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A Brief Look at Talk Fusion’s Continued Innovation

Bob Reina, the founder of Talk Fusion, has been working as network marketing executive for the past 25 years. He uses written resources and step-by-step instructional and motivational videos to educate and train Talk Fusion Associates across the world. He has recently launched a private virtual hub, Talk Fusion University, to send expert training to the company’s associates around the globe. A former policeman working for Hillsborough County, Bob ventured into the world of network marketing in the 1990s. Over time, he has developed a systematic training program that has earned him a top position even without sales experience.


Success in the network marketing industry depends on combined efforts, but not individual efforts. Here, you encounter people from the diverse educational background and with a different sales background. One has to focus on what works for the entire team to realize real income in the network marketing industry. Bob Reina has been passing the systems he developed years ago through clear and concise videos at the new private virtual hub. As one of the most influential contributors to HuffPost, Bob Reina has gained a massive following that reveres his expertise in marketing, winning mindset, and work ethic. The marketing expert regularly delivers motivational and instructional messages on corporate broadcasts and Facebook LIVE. The launch of Talk Fusion University has elevated his training level. Bob Reina’s private virtual hub currently hosts over 30 motivational and instructional videos. He uses the hub to expose the company’s award-winning products. Talk Fusion Associates can also pull a wealth of resources from Bob’s journalism portfolio and Talk Fusion’s blog.


Biography of Talk Fusion


It is the home to the first integrated digital marketing platform in the world. Talk Fusion works tirelessly to help businesses keep their customers coming back, sustain a competitive environment, and increase their profitability. It strives to develop more engaging and persuasive marketing videos for, which it is known and trusted. Talk Fusion uses its independent associates to distribute its innovative products throughout the world. Since its inception in 2007, Talk Fusion has sustained its commitment to giving back to society. It supports humanitarian organization including animal charities across the globe. Learn more:

Expert Forex Trader Greg Secker: Building Homes For Impoverished Typhoon Victims

Filipino-American boxer Nonito Donaire, Jr. recently got together in the Philippines with British financial services expert and philanthropist Greg Secker. They were there to witness the Greg Secker Foundation give 100 homes to typhoon victims. Secker, a forex trading expert, is doing social projects all over the globe and Donaire is working to inspire more athletes to use their voice, platform and social conscience to improve the lives of the less fortunate. In 2009, Nonito Donaire gave a million dollars to help the housing rehabilitation program for Typhoon Ondoy victims.

Nonito Donaire wants to work with other athletes to help impoverished people by building thousands of homes. A friend connected him to Greg Secker. In 2013, Secker saw the housing rehabilitation program for typhoon victims in Iloilo run by Filipina Rosario Sanico. He found an area that needed help and built 100 homes in Lemery. Locals call the development the Greg Secker Foundation Village. For Nonito Donaire starting 2018 involved with Greg Secker and giving to the less fortunate is exactly what he wants to be doing.

Greg Secker is a financial services expert who was a trading technologist with Thomas Cook Financial Services in the 1990s. He had a talent for designing foreign exchange trading systems. Developing the online forex trading platform called Virtual Trading Desk led to Secker winning the British Telecom Award. Secker was working with Mellon Financial Corporation as a vice president and learning from experts in financial trading by the time he was 25. He retired in 2003, built his own trading floor at home and began focusing on full-time forex trading.

Greg Secker started the Knowledge to Action Group to teach people to use trading strategies effectively. Several wildly popular books by Secker soon followed including Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex. He also helped write The Book Of Success: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Success. By 2010 when he started the philanthropic organization, The Greg Secker Foundation, his companies FX Capital, SmartCharts Software, Capital Index and Learn To Trade had made Secker a wealthy and well-respected investor.

Felipe Montoro Jens Reports on 2018 Government Projects

Between the Brazilian regions of Anápolis (GO) and Aliança (TO) there is to be an infrastructure project, in 2018. This new project is aimed at improving the BR-153 stretch that connects the two regions together. Bidding for the infrastructure project is set to take place within the final three months of president Michel Temer’s term. Between the Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO)regions there is another highway that has been granted construction access. This 800 kilometer stretch is know364.n as the BR-

Felipe Montoro Jens explains that state-owned companies such as the Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docks of Espírito Santo are to be privatized by the end of 2018. During the conference the government did not make an announcement as to how they will sell the companies that will be privatized in 2018. The Minister of the Secretary General of the Presidency , Moreira Franco,further expands on Felipe Montoro Jens’s statement by explaining how the Mint was sold due to modern improvements in technology.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports that auctions for the port terminals of Belém (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranaguá (PR) and Vitória (ES) will remain during the 2018 year.

