibilities of the organization at the moment is taking care of assets on behalf of over 1750 organizations who include both public entities and private clients across the globe. The company specializes in risk management; a service that has attracted many organizations to partner and entrusts it with their investment assets.

The Highlights of Nardone’s Stewardship

By the end of December 2017, Fortress had over 953 employees, 216 of them are investment professionals spread across its area of business. Some of the competencies that Fortress is best known for include asset investment, diverse asset options, management of alternative assets, making purchases of properties after strategic considerations, refurbishment of assets acquired under foreclosure situations, pricing consultancy, valuation of assets, ownership, and financing. The company has a competent team of experts in its various outlets across the globe. Owing to its wide range of expertise, Fortress has grown into a large organization that handles a host of clients with varying business needs. It is because of such distinguished performance that it attracted the eye of the Japanese giant. SoftBank is reported to have finalized the purchase of Fortress in 2017. Some of the highlights of the deal indicate that Fortress was allowed to continue operating independently, although its yearly results would be combined with those of SoftBank Group. It is an arrangement that largely left Fortress to continue operating as it has, but with an energized partner venturing beyond its traditional territories. The acquisition also means that Fortress has now reached the Asian market with a bang. SoftBank Management says that it decided to purchase Fortress so as to add its investment expertise to its portfolio. Under the leadership of Randal Nardone, Fortress has not only demonstrated exceptional performance but expanded into new territory.