Lime Crime Expands to a Global Market

When the up and coming brand LimeCrime was looking to expand their market, Kim Walls, Global General Manager realized that the techniques the company is currently implementing would not work in other world markets.

Specifically, the brand is looking to expand to reach the Chinese market. A huge roadblock in this plan is that in order to be sold wholesale in China, the products must be tested on animals which is something that the vegan brand would not support. The way around this roadblock is to ship the product directly from the United States to China. However, this would result in more hassle than it was worth. The company also ran into issues with their lip products being counterfeit distributed through markets in China.

While not looking to sacrifice the company’s beliefs but still having the desire to expand to a global market, the brand found a solution. The solution is to partner with Revolve, an e-commerce fashion platform based out of Los Angeles, California.

The two companies have partnered after determining that they had similar beliefs when meeting customer needs and are encouraging their customers to check out both brands. The brands worked together to spread the word that Revolve was the only legitimate distributor of Lime Crime products in China at this time.

The company did a number of things to promote the launch in China. First, the brand allowed early access to existing fans to the launch which sparked the conversation online. Second, the brand reached out to influencers to help spread the word of the new launch. Instead of gravitating towards well-known influencers, the company chose to work with lesser-known influencers who were extremely passionate about the brand and product lines. The reason behind this decision is that very well-known influencers already have a brand established for themselves so it is sometimes difficult for them to also represent another brand authentically.

The partnering of these brands will surely bring exciting things in the future. This article was based on the article Lime Crime’s nuanced expansion formula published on December 5, 2017, on the website

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