The terminals of Maceió (AL), João Pessoa (PB), Aracaju (SE), Juazeiro do Norte (CE), Campina Grande (PB), Recife (PE), Várzea Grande (MT), Rondonópolis MT), Alta Floresta (MT), Barra do Garças (MT), Vitória (ES) and Macaé (RJ) are also set to be granted by the federal government in 2018


The Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) was created by Brazil’s federal government. The program was created in order to forge a stronger relationship between Brazil’s private sector and the government. Through this relationship, the government intended to create more jobs and economic growth in Brazil.

The Investment Partnerships Program seeks to guarantee the expansion of public infrastructure while creating security and stability within its projects.

Offering More Than Just Health Insurance, USHealth Advisors Offer HOPE

USHealth Advisors sales health insurance to the self-employed and small businesses. Individual policies are also available.

Troy McQaugge USHealth  President and CEO. In that capacity, he decided that in addition to offering health insurance USHA should also offer HOPE. As Troy put it, “Every company has a ‘soul’. That ‘soul’ lies at the very core of who the company and its people really are.”

The letters H-O-P-E stand for “Helping Other People Everyday”. The program launched in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina where USHA teamed-up with Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA).

PNOLA is a not-for-profit whose mission is the restoration of New Orleans’ Lower-Mid City district. In addition to building housing and business properties, PNOLA helps individuals work towards a higher standard of living.

USHealth Advisors employees provided the labor to tear down buildings that weren’t salvageable. Their efforts cleared the way for the building of new housing. H.O.P.E. volunteers also assisted in the rebuilding of structures that could be saved.

In 2011 and 2012 USHealth Advisors held its Leaders Meeting in Phoenix Arizona. USHA has made it a policy to provide HOPE to the community where the Leaders Meeting is held. Read more about Troy McQuagge US Health at Slideshare

Operating in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area the non-profit shelter for children Crisis Nursery was HOPE’s 2011 beneficiary. USHA donated necessities like baby formula and clothing. The value of the items was in the thousands of dollars.

The following year, the charity HOPEKids Arizona received $25,000 through the HOPE initiative. HKA assists children with serious illnesses. The program also offers support to the sick child’s family.

USHA Agents based in Brevard County Florida threw their support behind the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. The agents spent time working on a home to be occupied by a soldier and his family. The house was given to the family cost-free.

Thinking along similar lines as their colleagues in Florida USHA agents in Arizona made supporting the Wounded Warrior Project their contribution to HOPE. Each week agents in that office donate money to Wounded Warriors by placing money in a fishbowl. The weekly donations are always in excess of $100. Check:


Highland Capital Management, Giving Back To Those Who Gave Everything

There’s little debate that war is one of the most horrific things imaginable and returning soldiers bring with them wounds and scars, not necessarily physical. PTSD is the scar that can’t be hidden or healed and often becomes a lifetime mental illness born from enduring all the unimaginable horrors of war so others don’t have to. To make matters worse, military benefits and compensation are often denied or restricted due to a convoluted government system. Veteran support groups can only do so much with severely limited money, space and other resources. Highland Capital Management aims to alleviate some of that burden. Read this article at Dallas News.

Early this year, Highland Capital has committed $10 million to the George W. Bush Presidential Center, followed by an additional $10 million commitment from Boeing Corp. to the George W. Bush Institute to implement a program called Engage, as well as a concentrated effort to support the Institute’s Military Service Initiative and bring aid to post-9/11 veterans. Highland co-founder Jim Dondero elaborates on the program’s initiative. “Events like the Engage series foster important dialogue regarding pressing policy issues. Highland Capital Management is proud to support this work and be part of the center’s long-term vision.” Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Engage’s first event, slated for Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m., will consist of a conversation with the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and author of Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived , Christopher Scalia, followed by a discussion between a panel of experts on today’s media landscape regarding contitutional rights and treatment if veterans as well as posing the question of what James Madison, author of the First Amendment, would have felt if he saw the world today. Among these participants are Jeffrey Rosen, an expert on Madison and president and CEO of the National Constitution Center , media researcher and co-author of the Pew Research Center’s annual “State of the News Media” report, Amy Mitchell, and Dallas Morning News Editor Mike Wilson.

Additionally, Boeing’s $10 million contribution is one part of a $30 million 3-year-investment specifically intended to veteran recovery, rehabilitation and transition services. In addition to this, Boeing awarded $50 million last year for 2018 programs targeting science, technology, engineering and math education and workforce development, veterans’ recovery and transition, and civic and environmental needs.

