Lightning Continue Playoff Push

The 2017 NHL season is continuing to turn into a very exciting one. Currently, there are many teams that are looking sharp and ready to compete for a deep playoff run. One team that has continued to look very strong are the Tampa Bay Lightning. Similar to the past few years, the Lightning are looking for one of the top teams in the league. They are currently in first place in the Atlantic Division, but just one point ahead of the Boston Bruins. They are also the current owner of the most points in the NHL and look like they could be a team to be reckoned with in the playoffs.

As the Lightning continue to play well, the team is also looking for ways in which it could improve its roster ( As the team continues to move forward and stare down the trade deadline, there are many big moves that the team could make to improve the team for the playoffs.

Two players that the Lightning are considering going after are Mike Green and Ryan McDonagh. Both of these players are having good years and would make great additions to the team that is looking to add depth. However, Tampa will have to consider how many prospects they want to give up for players that will likely only be around for the next one or two years.

While the Lightning are looking for ways to add depth to their team, there are already a number of great players on the roster that could help to make them stronger competition than ever before. Overall, the team is best known for their offense. With an average of 3.5 goals per game, the team is ranked number one in the league offensively. Much of this is due to the seasons that Nikita Kucherov and Steve Stamkos are having. Both of these players are among the league leaders in total point and will compete for the MVP trophy.

While the team has a great offense and amazing statistics, the team also is great on defense. Overall, the team is 6th in the NHL in terms of goals allowed on average. This is largely due to a tandem of goalies that the team has that continue to keep pucks out of the goal.

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