How Avaaz Is Developing A Community

Based in New York City, Avaaz is an international organization that is dedicated to making the world a better place. They encourage people to come up with issues that are important to them which are submitted Avaaz online. After vetting these issues an email is sent to all of Avaaz’s members for support. People can support issues in a number of ways such as signing an online petition or contacting their representatives in Washington D.C., for example. There are now over 46 million members of Avaaz around the world.

Most of the issues that are found on the Avaaz website have to do with human, civil, and animal rights. They also have campaigns built around stopping, or at least slowing, climate change. One ongoing campaign is about ending plastic pollution because so much of that ends up in the world’s oceans where it is killing life.

One thing that Avaaz is trying to address is the fragmented nature of social movements and citizens groups. In the past each issue had its own membership and constituency advocating for it. This is further fragmented with each often being in a single country. Avaaz is trying to change this by corralling all of the important progressive issues into one website. This streamlines things for everyone since progressives share similar views on many issues, and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

Due to its international scope Avaaz uses 15 different languages to campaign in. The core team that makes up the leadership of Avaaz is located on six continents. In addition to supporting online organizing they also sometimes help to organize “offline” events such as protests. They help get media attention for the event so that everyone in the community knows what the issue is, and Avaaz’s Website.

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