Other charities such as Npower and American Airlines Sky Ball have also enjoyed support from Beoing’s investments. Only through collaboration can this issue ever be truly resolved, working together to give something back to those who gave everything for them.


Rays Release 2018 Schedule and Times

One of the most exciting teams in baseball every year tends to be the Tampa Bay Rays. The Tampa Bay Rays are well known for always putting a competitive team on the field despite the fact that they always have one of the lowest payrolls in baseball. To make matters worse, they also have to compete in the same division with the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, which are two teams that often have among the highest payrolls.

While the Rays tend to have a hard time keeping up in free agency, their unique and consistent ability to identify talent in the draft and through trades pays off every year. In 2017, they ended up finishing third in the division with a record of just under .500. Now the teams is returning a lot of talent and should be exciting to watch. Fans of the Rays recently received the final and full schedule for the 2018 MLB season (

Fans of the Rays and the rest of baseball already have a lot of dates circled on their calendar. The Rays will open up the MLB season on March 29 against the Boston Red Sox with a 4pm first pitch. The team will then end up playing 9 of their first 12 games during the day to start the year. Once the season gets going and into May, more and more of the games will be played at night. The Rays will follow a pretty typical schedule with night games starting around 7pm and Sunday afternoon games start at 1pm.

There are a number of very big series that the Rays will have. The team will play their first 10 games against the Red Sox (7) and Yankees (3). This will give the team a good starting challenge and could allow them to get off to a great start. One of the biggest series of the season will come in July when the Rays will host the Miami Marlins for a three game set. This interleague battle is quickly becoming one of the top rivalries in the sport. Also in July will the annual All-Star game, which is going to be on July 17 and will be held in Washington DC at the Nationals stadium.

Neurocore — Feedback Patterns and ADHD Training

Neurofeedback is a new art and science emerging from the scientists at Neurocore Brain Performance Center. The technology behind it is still being developed and studied but it has been showing promising results for individuals living with depression, anxiety, and ADHD. The concept behind the treatment is based on a simple concept. It is based on training your brain’s reward system. It trains you at the subconscious level. Once you receive the reward, the activity used to achieve the reward is strengthened and improved. You will begin to replicate the behavior that produced the reward. Read more about Neurocore at

At Neurocore, the scientists perform a series of tests to determine which type of Neurofeedback is appropriate for you. They strap a belt around your waist to monitor breathing and place a cap with sensors on your head to monitor the frequencies in your brain. The brainwaves will reveal how you are feeling at any given time and will let the scientists know what is going on in your brain. If an individual has too many fast waves then they might be feeling excited or anxious and a person with very slow waves might be unmotivated, depressed, or find it difficult to start activities during the day. Once the doctors determine your brainwave patterns and the meanings behind your unique brainwaves then they will assign a clinical specialist to go over the results with you.



At Neurocore, you will undergo brain training sessions that will alter your brainwaves. During each session, you will wear the cap and belt so they can continue to monitor your breathing and brainwaves. The goal of the sessions is to reveal your brain patterns to you and teach you how to monitor your breathing patterns for maximum focus and calm.

The scientists will show you a movie and if your breathing escapes a certain threshold then the movie will halt until your breathing returns to a rate within the threshold. This constant state of feedback and active interaction with your mind and brainwaves will produce a heightened sense of cognition and focus. People with ADHD learn how to keep their minds calm and return to a state of relaxation under stress. The process usually takes around 2 – 3 months to complete the training and during this time participants will undergo physical examinations to ensure there are no undesirable effects. The treatment has changed the lives of many people with ADHD and it continues to show promise. Read more about Neurocore at

2018 NHL All-Star Game to Feature Four from Host Tampa Bay

On January 28th, Tampa will host the NHL All-Star Game for a second time after having featured the event back in 1999. With the Tampa Bay Lightning currently atop NHL standings, a league-leading four players from the team have been chosen to take part in the festivities.

Nikita Kucherov, who leads the league in goals and points, will be joined by linemate and Tampa Bay captain Steven Stamkos, defenseman Victor Hedman, and goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy. Only one other team, the Los Angeles Kings, had even three players selected as All-Stars.

Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper will be behind the bench at the All-Star Game for the Atlantic Division team.

Lightning fans have the good fortune of Tampa getting to host All-Star Weekend during a season in which their team is absolutely dominating the competition. With a stellar record of 31-9-3, Tampa Bay is comfortably ahead of all other Atlantic Division squads, and even has considerable breathing room in the Eastern Conference and in the NHL as a whole. The Lightning lead the league in goals scored as well as in scoring differential. In addition to the team’s otherworldly offense led by Stamkos and Kucherov, Vasilevskiy is leading all netminders with six shutouts.

Tampa Bay has designs on greatness beyond just the All-Start Game this year. After losing in six games to the Chicago Blackhawks in the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals, the Lightning made a deep playoff run again in 2016 when they lost in seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals to the Pittsburgh Penguins who went on to hoist the Stanley Cup. Due in large part to injuries to Stamkos, Tampa Bay narrowly missed the playoffs in 2017. If the Lightning can maintain its current winning pace, the team will be able to count on home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs this spring.

The All-Star Game will look different to Tampa residents who last attended in 1999. It is now a three-on-three single-elimination tournament made up of three 20-minute games. In each of the two semi-final games, All-Stars from two divisions face off. The winning divisions from those two games then meet in the final match. Instead of having standard overtime, tied games go directly into a shootout round.

Dr. Mark McKenna Built His Business from the Ground Up

Dr. Mark McKenna began his business career when he was a medical student at Tulane University. He earned his medical credentials there and now has a license to practice surgery and medicine in Georgia, as well as Florida. Dr. McKenna launched McKenna Venture Investments while he was still training to be a doctor. McKenna Venture Investments is a small real estate development firm that has continued to grow over the years. The company acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc in important business moves. Dr. McKenna maintains his status as a medical expert while contributing to the wellness of the communities that he works in. His organization has over 50 employees currently and offers services such as real estate closing, finance and design-build.

Dr. Mark McKenna was located in the New Orleans area when Hurricane Katrina struck the region and left a high level of devastation. Dr. McKenna suffered great losses to his business. He decided to find a positive angle in the misfortune by giving back to the local area. Dr. Mark McKenna was directly involved in the rebuilding of the New Orleans infrastructure. He also participated in redeveloping low income housing areas in order to support less fortunate families.

Dr. McKenna relocated his business from Louisiana to Atlanta Georgia and began to develop new brands. Dr. McKenna went on to develop OVME. OVME is a brand new concept that is reshaping elective healthcare with medical aesthetics and modern technology.

Dr. Mark McKenna prides himself on being a family man who relishes every opportunity to spend time with his wife and daughter. Dr. McKenna wakes up early to make breakfast for his daughter, which allows his wife to sleep in. He reflects on what it means to be a father and also visualizes the upcoming events throughout the day.

Dr. Mark McKenna takes the time to meditate at some point throughout his day in order to keep all of the activities focused. He does not believe in rushing through any evolution. Haste without direction will eventually lead to an unsatisfactory result.

Miami Marlins Have More Room To Breath Than You Think

The sports world has been dominated with news of how the new CEO of the Miami Marlins, Derek Jeter, is going to cut more payroll and work on raising more money from investors. So far, the new owners have raised roughly $1.276 billion in order to fund the purchase of the team, but it looks like their may be more on the horizon. What is going largely unreported, is the fact that Jeter has more breathing room than most people think when it comes to the financials.

It looks like Derek Jeter will have roughly a 4 percent stake in the team while retired NBA player Michael Jordan will have about half of one percent. Bruce Sherman will become the controlling owner of the team and have the highest stake, roughly 46 percent. Other ownership will go to Viking Global co-founder David Ott with about a 10 percent share, Sigma Group founder Jamie Montealegre with about a 7 percent share, Energy Capital Partners senior partner Doug Kimmelman with an 8 percent share, and The Beekman Group managing partner John Troaino with a 5 percent share. Sherman, Jeter, Kimmelman, Troaino, and Ott will serve on the board for the team and Jeter will be in charge of heading the business and baseball operations. The original funding consisted of $400 million in debt, $76 million in preferred equity, and $800 million in common equity. The sale included about $102 billion paid to Jeff Loria, $25 million for closing costs and capital adjustments, which left about $50 million on the balance sheet. In 2017, the Marlins posted a negative operating income of about $66 million, which includes the money they received from the revenue sharing system which was over $60 million. It is assumed that for this coming year, the payroll will run $93 million and this will leave the team with a balance of about negative $20 million.

Somehow, the team will have to increase revenue. While there is much speculation about how and if they can do so, with all the reports, it has gotten lost that the team will have an extra $50 million or so from the money raised from the purchase of the team. This $50 million can go a long way